1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5 liter V8 from North America


Bargain Bruiser. Look forward to Driving


None so far so good haven't had it long enough. Rock Solid. Still get looks till this day. Always wanted one and got the right one at the right time.

General Comments:

Love it, Love it and Love it. I've owned a lot of car in my 30 years of living, Some for example: 1993 BWM 325i 5 speed good car only in good weather

1997 Nissan Maxima SE (rare 5 Speed) Awesome car couldn't stop driving, it put too many miles on it.

1993 Lincoln Mark VIII good car air suspension sucked wanted to feel a V8 and boy did I. (fast!)

1996 Oldsmobile Aurora: another awesome car well under-rated. Bells and whistles gallore smacked it up being silly. Still got my money worth (nice V8)

NOW:1994 Q45: The combination of all of them in one car great power till this day I love picking on Acura TL's and Lexus ES, GS and IS's any year. Because what they paid/are paying for makes me chuckle. $5700 cash and I outrun all in comfort.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2007

1st Apr 2007, 03:02

Who want's the same car forever LOL, and any car can break at anytime. Most japanese cars last anyway so whats your point.

1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5 Liter V8 from Japan


Excellent luxury cruiser


No Major repairs required by and large.

Control arms needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

I have had previous experience with Nissan's over the years, and I when I was in the market for a sedan, I thought about mid-size four door cars with at least v6 power levels. I bought this as a used car, for the same price range I would have paid for a lesser car.

The car is a very heavy sedan, but has surprisingly good acceleration. It is not a nimble, toss-able car, but rather, it is a luxurious, long distance comfortable cruiser. Poor resale value compared to Lexus, but much better accelaration, handling and feature content. If you're buying a used car to impress yourself, not others, nothing beats this full size sedan.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004

1994 Infiniti Q45 2.5L V8 from North America


1994 models are a steal. Get one!


1) Steering joints leaking every 30k miles.

2) Engine knock sensors faulty at 70k.

3) LCD display on dash replaced at 75k.

4) A/C control unit replaced at 75k.

6) Sony disc changer quit at 75k.

7) Opening drivers side door with key sets off alarm. Keyless entry OK. Never fixed it.

General Comments:

Had this car since new. A joy to drive from day one. A good touring car that is under rated.

Considering complexity of the car the problems have been few, but expensive to fix. It drives today much like it did back in 1994. Need Yokohama tires to really enjoy the ride.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

1994 Infiniti Q45 t V8 from North America


An affordable family sports car


Had to replace the brakes twice.

Fuel pump starting to go bad.

General Comments:

This car is a great value and is worth every cent.

It handles great; the steering is tight and it has four wheel turning.

It has excellent acceleration and pickup!

Pleasure to drive!!!

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Review Date: 25th April, 2004

1994 Infiniti Q45 Standard 4.5 V8 from North America


Nothing out there, better, under $100,000


Nothing has gone wrong, since I have owned it. The passenger's window motor has been replaced, by the previous owner.

General Comments:

The most awesome car I have owned. Drives like it is on rails, cruises easily at ANY speed, spend 6 hours behind the wheel, and you will feel refreshed.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2003

1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5L V8 from North America


A poorly-constructed vehicle with poor reliability.


The transmission has been replaced 2 times, once at 48,000 miles, and once at 65,000 miles. Replacements were factory rebuilt units. ($3,500 each)

The front suspension alignment arms have silicone bushings which rupture every 30,000 miles. ($300 each)

Fuel injectors ($280 each) had to be replaced at 70,000 miles.

Wiring harness is made up of solid strand wires. There have been numerous breaks in the harness which have had to be repaired. In one case, the brake lights quit working. In another case, the mass air flow meter electrical ground broke.

Interior finishings have deteriorated badly. Leather covering on the steering wheel has peeled off in places. Carpets have yellowed and rear package shelf fabric is badly faded. (The car is always garaged.)

Replacing the plastic shift lock cover (about 1/4 x 1/2 inch in size) on the transmission panel requires the purchase of the entire cover at $500.

General Comments:

This car is comfortable to drive and handles well.

The cabin is small and there are no cup holders.

The car is poorly constructed and requires enormous amounts of very expensive maintenance to keep it operating.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2003

14th Feb 2003, 08:17

This person must abuse cars considering other comments and the one I have.

17th Feb 2003, 11:30

If you looked a bit harder, you'd see there are several other reviews that think this is a bad car. But when vanity takes the front seat over more...um, important aspects of an automobile, like safety and reliability, you usually DON'T get what you pay for. Compared to its competition, this car does not excel in any area. It's not more reliable, safer, cheaper to fix, or any other important aspect over it's competition. If you want a vehicle that is simply a status symbol and nothing more, cars like the q45 are great. Personally, I'd rather go with something a bit uglier, but safer, much more reliable, cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain, and less trendy like a Volvo. And yes, Volvos typically ARE cheaper to fix compared to their competition, yet more reliable. Looks are only skin deep!