4th Mar 2008, 18:17

The 2003 Tiburon V6 is my first car ever, and I must say, I am very torn. I love the handling, and the look on the exterior. I have the ultra sport package with leather interior and the sunroof, and it's fun and eye-catching. However, my gas mileage is WRETCHED! I have the automatic, but still, it is around 13MPG or less. I check the tire pressure and clean the air filter frequently, and have no idea what the source of this problem is, but with gas approaching $3.50 a gallon, it sucks. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? I honestly feared there was either a gas leak or problem with the fuel injection when I first got the car, that's how noticeable it is.

10th Mar 2008, 03:21

I got my 2003 Tiburon about a month ago and so far I love it. I have a V6 automatic.

The only problem I have is the passenger window not working, but after reading all the bad commentary on the 2003 Tiburon, I'm debating on whether to sell my Tiburon for something more reliable, or to just keep it?

12th Mar 2008, 14:47

We have a 2003 Tiburon. We haven't had the problems I have read here, but I do have an ongoing problem with the seat belt light coming on. Had it fixed once and they told me it was the seat belt sensor and we may need to replace it. Has anyone had this done, and if so, was it expensive?

15th Mar 2008, 23:39

WOW!!! First of all I can't believe I read every ones comment. But seeing as this is my first car from a dealership I'm interested to see what I bought myself. And well I just got to say the 03 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 is a good car to me so far. The only problem I have is the passenger lock doesn't want to unlock when I put the key in manually, but that's no big deal because it unlocks when I use it in the driver side. And as for the paint by the gas tank, well that's no biggie I'm getting a new paint job. I got a body kit, spoiler, tail lights, neon lights and carbon hood, so its looking very sexy now. And I recommend to everyone to get a cold air intake system. I have an AEM and o my! The engine breathes so much better and the gas mileage is great now.

9th Apr 2008, 09:02

I have too just purchased a 2003 Tiburon GT. The pass. side door lock does not work and the seat belt light is very random when it goes on and off.

21st Apr 2008, 20:56

I have a 03 Tiburon. I love my car...seriously. However as soon as the warranty ran out it began to break. My fuel line broke. My A\C won't hold a charge. The sliding roof under my sunroof wouldn't open, so I had to remove it. The hydraulic arms on the hatchback went out. I also have the chipping on my gas cap. Anyway, I'm currently having an issue that seems to be exclusive to my car. When I turn the car in the "on " position I lose ALL power to my car. I have replaced the battery, and checked the alternator. They are both fine, I don't have a clue. This has happened before and if I waited with the door shut and the key in the "on" position for about 5 minutes it would have full power again. As of right now it will not come back on. Help!!!

23rd Apr 2008, 00:28

I have an 03 GT Tiburon 5sp, the car drives nice and I love the exterior. Also there's the simple fact that you don't see too many of them out on the road but after these dumb problems I can understand why.

I'm on my second window motor for the passenger side window, even though I never use it. I bought it when it was at 28,000 miles.

After driving it for about ten thousand miles, I had to replace the clutch, fly wheel, etc. then of course the dealer ripped me off big time with a price tag of 2,100. To make my point, a stock Tiburon clutch is 180 dollars, but retail from a dealer, they are 500 dollars.

Great car, retarded problems, shouldn't have clutch problems under 40,000 miles, ridiculous.

29th Apr 2008, 21:54

I just purchased the 4 cylinder Tiburon 2003 from an auction. On my way home from the auction it overheated. I tested for leaks with a pressure tester and found none. I am replacing the thermostat and the radiator cap. My daughter is buying this car for herself but after reading all these negative comments I am seriously thinking of selling it. The clutch seems good and it has 98K on it but I don't see how it will last based on what I have read. WOW!

11th May 2008, 12:21

I have a 03 and it has been one of the best cars I ever had.. no problems at all (must have been a good work day at the plant). Have had the water pump changed out... but at 75,000 miles what can you expect. It drives like a dream and gets good gas mileage. Have 90,000 miles on it now and intend to drive it til the wheels fall off. Sorry about all the trouble you other guys are having... can't win them all I guess.

15th May 2008, 15:52

Had the same sunroof problem; the sliding door got stuck so I had to remove it.

The bottom of my doors starting rusting within 3 years.

And as soon as my warranty expired, my alternator died on me!

Now my drivers side door will not unlock with key, remote in or out! I have to crawl over to get in through the passengers side! I'm just waiting for that lock to go too! Then I'll be stuck inside - hahaha! Well at least there's the trunk! Can you just imagine seeing someone getting out of their trunk to get gas!!!

22nd May 2008, 16:47

After reading every ones problems I am a little concerned. We just purchased an 03 5 speed for my daughter. The clutch has a bit of chatter in first gear but the car had been on the lot since February so we didn't think much of it. Had we done our homework we would have realized why the car had not sold sooner. I am just wondering does anyone have any advice on the clutch issue. Has anybody tried some different brands that work better than using replacement Hyundai parts. We are planning to change it out but I hope only this one time.

11th Jul 2008, 12:01

I just purchased a 2003 Tiburon GT V6 and haven't had too many problems... the radio appears to be "haunted" :) turning on whenever it pleases and not when I want it to, the amp/ speaker in the trunk doesn't work, and the passenger side door is stuck in the un-lock position (can't unlock it with the key or with the driver door)... if anyone knows how to fix these problems, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

14th Jul 2008, 01:30

Seems like this isn't the car to learn how to drive stick. I just love the look and seems like it can impress the ladies. All these problems; I'm starting to think Honda all the way, which is pathetic, Hyundai is a major disappointment.