17th Jun 2007, 21:20

Thanks to all you Infinity owners. This site has really saved me time and money on bogus mechanics, who want to charge an arm and a leg for a diagnostic test.

However, the problem I am having with my 1995 J30 at 130K miles is as follows:

When driving for about 10 to 20 miles I start to notice that "hot" air exhaust will start to blow into the passenger part of the car. Could this mean that I am having a problem with the cooling system, transmission or air filter. Secondly the car will drastically reduce acceleration when the A/C is turned on. (Any one have the the same?)

I had my mechanic check the spark-plugs and he stated they are fine. I almost have to floor the vehicle to get it going.

Any other suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Since its summertime here in Cali. High - 90's and I really need the A/C...


20th Jun 2007, 07:22

To the lady in Pensacola: I've always had my Infiniti serviced at Nissan in other cities. The repairs were always much less expensive and all the parts are Nissan anyway. I now live in Pensacola also, so if you find someone that does a good job on your car, please share the info. Especially if anyone knows a good A/C mechanic in the area. That's my problem now with my 97 J30. Got 180,000 relatively trouble-free miles and would really hate to get rid of it, but will have to if the repairs get too much.

14th Jul 2007, 10:55

I have recently acquired a 1994 J30. It has sat for 14 months since my aunt passed away. The car seems to run just fine with just a few "minor" problems: 1) The dash lights are not operating AND the electric trunk lock is not operating. I suspect a "common fuse" problem, but I do not have an Owners Manual and cannot find a fuse labeled either Dash Lights or Trunk Lock. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at: ccconsultants@msn.com


20th Jul 2007, 15:03

I have a 1994 J30T and I have owned it since 1998. This car is pretty terrific. I have had very little problems with it. The only problems include:

1. The doors sometimes lock on their own.

2. The BOSE CD/radio goes dead intermittently.

I would like to buy another Infinity soon. Will I have a problem selling a older vehicle such as this one?

27th Jul 2007, 18:11

I just picked up a 93 j30 from a guy in my town for $200. No that isn't a typo. it needs a new timing belt, AC belt, a little body work (nothing serious, few dents), a new sunroof gasket, and a wash. but I have also heard that the timing belt being broken may have affected the cylinder heads. can anyone give me a heads up on that issue?

30th Jul 2007, 11:58

I got a 1995 infinity j30 with 147k on it. The only problems I have with this car is that the sun roof does not work and also the rear windows comes down half way. Also my rack and pinion broke on me, but I fix that problem with lucas oil rack and pinion seal, which you can purchase this item at advance auto parts. Then there went my A/C compressor and I know that is going to cost me a arm and a leg. But overall I give my car a 9 out of 10 and I would not trade it for noting else once it keeps running well.

25th Aug 2007, 11:47

I just bought a 94 J30 with 190k on the dash for 1000.00 It runs perfectly, but has the head lamp problem and the dash light problem. The ac works like a dream in this 100 degree weather. Nothing works on my driver side door and it won't open plus the sunroof works when it wants too. Over all it's a great car, I drove it to five hours to South Carolina from Atlanta Georgia and it did not skip a beat. Please email me with any help or comments on my door problem. lydia_gibbs@yahoo.com.

28th Aug 2007, 12:52

I have had most of the problems over the years that others have mentioned: Rear window motor, self locking door locks, dash light shut off, driver window system jam, Bose system working intermittently, sun roof jammed (it was actually fixed by the dealer after seven tries while under warranty), injectors, etc. I must admit that I no longer fix minor problems.

I have some bad news for the guy with the broken timing belt. The car has an interference engine, which means if the belt breaks, or slips, the pistons will hit the valves and destroy the engine. My guess is you will need a new engine, and I bet it won’t be cheap. If my timing belt goes, I will figure I got my money’s worth out of the car, and will junk it ($33K in April 1992 dollars).

The car has worked fine with the usual exceptions and has been handed down to my daughter.

7th Sep 2007, 08:05

Jean Jacques.

I have an Infinity j30 1995. It cannot start, however, when I removed the spark plugs they are really covered with Carbon. When I cleaned them the car starts, but few hours later, I have the same problem. Please help...

Thank you,

15th Nov 2007, 23:18

Hello fellow Infinity owners, I have a 93 J20 and LOVE it. I have almost all the problems that appear on this sight, except the transmission problems.

For the doors refusing to unlock, with keyless or key, I got some lock lube and sprayed a lot into the driver side key hole, then worked the key back and forth about 20 times, then repeated spray and key back and forth. It fixed the failure to unlock for about a month, so I did it again. Have not had that problem again now for at least 6 month. Try it, it is a cheap fix.

I now need to replace the Headlight relay, and an not sure what Jesus's instructions really mean. Does he meant to take the plastic skirt behind the driver side tire off and then access the headlight relay from the bottom? Can anyone explain this procedure better. I will need to do this soon.

This is a great sight, however I see a lot of questions and very few answers. Do I need to sign in to see the answers or are people just not answering?

Great driving to all. Cheesehead from Wisconsin.

9th Jan 2008, 21:05

I too have a 94J30 with headlight problems. While driving down the highway the headlights and interior lights went out. After getting it home and turning it off it would not start back up. The battery had died so we bought a new one. We replaced some of the fuses and it started, but then it cut back off again. We are replacing the fuel pump and hope that that is the problem, but that right headlight is still not coming on. I will try the relay box and hope that works. There is something pulling the battery down. The CD player does not work at all. We really like the car just need some help fixing the lights and getting it started. I live in St Louis, Mo so if anyone knows someone that can fix this car PLEASE let me know.