21st Apr 2008, 19:56

I love my J-30 even with the problems I have with it. I too am having problems with the headlights, door locks, back rear window, and the stereo. Also, my trunk won't open with the remote either in the car or on my keyring. It sounds like that little relay box will solve some of these problems. I had to replace the air conditioner last year, but a used one did the trick and it now works like a charm.

My mechanic says this car is in amazing condition and should last me another 150,000 miles.

9th May 2008, 00:28

I have a 94 J30 and have enjoyed it for the past three years I've owned it. It is both a pleasurable and relaxing ride. I drive my vehicle to and from work round trip 56 miles a day. I only tank once a week. I have experienced most of the problems shared by J30 owners and it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

Thank you to Jesus Trevi for the great informtion on how to replace the headlight relay. My husband and I will attempt that this weekend and resolve the spooky light problem. And special thanks to the gentleman who gave us the "25230-10Y60" Nissan number... yes! But...

I spent all evening trying to replace the glove box light. I can't seem to get my hand in the right position or use the right tool. I gave up and gave my leather seats a treatment. However, I am also looking for the front struts; so if anyone could forward any information, it would be greatly appreciated: grins4ya@yahoo.com Thanks, Gracie.

11th May 2008, 16:38

Well Infinity J30 lovers... I have strange news for u.. you are in a cult! How else can you explain people who love and blindly serve the master (a car) who abuses them and still they love em! Okay, joking but amused. My Son has a '94 Infinity that he had to have at graduation from HS. It has run great for many years. Same problems; headlamps, squawking belts, stereo from Satan (just replaced with a regular system) with matching inter locking or not unlocking doors with demonic activity!

Good news is that the relay really is your answer to your headlamp problems. The relay is located under the hood.. (not inside the interior of the car) It is a small box on the drivers side right close to the windshield. about a six inches to a foot or so away. It is about 3-4inches by 1.5-2 inches. We have replaced several of them over the years. Change this and your lights work for 6 months to 1 year.. maybe longer if you squint.

The locked drivers side door that does not unlock is now my problem. I am going to test the key lubricant solution and get back with you as to its ability to unlock the drivers door.

Good luck fellow cult members and may the force be with you. Thanks to the site as well you have helped greatly.

11th May 2008, 16:44

I'm sorry but forgot to mention for the comment on the A/C working for about 45 minutes and then blowing warm air. The next thing after sitting the car for a while it begins to work again for a short time. I had a Toyota that did the same thing. The diagnostics on that situation was that there was trash in the lines.. small shavings or build up of some kind. So when the car sits for a while the particles settle. Once you begin using the A/C they move till they get clogged up at probably the compressor. By turning off the A/C for a while you will notice the particles settle back down and it will begin to work again for a little while. Perhaps you can go to some place and have the line cleaned? This Toyota was old so I just sold it and forgot about the problem. Sorry I don't have a complete solution, but I do know the precise problem! ;)

16th May 2008, 08:28

I have a 94 Infiniti J30 and I have had almost all of the problems I have read on this site. In fact my radio died two years ago and I didn't bother to get it fixed after that.

Lately, however, I have had a problem with the running lights not wanting to turn off. The only way to get them to turn off is to pull the fuse, which obviously makes driving at night a problem. For some reason my car wants to believe that the doors are constantly ajar. I have messed with all the door button sensors but none of them make the door change. Any ideas?

31st May 2008, 13:24

I own a 97 J30 with 112k miles. and I too love to drive it more than any other vehicle I've ever owned. (however I may like to drive the 95 Maxima GLE just a tad more.. maybe because the Bose system somehow sounds better in the Maxima) And I hate to drive! In traffic that is.

Anyway, I've had it since 31K miles and the only problems are right rear 6x9 speaker blown and my trunk also will not unlock with remote or door switch. But I hear it try to unlock, and after getting to the servo/actuator module, noticed that it just isn't pulling the linkage with enough force to pop the latch. And the more you try, the weaker it gets. Then you stop for a minute and it pulls hard again but still not enough. The speaker I think has an on-board amp, and I think that's whats out.

My major concern is my timing belt... I have never replaced it and I'm hearing horror stories about it after 60K miles. Should I make this a priority, or am I still safe for a few miles? Any reply would be great.

I had no idea there were so many J30 lovers around. We should get together and start a J30 rally/convention. I live in Louisiana and have only seen a handful driving around.

If I come across any fixes or solutions, I will share. Thanks everybody.

2nd Jun 2008, 16:53

97 pearl white J30 with 112K miles here;

OK I fixed the rear speaker. Wasn't the on-board amp like I thought, it was the small center "dust cover/cone". It came lose and caused a rattle that sounds just like a blown speaker. Extra thick super glue did the trick.

So now I'm jamming to the new Bose system again with the sunroof open, and when I went to close it, it stopped half open... I had to help it close with my hand. Now what! I'm going to try some white lithium grease on the rails as suggested by several web sites.

Still don't know what to do with the trunk latch problem. However, my G35 OEM 17" five spoke wheels with GY Eagle RSAs will be here in 4 days. I won't be worried about trunk latches and sunroofs when those get here I'm sure.

20th Jun 2008, 11:06

I have just purchased a 1996 J 30. It's main problem is struts. I cannot find anyone who can even get me the struts so that my husband can put them on. I finally got a call back from a dealer and they want $2,000.00 dollars just for the parts. Is this hi-way robbery or the correct price? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Iowa owner.