15th Mar 2010, 17:36

2002 XG350 Hyundai problems include:

Power steering hose leaks, must replace the entire hose, which is about $137 plus labor and mark-up.

The clock light is out.

The car surges occasionally.

The rear bushing near strut is worn and makes an awful sound when going over any small bumps.

Any ideas where we can purchase a hose for less than $135? Looking at the hose, it seems way too expensive unless I am missing something. Can you use high pressure hydraulic hose made up for this? How much psi are these hoses rated for?

Thank you.

25th Mar 2010, 09:03

We bought our used 2005 XG350L in June of 2006 from our local dealership with 18,000 miles.

Within 1 month, we had it in the dealership with the problems listed above of trying to accelerate and the car not going anywhere. Take our foot off the gas, try again and it would finally go. Had it in several times, and it would not do it for them. Very random on when it would happen, but only did it when you first put it in drive.

On our trip to TN in January 2006 (26,000 miles) the car started making a popping noise, jerked us very badly and then just quit moving. Luckily we were close to gas station and coasted in. The car had to be towed, we had to wait 2 hours for a ride, get a car rental, car was fixed 2 hours away from our home. It was the transmission!! Came to find out it was due to a computer problem, which they came up with a fix that they did to our car after replacing the transmission.

The car now has 72,000 miles, and have not had anymore problems. The comments listed above are the same as our car was doing.

Our CD's are stuck on our CD changer for the last 2 year, way too much cost to fix it. The radio no longer seeks/scans. We just had it in, because if the car sits for a number of day without starting (this is our 2nd car that we don't drive very often) the battery is dead. After them having it for 2 weeks, they believe the radio some how drains the battery. Of course we have this wonderful extended warranty (got that after the transmission problem) that won't cover the radio problem. We took the car back and have decided to buy an after market radio for $200 instead of the one in it for $1,500.

Now our check engine light is on...

We really considered buying the new Genesis, which is a beautiful car, but opted for a Cadillac STS instead.

13th Apr 2010, 08:31

We own a 2002 Hyundai XG350L; experiencing much of the same problems with the acceleration, the air bag & check engine lights and the car does eat up tires and has poor gas mileage.

I love the car per se, but the problems seem to keep arising. When pumping gas, the pump would shut down after about every gallon, so frustrating. We replaced the fuel canister valve and that corrected the problem and the check engine life went out. However about 2 months later the check engine light came back on.

At times when trying to accelerate, it hesitates, or if I am on the freeway while driving 60, it acts at times as if it wants to back down. Truly these problems must be a flaw with the vehicle itself.

30th Aug 2010, 15:37

I own a Hyundai XG350. I bought it from a used car dealer with 70,000 miles, and now have 113,000 miles. I had to pay $700 to replace the fuel evaporation canister in the gas tank when purchased, wouldn't pass emissions, after that it passed, and has been an awesome car since, still runs like new.

However, after reading other reviews, I do have some of the same problems. My power steering fluid just started to leak, and I too have a rattle noise coming from the rear every time a hit a bump, annoying! Need to get these problems fixed soon, good thing my buddy is a licensed ASE certified mechanic with his own shop. I hope to enjoy this vehicle for years to come!

1st Sep 2010, 09:26

To the previous commentor.

Your rattle in the rear comes from both rear upper strut bushings. Trust me, I'm a Platinum certified Hyundai Tech...

Best of luck, and enjoy your vehicle.


18th Jan 2011, 18:16

OK my dad bought this XG 350l brand new (2003). It is a great car, only has 196000 miles on it.

He gave it to me about 6 months ago. Well I started it up today to warm up and when I went outside to leave, the car wasn't running, after multiple tries, the battery died and I still can't get my car started. It was running great on Saturday.

Can anyone help me?

3rd Apr 2011, 16:05

I have a 2002 Hyundai XG350 that also has acceleration problem. Had it back to Hyundai several times, but never fixed.

11th Apr 2011, 11:47

I have 350 XGL 2004. it now has 87000 miles on it. The car never gave me any problems, or should I say my parents, because they had it up to 68k miles, before giving it to me.

However I recently replaced all the struts and bushings on it for a very cheap price. Whatever you do, never go through dealership.. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF! You can buy the struts on-line for it for 135 bucks; all 4 of them. You need to buy the bushings separately though.

I am experiencing wheel vibration when exceeding speeds of 75mph. I took the car to my mechanic, and he discovered that both of my front axles are shot, so I am replacing those this week, which will cost me 285$ total including labor. The struts are about 75$ a pop.. Once again! Don't go through the dealer, you are better off just getting it at your local auto store.

I did read about the power steering hose problem, and so far I think I am good, but I will keep my eyes on it.

Overall, it's not a bad car at all for the price, but I did expect it to be better on gas than it really is. I get about 400 miles to a full tank if I am on a highway doing about 70. It's fairly large tank, 18.5 gallons I think, but the car is also extremely heavy and has 3.5L engine in it, so it kinda balances itself out.

12th Apr 2011, 16:46

" The Dealer will rip you off!!!" With all your problems, it sounds like your "trusted" mechanic is doing a marvelous job at doing just that...

Maybe your parents should have done a little more preventive maintenance on it before giving it to you. You made no mention what-so-ever about any of you replacing the timing belt, which is due every 60,000 miles on these cars. Your next comment might be bashing the car due to you having a crap load of bent valves due to your "trusted" mechanic not advising you on the proper repair schedule for this car because he DOES NOT KNOW!! Get the timing belt done by someone who actually knows how to work on the car properly before you are really sorry. Or else a simple vibration will be the least of your worries my friend.


Hyundai Certified Technician

Dishonest Dealership Worker...

P.S. for the rear strut issue, it's very seldom you actually need new struts, just upper strut bushings... just thought you should know.

Best of luck, find a factory trained technician, not another mechanic. Unless, of course throwing cash into someone's pocket for no results is something that you enjoy.