20th Mar 2008, 20:22

I purchases a Hyundai XG350 in September of 07. I have had the car in the shop 3 times in the last three months. First the check engine light came on and the dealer replaced the fuel charcoal canister. Next my radio would not work with the rear defrost on and I opted out of repairing this. Next the check engine light came on and the dealer replaced the fuel canister valve and filter. As of today my check engine light is on again. I was extremely hesitant about buying a Hyundai and now wish I would have trusted my instincts. I have also noticed the same problem with the traction control and always turn it off when maneuvering through snow. I will not buy another Hyundai. I will buy a Lincoln.

30th Mar 2009, 13:58

We own a 2002 XG350, purchased new Dec 2001. The car has generally been a pleasure to drive and own. 84K miles now and we have had a few problems, but certainly no more than I hear from others who own non-Hyundai brands.

We did have to replace the power steering pressure hose - I believe this is an inherently flawed part/location that should have been covered by a recall or or service bulletin.

We also have experienced the suspension noise described by others. This problem was solved by having the rear strut bushings replaced at a reasonable cost -- much less $$ than replacing the struts. The frequency of cases noting this problem clearly shows a manufacturing flaw too. The front suspension is now showing signs of the 'bushing' issue.

One more thing. the 'check engine' light just came on for the 1st time last week (code P0446), and I'll use some suggestions here to resolve that issue.

I will consider Hyundai vehicles again (we have two - '02 XG & '04 Santa Fe), but will consider other good values by other brands. Thanks for maintaining this site.

16th Jul 2009, 20:31

I have an XG 350L 2004 Hyundai and the front tires are shaking again. I've just replaced a rim and have replaced the tires every few years. This car is eating tires. The dealership says the alignment is correct. The tire place says the tires are balanced. Yet, the tires shake on the front. Clearly there is an issue. I thought when I got a new rim, this would solve the problem. I'm frustrated.

30th Jul 2009, 23:21

I purchase 2002 XG 350. It seems when my battery keeps draining during the summer months when I run the A/C (this does not happen during the winter time). Today, I went to got start my car, and automatically the A/C turned on and the radio. With the A/C on the car died. The front wheels do wobble.

25th Aug 2009, 16:53

I have a 2002 XGL 70,000 miles

I am experiencing problems with wires rotting out. One went to miles left etc display, one to coils, one to power steering. Had I listened to the dealer I would have replaced the coils and throttle body assembly. I am looking for other people who have had odd wiring problems.

I think that the wiring is defective in 2002 XG. I think I am not an isolated incident. Any thoughts?

22nd Oct 2009, 12:43

Experiencing very puzzling and inconsistent problems with a 2002 XG350L that usually result in a failure to start. Power window control on the driver's door, sunroof control, engine light on, headlights not working, doors locking automatically, etc., will each precede an episode when the car won't start.

2nd Nov 2009, 14:19

Overall, my 2002 XG350L has been a great car to own and drive for the price. I will say that the warranty has proven to be incredibly poor... incredibly poor!!

Just a quick note to all:

Oct 2009 - had to replace the high pressure power steering hose ($350 parts / labor)

The rear suspension developed a shaking noise over every little bump as someone mentioned in this thread earlier.

There are definitely electrical issues... many electrical issues.

4th Nov 2009, 11:49

I have to say that I am completely astonished with all the negative comments about the XG350 (L). From the looks of it, the XG350 (L) is the faulty version, not the XG350 like I own.

Bought used from my local Chevy/Hyundai dealer. 148k on the motor and runs like a peach. I did have to replace the front right wheel bearing at Chevy $200 parts/labor. Runs smooth as can be, feels like a Cadillac, looks like a Lincoln in the front and a Jag in the back :) Very satisfied with this beautiful car. Especially for $3200.

The car was 32k when it came out... very good deal. Tires are Mastercraft Avengers LSR Sport, and are doing good.

Only couple complaints are the CD player insert faults, and the mileage is poor, that's going to happen from the 3600 engine though. I'm assuming that all these other problems are just with the XG350 (L) and don't accur with the regular XG, or the owner before me had all the problems and fixed them.

From what I understand it was an elderly woman that needed a bigger car for all her grandchildren. I love my car. Will buy Hyundai in the future! :)

1st Dec 2009, 22:09

I've got an 03 XG350 with 115k on it. I bought it at 100k for $6000, for now I'm very satisfied with the quality and performance of the car. I still have the lunge issues in the acceleration band lately (the car did it twice actually) when going to work in the morning as the engine is cold. The accelerations were not constant and the engine light came on only when giving gas till it starts to warm up a bit, and then it's fine now; 2 weeks and didn't happen again. Weird..

Anybody experienced similar problems?

Other than that, it's a car that fills me with happiness.

6th Jan 2010, 10:57

Maybe I got lucky. I have a 2002 XG 350 (L) with 131k miles on it, and the only problem I seem to have is the center light in the clock display is dimmed. I did notice the lunge when accelerating, but I think that is just when the car needs to warm up.

14th Jan 2010, 19:53

We have about 110,000 miles on our 2002 XG350. We've had the power steering hose blow out and the vibrating in the front end when braking (new rotors are a quick fix until they warp). The check engine light coming off and on has been an issue too, as well as the air bag light. Recently, the car has had a starting problem intermittently. It starts to turn over when turning the key, but hesitates and keeps grinding and doesn't start. A dirty throttle body might be the culprit. The other thing that burns me is we've replaced the headlight bulbs about 4 times. I've had lots of cars over the years, but never had to replace headlight that often.

20th Jan 2010, 12:46

I own an 2002 XG 350. Very satisfied with the car. I did experience the check engine light; found that the wiring connector under the passenger seat comes loose and activates the warning.

28th Jan 2010, 18:25

I have problems with the water pump on the 02 XG350L. Anyone have the same problem??

11th Feb 2010, 10:35

I have a 2005 XG350 that I purchased new a few years back. Nearly 60,000 miles later I am still waiting for the first "issue" to pop up. I haven't spent one penny on anything more than normal scheduled maintenance. I bought my first new vehicle in 1973 and have owned Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, and Toyota vehicles - never have I owned anything so dependable (and a nice car as well!). I very highly recommend Hyundai (I upgraded to the XG350 from a 2003 Accent, which never had any problem at all).