8th Jul 2008, 15:04

My husband and I just ran into a miracle. We had never known anyone who owned the Infinity J 30 1995 with 98km. We were lucky to have found one that is in mint condition. It looks like it just came from the factory. We feel blessed, as it's truly elegant, a beauty to behold and works perfectly. The only problem is the gasoline runs out too quickly. Buy a full tank, and within 3 days we have to fill the tank again. This is quite a huge concern as gas prices are up again. We drive about 56 miles a day. Does anyone know what might be wrong, or what we can do to control this?

12th Jul 2008, 22:34

I just bought a 94 J30. I actually tried to pop the engine by smashing the gas real hard. Had it checked by a reg mechanic. Everything to his knowledge looked good. He also charged the A/C, and now I'm seeing white smoke from tail pipe. Does this sound like the transmission? Haven't seen in comments about smoke issues. Any information would be very helpful.

Please email at bassman7998@sbcglobal.net

15th Jul 2008, 13:50

I had a J30 for 5 years and had lots of issues, most of which I fixed myself. With regards to the struts, you might as well throw the car away before replacing them. They are a complete assembly, and wanted $2400 just for the parts. Your only other solution is to find a used one (which I happen to have) and hope that the struts will last a little longer.

With regard to white smoke, that is a indication of it running to rich. Mine did it when the timing belt slipped a cog. The timing belt is connected to the water pump, which is a common failure. The transmission has nothing to do with white smoke from the tail pipe.

8th Jan 2009, 07:07

I just bought a 94 JT30 Infiniti. The car was running well until one day I had replaced the battery and replaced the radio, now it shuts off and I have to get a jump. Then it started, but when I drove, the brake light and the battery light flashes, and when the yellow light with the HICAS shows it shuts off. I hate it when that happens. I am going to Pep boys to get it checked out. Anyone have any idea, I live in the Ft LAUDERDALE DISTRICT.

5th May 2009, 13:52

I just purchased a 1994 J30 in almost pristine condition 2 weeks ago. Once when driving the dash lights went out and stayed out for about 15mins, then came back on by themselves. It was a little scary because it was at night when this happened. Only happened that once. The door locks on the driver side wouldn't open, but with determination I just kept turning it back and forth a couple times and it opened. My mom purchased hers new in 1997 and has had virtually no problems other than the trunk not opening. It's amazing how a 15 year old car still turns heads and still drives like new. "I LOVE MY J".


9th Jun 2009, 01:02

I've had my 95 J30 since 2002 and have only replaced the alternator in that time. However, now I have several issues. The front passenger door will not unlock and my mechanic wants to tear off the interior door panel to fix it. This is really frustrating. Tried the lock solvent but that hasn't solved the problem. Any help would be appreciated, email me at tc.brooks@sbcglobal.net Many thanks!

25th Jun 2009, 14:13

I just purchased a '94 J30 with 165k on it. This car appears and drives like BRAND NEW!! I can't seem to find ANY history on it. I do know that I'm the 3rd owner. I tried tracing the history via my local Infiniti dealer and they had none. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I'm glad I found this site.

22nd Jul 2009, 10:39

I have a 94 J30T. I had a power loss, hesitation problem. I would push down on the gas pedal, and the car would not accelerate for a few seconds. That problem was caused by carbon build up on the throttle body.

22nd Jul 2009, 15:26

Regarding the owner who tried to get a history of the car from the dealer... I recently bought a 93 J30 and tried to get its service history from the dealer. They couldn't find the VIN in their database, and I was told it was because records for cars this old are archived. The general manager of the dealership suggested contacting Infiniti directly, and if they couldn't help he was kind enough to offer to try. I haven't followed up yet so can't report on my success/failure.

Also -- did you try obtaining a carfax on the car?

18th Sep 2009, 11:08

I have a 1997 J-30t with 94k and I love it. I have a few of the same things mentioned above. One thing I cannot find anywhere is when exactly should the transmission fluid be changed? It's not in the maintenance book. And when is the timing chain suppose to be changed?

I always just bring it into my import service garage, and I thought he was doing what is required, and decided I better check.

A couple pet peeves:

1. The belts squeal on start up, he says can't tighten them anymore, they were replaced 30k miles ago.

2. The radio lights are out and I never know what station is playing.

3. The check engine light usually remains on, mechanic never finds an issue and turns it out, which lasts a few days. LOL.. this has been going on for about 4 years!

4. My antenna motor would not stop running, so it was disconnected.

So any suggestions that might be a cheaper way to fix is appreciated... or a great mechanic in Clearwater, FL

Signed, happy owner from Florida.

25th Nov 2009, 20:24

I bought my 1993 J30 new and it now has 180,000+ miles. It passes all the emission tests well below 50% of the allowable limits. I have only a couple minor issues. The sunroof is a little sticky and needs to be pushed slightly to open or close all the way. I never use it, which is probably the problem. The lubricant has probably partially solidified. Secondly, sometimes the alarm gets set off when opening the door when the car has been sitting unlocked. I recently replaced the remote control unit when the key fobs stopped working. Infiniti wanted $800 for it, but I found one on eBay for $50.

I just put another $4500 into it to replace front/rear struts, timing belt and all major 180K svc plus some other work to replace corroded freeze plugs that were leaking coolant, brakes, etc. I will be giving the car to my daughter and want everything working for the next 70K miles. Now the"check engine" light is staying on and I have to get that checked. The car has been great and is well worth the expense to rebuild the major components and keep on the road.

10th Dec 2009, 12:47

Funny... fix one thing, another breaks. I changed the brakes on the car, and upon getting it back on the ground, the ALARM DOES NOT LET MY CAR START! I'm reluctant to take it to a shop for repairs, simply because of the money involved. I've seen very little info on the car, and even less info in regards to the alarm not letting the car start that I am using this website as a last hope before I go to the shop. Please let me know if there is a solution.

Oh, and I tried disconnecting the battery, and opening/closing the door locks several times. The alarm light still flashes.