1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5L from North America


Strong performer


Fuel pump, water pump.

General Comments:

The car is great, but the engine started whining at about 90k. The mechanic I use can't figure it out. It seems to come from near the belts. Just a steady whine that increases and decreases with RPM's. Any help would be appreciated at kevin.anglim@UBSpainewebber.com

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Review Date: 30th October, 2001

8th Jan 2002, 03:52

Have the timing chains checked. This is an interference engine. When the chain goes, so does the engine. It's a common Q45 problem.

Tom Collins

The Auto Answerman


10th Nov 2003, 11:18

I have a '90 that developed this sound 4 months ago. Found an Infiniti specialty shop in Atlanta that pointed me to the set of pulleys on the front of the engine. $100 and sound gone!

11th Sep 2006, 17:04

I also have a question on a 1994 Infiniti Q45. I just bought it about a week ago, and the guy said it was cutting off on him. After I drove it for about a week, it started cutting off on me. When you go to stop it will just cut off. Also when I was driving today, it would try and stop going as I went down the road. It is like it is not getting enough gas or something.

I took it to a mechanic and he put the computer to it, and said that the mass air flow sensor was showing up and that the knock sensor was also showing up. This car has two knock sensors on it at $190.00 each. So by the time he put on the 2 knock sensors, the bill came to $600.00 and it still jerks. I am hoping someone can tell me what might be wrong with it? I don't have any more money to throw away!!

8th Jan 2011, 21:01

Mine was making a whining sound too. It turned out to be the power steering pump. It had a leaky line, and when it's running low, it whines.

1994 Infiniti Q45 V8 from North America


Costly, excellent performer, took a hit on the price


1) First 500 miles. Tires were noisy. Dealer changed out for Yokohama's for free. Ride and noise much improved. They lasted 60k!

2) About 1500 miles. Something came loose in the engine. Fixed for free. Dealer never really explained the problem.

3) Leaking track rod at 60k. Changed out. Expensive. I suspect that it had been leaking for sometime, but was ignored by the dealer to avoid warranty cost. Steering fluid level would drop from about 20k onward, but no visible leak.

4) Loss of power. Several times power was down between services. "Hoses" were always to blame.

5) Otherwise only routine maintenance.

General Comments:

The car ran and still runs very well. Power tends to drop off between routine services.

If you ever start the car cold and then back up only a few feet and switch off the engine, beware! Quite often the engine will not start again. Flooded. It can take a long time of cranking to get it running. And when it does, what a cloud of smoke. Dealers know this.

Car runs and handles very well. Shame that they have such a poor reputation. It's no LS400, but it's good.

Leather seats did not wear well.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2001

6th Jul 2002, 11:32

This is a wonderful car, but am having trouble now with gas getting to the engine and it will not start. Am at a loss as to why. It has 109,000 miles on it. Kay.

31st Oct 2002, 07:32

Check the fuel pump and filter if all electronics are okay. Sometimes the pump is bad and you get no fuel in the line to the engine.

Before lowering the gas tank and messing with the fuel pump, I'd check the ends of the fuel lines in the engine compartment first (incoming and outgoing). If both of these are dry, it's probably the pump.

You can further test to see if it would start by simply feeding a small amount of fuel directly into the air intake. If the engine starts, then you can pretty much be sure it's your fuel pump. If not I suggest you either bring it to a CERTIFIED mechanic for the Q or to the dealership (much more expensive I know).

By the way, make sure there IS fuel in the tank before you do anything!!!

4th Feb 2004, 09:37

I had the same problem with my Q. We even put gas in the car at the gas station after running out about a block away!

Seems that you need to leave the key in the on position for about a minute. By the time we figured this out tow trucks were on the way! It should start. Ours did.

By the way, easily did 105 on I-10 without almost a sound coming from my engine. I happily own a 91 with 137498k miles.