2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport from Australia and New Zealand


Despite the problems, I do love the XJ, it's as tough as nails


Had the Jeep XJ Sport for two hours after driving her off the lot and completely overheated. New radiator and thermostat paid for by the dealer, and I was back on the road.

Got the common issues; AC and passenger window, but have an incredible hooooooooo noise coming through the dash.

Starts at about 80kph, but the window wiper fluid gets rid of it for a while. I assume it's a crack in the windscreen seal, but haven't been able to find it.

The hatch doesn't always open, very temperamental. Especially annoying when you've just bought a fridge and can't get it out :\

General Comments:

Great for towing and lots of fun on the beach. It's a very robust vehicle.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2010

5th Oct 2012, 00:02

My hatch lock seemed a bit gummed up as well. I pulled the plastic cover off the lift gate and hosed the assembly down with spray-on lithium grease, then worked the assembly a bit. Problem solved for a few bucks. Give it a try.

2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 from Jordan


Can be a great car or a junk, it is all about service

General Comments:

I bought my XJ 2 months ago, I did a lot of search on the Internet and I asked many people about the car, I really wanted a low price "REAL" 4x4, some people really loved it and some just hate it.

So I bought a 2000 XJ, automatic gearbox, lifted 3 inches with 31x 10.5 tires, very good looking car. The dealer told me that the engine, gearbox, rear diff is changed -limited slip diff- dana 44, I was happy to know this.

BUT, the car started to show me the other face LOL, I had oil leak in the power steering, the engine and the gearbox - I consider myself that I know cars, but I trusted the dealer so I didn't check the car.

Then I had some other problems; the idle was always high, which is causing me a high gas mileage, I checked it, then I had the following; the engine and the gearbox are fine, but for an XJ 1994, and the car computer is for XJ 2000 and the distributor is for an XJ 2000, so the electronics were not talking to the engine in harmony, so the previous mechanics just made the idle higher to substitute the poor harmony.

Then the oxygen sensor was not working, and my mechanics were not able to change it because it will get "burned" again; because the catalyst was take off, so when you buy an XJ, make sure that you have the catalyst.

Then I had a problem with the electrical windows, I can control them from the driver's panel, but not from the doors. It is a very common thing in the XJ, it is a matter of wiring, easy to solve.

Then I had a noise in doors, of course the doors pins - very common problem as well, then I had a noise in the rear drive shaft, just changed the crosses in the U-joints, very common in XJ.

I had the horn not working :), it is the "airbag connector thing" has to be changed.

However, despite all of the above, it a damn powerful ride, it goes anywhere, it is really powerful, and the lift kit and the tires make unbelievable.

Now the dealer is going to do me a favor and change the whole car LOL, with another XJ 2000 manual trans. But this time I will check it carefully.

Bottom line, buy Cherokee if it is well serviced and you will get a real off roader, otherwise just run away from it, or you will pay tons of money to repair it.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2010

17th Mar 2011, 02:15

I got a 1992 XJ with 306750 on the original motor and tranny! This has been the greatest thing since sliced cheese!

My only complaint is the lack of cup holders.