1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 H.O. V6 from North America


Out of the four cars I've owned this is by far the best


When I first purchased the car it had 230xxx on it. Water pump went bad and the serpentine belt snapped the day after I had bought it. Luckily I had a warranty on it and these parts were covered. 20xxx miles later (250xxx) starter went out and left me stranded in a different city.

Headliner sags and has some holes, but for 16 years old its still a heck of a deal.

Rear power window motor is going out. it rolls down, but needs help up.

General Comments:

My Jeep has 250xxx miles on it. Everyone thought I was crazy for buying it with such high miles, but I did my research and don't regret any of it.

Gas mileage isn't too bad, I've had the entire fuel system cleaned and I get about 20 mpg in the city.

It's the fastest car I have ever owned and its great for camping.

Another thing that I love about my Jeep is that I was hit by a drunk driver one night, and in the end the other persons car was totaled and mine had a cracked windshield and the fender and hood were pushed in a little bit, but all of the lights still worked and I drove away.

When this jeeps time comes I will buy another one, probably from the early 90's yet again.

The jeep drives like a dream and even though you feel all of the bumps in the road, I'm usually the one pulling people out of the ditch in winter time.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007

6th Feb 2009, 19:24

Just an update on my Jeep, it now has over 300,000 miles on it and running strong. The only thing I have had to replace lately were the brakes and the tires. It has developed a shake when I hit a bump and continues till I drop to about 45mph, I believe it is the rear end going out.

I might just turn it into a mud truck since I bought another car to get me back and forth to school. I bought a Ford Taurus, stupid me, do not buy one. I am moving to a Chevy Silverado so I will probably sell the Taurus and play with the Jeep. Seriously though, if you can buy one for cheap enough, get it.

1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 50th Anniversary 4.0 Litre High output from North America


Definition of dependability and offroad fun


Fan Clutch has been out for a while, but I hooked up the electric fan to a toggle switch to cool it down until I get ready to fix it. It even makes it idle cool in 100+ degree weather!!!

I replaced Valve Cover Gasket at 226,000 miles.

I replaced Coil at 225,000 miles.

Since it hit 210,000 miles it has become very slow taking off from stoplights, She eats a lot of gas if you try to keep up with other cars. Even with not keeping up with the traffic, she gets around 11 miles to a gallon. She used to get around 17 in town. I suspect a compression leak. So that will most likely result in a total engine rebuild.

Other than that, just routine stuff, like oil changes every 3000 miles...etc.

General Comments:

The interior of My Jeep is not really luxurious, however I really don't care.

I have added a wood dash kit that has brought some balance between luxury and utility. The seats are very comfortable.

If you do not have privacy glass windows, it looks a little similar to a fish bowl. I put 5% all the way around.

The inline 6 motor has plenty of power, even though mine is tired it still has no problems getting on the freeway quickly, that is, if I take it to 3000 RPMs.

It is pretty high geared on for an SUV, it only does about 2250 RPMs at 70MPH.

My Jeep is equipped with the AW4 transmission, and I took it to a transmission shop to have it serviced, the owner told me that it was one of the best transmissions ever designed. They last forever, but he also said if mine should ever fail to just sell the Jeep, because it would be around $2000 just to rebuild it.

There are basically NO blind spots in these vehicles!!! Very open, nice.

The turning radius on these vehicles is amazing! I can get out of almost any tight area.

My Jeep is also equiped with Command trac 4 wheel drive, it works so well in the mud, sand, desert, mountain roads, every where, and I have never got stuck yet.

Fuel economy is not the greatest, but it was conservative for an SUV, back when it had less miles on it.

We have a 2003 Buick Le sabre, and the Jeep rides nothing like it, if you buy one of these, expect to feel every bump in the road. It doesn't bother me though, but some days it's a little jarring.

Only left me stranded ONE time in almost 230,000 miles and that was when the coil went out.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2007