24th Mar 2015, 03:37

Hey guys, thanks!!! I have a 1997 I30 that just passed 170k, which is low for her age, and I had this blinking problem for a while. Just one important thing is that it took me a while to understand what the side switch is, and I realized that it's the switch between the two doors with a black rubber cover that looks almost like a tiny joystick. I had to repeat it a couple of times to do it right.

It worked for me and I'm grateful!!

26th Jul 2016, 21:09

It worked, thanks so much. I thought something was wrong with my car... Thank you, thank you, thank you.

26th Jul 2016, 21:11

The EGR valve needs to be cleaned out or you would need a whole new one.

28th Jul 2016, 23:59

Thank you so much. These very specific step by step instructions worked perfectly. Very grateful.

9th Mar 2017, 10:11

Thank you, it didn't work until I replaced the fuse... now no more airbag flashing light... Great advice.

9th Dec 2017, 02:15

It work for me on the resetting the airbag light. Thank you so much.

6th Jan 2018, 06:14

Just got a '97 Q45 as a hand-me-down. Worked like a charm! (note: Q45 not I30). Thanks and cheers!

16th Nov 2018, 18:28


Thanks! This method (29 Nov. 2007) worked for my 1998 Infiniti I30. Cheers for trying 15 times! Thomas Edison's award to you!

I tried other variations found in this string of comments, but this worked for me.

1. Open the door and keep it open.

2. Turn key to ON.

3. Airbag light comes on and stays on for a few seconds (then my airbag light starts blinking).

4. WHILE the light stays on (i.e. the first few seconds after you turn key to ON), start pushing the driver's side button 5 times. Make sure to push it all the way so that the door open light goes off each time.

5. Wait for the airbag light to turn off (instead of blinking). I waited for another second or so.

6. Turn key to position between Off and Acc. Wait for a second or so.

7. Turn key to off. Remove the key.

I think the key for mine was that to start pushing the driver's side button (that looks like a mini-joystick on the side of the car where the door closes) while the airbag light is still on (before it starts blinking) when you first turn key to ON. I think this first few seconds is the diagnostic period.

Good luck!