1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2 DOHC from North America


Piece of garbage


First off, the fuel gauge stopped working around 82,000 miles. I drove it for over a year until I almost ran out of fuel, and I decided to repair it, $260.00 at the dealer.

Next thing, the windshield wiper linkage for the left side broke on the day of the worst snow storm. I had to move the right wiper so it would wipe the left side so I could get home.

Next the HVAC fan speed switch nearly caught fire. These switches so cheap, had to replace three times.

The shift lock electric solenoid went out and I could not get the trans out of park.

Constant issues with ABS.

Now the big one, massive coolant consumption around 140,000 miles, no leak, big loss of power from the engine, then just died one day, restarted but only 3 cylinders firing and oil very milky, shop diagnosed spun camshaft bearing in right cylinder head. $3,400 to replace the head + a month of rental car brought the price to nearly $5,000.

Got it back, still massive coolant consumption with no signs of leaking, then discovered oil very milky, since both head gaskets had been replaced it wasn't those leaking, then started knocking very loud from rod bearings, coolant probably wiped out the bearings, I assume since the heads were checked and replaced, the block was probably cracked.

Needless to say miraculously the knocking went away long enough for me to trade this piece of crap in for a brand new 2007 Honda Civic. I hope no one was hurt when that Isuzu V6 threw a rod through the side of the engine block.

General Comments:

No good at all, cheaply and poorly designed, good looking vehicle, but no effort put into it as far as quality goes, especially the engine.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2009

10th Dec 2009, 17:07

It hurts me to read they passed this lemon onto some other poor soul. Should have sold it to a shady used car dealer instead who actually deserves the trouble.

11th Dec 2009, 10:41

" drove it for over a year until I almost ran out of fuel, and I decided to repair it, $260.00 at the dealer."

WOW! That's great fuel mileage!

1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2L V6 4WD from North America


Good riddance!


The engine was always using oil. I am very particular about maintenance, and this was always a problem. Tried several different solutions, none of them lasted long-term.

The intake manifold gasket needed to be replaced.

A couple of miscellaneous suspension parts needed to be replaced, nothing that was a big deal or that I couldn't do myself.

I felt like I always had to baby the vehicle - every oil change, I would run Seafoam through the crankcase to clean it out, I would change the PCV valve, and clean out the EGR valve and intake thoroughly. I made sure it always had a fresh air filter, etc. Even at that, it would still burn through at least a half quart of oil every 1,000 miles.

General Comments:

This vehicle was a constant headache.

It was great when it didn't need maintenance, which was very rare. The 4wd always worked great. The V6 seemed a little sluggish - could have used a little more power.

I was scared to take this vehicle on the highway, as it used the most oil on the highway. I wish Isuzu would own up to their mistake (it is well documented that there was a design flaw with this engine) and recall the vehicle.

There is a reason why Isuzu does not sell passenger vehicles in the United States anymore.

I owned this vehicle for 5 1/2 years and was glad to get rid of it. I would never recommend Isuzu to anyone.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2009