7th May 2011, 21:52

Did you ever find out what caused the popping sound with the radio. I have the same issue with my 94 j30t. Write me if you have an answer please. brian200a2002@yahoo.com


14th May 2011, 20:05

6 years ago I purchased a 1994 J30; a beautiful car, black on black.

I had all the usual problems, such as head lights glitching out (fixed with relay... hard to get to), doors locking and unlocking on their own (locking me in and out of the car at times, unhooked power locks and used key manually), PVC valves replaced, rear main seal replaced, transmission replaced, timing belt replaced, Bose radio went out (bad design on Bose' part), back speakers blew, power antennae wouldn't work, oil pump quit working, and the motor locked up.

Sold the body for $2500.00 in 2007. The AC always worked like a champ though.

I recently purchased a 1995 J30 from an older couple; it was black outside, tan inside. The radio has already been replaced. I have started having issues with the headlights. Gas fumes in the car when it's cold (been told it dry rotted gas lines), and my most recent issue is the trunk lid. It will open with the key, but not with the inside pull switch or the remote. Very annoying at times, especially when trying to deal with children, having to cut the car off and open with the key.

I still love my car though. It runs like a dream, bit of a gas hog, but lots of power. I had an offer from a gentleman to buy it just yesterday, offered me $4500.00, and I am seriously considering it, but there's this part of me that doesn't want to see it go, in spite of all the issues I had with the old one. UGH, what to do, what to do.

Jennifer, Clanton, AL.

6th Jul 2011, 03:43

I have a '94 Infiniti J30. I purchased it November '96 on a returned lease from a Infiniti dealership. At time of purchase it had 17k miles.

My J30 has taken me around the world. I have lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, DC, NYC and Louisiana. I have always had scheduled maintenance done on it; at least I thought...

Recently I had the time belt break at 226K miles. I had the belt changed @ 80K and again @ 176K. I was told that the engine will have to be replaced!

The Infiniti J30 is a GREAT car, but I think that she and I will have to go our separate ways. It was a wonderful journey, and I would recommend the Infiniti J30 to anyone, even though it's a VERY costly vehicle to maintain...

6th Jul 2011, 15:35

Incredible car... way ahead of its time when it first came out. Sounds like you got some type of defective timing belt or aftermarket timing belt. With the economy in a slump, I am sure many manufacturers are outsourcing a lot of their parts out to other companies, who are also cutting corners too. You don't always get what you pay for. It's painful, but could be a sign of things to come....

31st Aug 2014, 20:32

I just bought a 1995 Infiniti J30. The next day the power locks would not open when I wanted to get out of the car. The guy I got it from told me the remote needed a battery, so I used the car key and opened the door manually, but to my surprise, I couldn't get out of the car, and so now I am afraid to drive it. If I remove the fuse for the locks, will that work?

30th Nov 2014, 04:28

How can I get the interior courtesy lights to go off? I have a '95 J30.