2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport from Australia and New Zealand


High maintenance junk


- Constant electrical faults, most recently the windows.

- AC works, but very poor performance.

- Engine mounts needed replacement.

- Replaced front differential.

- Will need a new radiator.

General Comments:

Even if I was warned, I decided to give Jeep a chance, but I was let down completely.

The workmanship is appalling, and the build quality likewise, something is always rattling/squeaking/vibrating...

I have had 4WDs from the 70s that had less problems than this junk.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2008

3rd Oct 2008, 20:24

You bought this Jeep used with fairly high miles on it.

Cherokees are actually very good vehicles, and are by no means "junk".

11th Nov 2010, 07:45

It's OK... you consider it junk and the rest of us love them! Keep it up, and we can keep buying these very reliable and great performing vehicles for even lower prices.

11th Feb 2011, 07:11

Reliable? I changed the sticker on the back of my Jeep to read "there's only One Jeep... that runs". Yours must be that Jeep. The rest of us stand with our Jeeps in their natural habitat... by the side of the road with the hood up.

2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4X4 4.0 I6 from North America


You wouldn't understand, It's a Jeep Thing!


The only issue has been the A/C. Have had issues just about the 60000-70000 mile mark, Covered under the extended warranty. Had to replace the orifice tube and compressor ($1000). Worked good for about a year, (75000-78000 mile marker) went out again, now condenser pack under dash no warranty another $1000.

Head liner coming down/dis-bonding.

General Comments:

Bought brand new and have not had really any complaints except the A/C and head liner.

Had all dealer maintenance at the prescribed times, and I love my Jeep so much so I bought my daughter one as her first vehicle (Liberty). Unfortunately about 96% of its' life has been highway and road use. Now I can hardly wait till things start to go wrong, so I can start building it without having to worry about voiding the manufacturer's warranty.

Jeep has always been a true and tried vehicle, unfortunately the only ones you hear about are the "Lemons". I bet there are more people out there that have positive experiences and good things to say than negative. I Love My Jeep Cherokee!

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Review Date: 12th September, 2008

12th Sep 2008, 13:21

As a lifelong Jeep enthusiast, I really like Jeeps too.

What I don't like, is that marketing tag-line-

"You wouldn't understand, It's a Jeep Thing!", most likely cooked up by some nerdy marketing executive, who may or may not ever owned a Jeep.

2nd Dec 2009, 20:03

I agree with the first comment. Most of the people on here are looking for answers to possible problems they are having, and not how great their Jeep is.

2000 Jeep Cherokee from North America


Valves knocking on start up.

Brakes going out.

Coolant leaking.

Back tail lights going out in a lot of the rear end.

Transmission slipping when not heated up etc.

General Comments:

To start off I had a 4.0 L straight 6 in a 1990 Jeep, and I had no problems with it. It had 160000 miles on and ran like a top.

Then I said to myself, I will get the newer version 2000 Grand Cherokee with the same 4.0 L engine.

Little did I know I would have problems with it making a valve clattering noise on start up later with just 79000 on it.

So I said I will try and fix it with some Amsoil and it worked on the engine till now when I have 82000 thousand on it. So now every now and then it makes a bad noise on start up.

Plus I have a the other problems with it, brakes, anti freeze leak out of the small heater core, tail lights going out, auto transmission slipping when not warmed up.

Don't get me wrong, the old 4.0 L straight 6 will serve you past 180000 if you take care of it. But this 2000 straight 6 4 Liter is large lemon. Jeep, why did you do that?

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2008

4th Sep 2008, 06:06

Perhaps this one wasn't maintained well, before you bought it.

The 4.0 is a great engine.

10th Jul 2010, 12:22

I have had 5 Jeep Cherokees over the years, and love them. My last one, a 2000 4.0 Cherokee has had the complete cooling system replaced, and now has a cracked cylinder head! I have been told by auto parts places this is a common problem on the 2000 4.0! Now the question is, if I replace the head, are the cylinders OK, or what will be the next problem?... Transmission???

11th Jul 2010, 16:34

Replace the head and the block should be just fine. As for transmission, unless you suspect there is something wrong with it, then it shouldn't fail anytime soon. If it failed, the cracked cylinder head wouldn't have anything to do with it.