1994 Infiniti Q45 from North America


Not that great of a car... just really fast!!


I got the car 6 years old from a wealthy older lady who had 4 cars. I paid $10,000 cash and my parents paid $10,000 cash. The car is okay... I drove a 1992 INFINITI G20...a BIG difference in power!!

I now need a transmission...$2500-$3500.

Struts have been replaced TWICE ($840 for 2 front struts, not including labor ($400) ) So That's about $2500 total!!

My driver side door has triggered the alarm several times before.

My trunk release button (located on driver door) doesn't respond anymore... I have to use the key... which is a pain if you're at the golf course!!

The tuneups are like $800 at the dealership (I ONLY get service there). Which is a little more than a Mercedes.


I'm about to sell it for a Mercedes S500.

General Comments:

The car is quick (well before the transmission gave out. However I can still drive the car... but the RPM gauge does not exceed past 3.5).

The handling is over rated... not as good as I'd like it to be...

I'm 6'2...and I've ridden in the backseat... and that's very uncomfortable...

I would own another Q45...just because of the power!!

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Review Date: 18th July, 2007

6th Oct 2008, 00:55

Wow... I just bought an Infiniti q45, 1994, cheaply. Everyone that I talk to says that I got a smokin' deal... but, where do you get parts for this car other than the dealership? There are not a lot of these cars in the auto traced, or the wrecker. You sound like you like this type of car, but have had issues. So if you could tell me where to hunt for extras, by all means...

19th Oct 2009, 11:51

I may have a solution to your problem with the trunk having to be opened with the key. There is a switch in the glove compartment that is very easy to accidentally bump, causing the trunk switch to be deactivated. Hopefully this helps.

1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5 liter V8 from North America


Bargain Bruiser. Look forward to Driving


None so far so good haven't had it long enough. Rock Solid. Still get looks till this day. Always wanted one and got the right one at the right time.

General Comments:

Love it, Love it and Love it. I've owned a lot of car in my 30 years of living, Some for example: 1993 BWM 325i 5 speed good car only in good weather

1997 Nissan Maxima SE (rare 5 Speed) Awesome car couldn't stop driving, it put too many miles on it.

1993 Lincoln Mark VIII good car air suspension sucked wanted to feel a V8 and boy did I. (fast!)

1996 Oldsmobile Aurora: another awesome car well under-rated. Bells and whistles gallore smacked it up being silly. Still got my money worth (nice V8)

NOW:1994 Q45: The combination of all of them in one car great power till this day I love picking on Acura TL's and Lexus ES, GS and IS's any year. Because what they paid/are paying for makes me chuckle. $5700 cash and I outrun all in comfort.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2007

1st Apr 2007, 03:02

Who want's the same car forever LOL, and any car can break at anytime. Most japanese cars last anyway so whats your point.

1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5 Liter V8 from Japan


Excellent luxury cruiser


No Major repairs required by and large.

Control arms needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

I have had previous experience with Nissan's over the years, and I when I was in the market for a sedan, I thought about mid-size four door cars with at least v6 power levels. I bought this as a used car, for the same price range I would have paid for a lesser car.

The car is a very heavy sedan, but has surprisingly good acceleration. It is not a nimble, toss-able car, but rather, it is a luxurious, long distance comfortable cruiser. Poor resale value compared to Lexus, but much better accelaration, handling and feature content. If you're buying a used car to impress yourself, not others, nothing beats this full size sedan.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004