2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L inline 6 from North America


Very bitter owner


Head gasket blew, water pump failed, 02 sensor failed, EVAP system failed, etc...

General Comments:

Comfortable, but has not lived up to expectations, very sad indeed.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2010

1st Jul 2014, 13:10

You should have bought a new car.

2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 straight 6 from North America


They run forever if you fix the little things


Both front speakers stopped working due to wiring.

A/C compressor had to be replaced at 107K.

Both front U joints at 82K.

Exhaust cat back at 106K.

Front pads and rotors at 117K (normal maintenance).

Drums at 97K (normal maintenance).

Drum casings at 111K.

Front driver's side wheel bearing.

Driver's side front window motor.

Driver's side window switches.

Rear hatch lifters.

Both headlights (normal maintenance).

Air filters (normal maintenance).

Transfer case now is having issues.

Radio broke replaced with Pioneer.

Replaced rims from crap steelies (bent) to the aluminum grizzley 5 spokes.

Radiator leak fixed with alumaseal at 97K, still works 19K later.

Front and back washer pumps replaced.

General Comments:

All cars need repairs eventually, and though my list is long, I am overall happy with my truck. I have put over 30K on it, and it always starts and goes.

I take good care of my Jeep, but I believe the previous owner beat this truck, as it has had too many problems.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2010

2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.3 6 cylinder from North America


It's a legend, it's a Jeep


The fuel pump went out at about 88,000 (they usually last 90,000 to 130,000) and required I remove the gas tank (where the pump is located). Took me about two months and about $200 for new pump and parts.

I replaced the front brakes on purchase, and had new pads installed. They grab when cold, so I hold my foot on brake lightly for 1-2 blocks to warm the rotors. Note this might be poor installation or cheap pads (I should have done job myself).

The paint on the top of the hatch peeled and chipped. I properly repaired it and no problems to date (I'm experienced painting).

Now, just recently, it sometimes needs second key turn to start. Repair books says I need new plugs.

Squeaks. It's a unit-body and so the door seals rub and squeak. There's a chunk noise in the rear over a good bump.

Upholstery is cheap versus my Mercury Mountaineer.

General Comments:

Easy to repair with lots of room to access parts.

Parts are cheap to buy, and since it was built 1984 to 2001, junkyards are full of used parts.

AMC's 4.3 6 cylinder is a legend, with one guy telling me he ran up 460,000 miles on his.

The thing has dropped in value on $600 in the past three years. I paid $7,300 almost five years ago, and it is still worth $5,000 retail.

I would like to get something else, but would be a fool to do so because it is cheap to run, repair, and holds its value.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2010

2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 from North America


It's below average


The air conditioner died at 80k miles. Hole found in evaporator core, quoted $800 to fix as the dash and steering column have to be removed to replace the core.

The rear window wiper and washer both quit around 70k.

The passenger side front power window switch quit.

The front differential required a new seal, and new front U joints were recently needed.

Valve cover gasket needed replacing.

Has a small oil leak at rear main seal.

Needed exhaust system at 80k.

Rust bubbles formed underneath the rear windows early on.

Glass fell out of driver side rear view mirror.

4WD shift lever makes annoying vibration noise at idle in 2WD.

Always smells of burnt oil under the hood.

Hood latches need constant lube to lock and unlock.

Since new this Jeep has constantly pulled to the right, despite multiple front end alignments.

Tires wear out quickly.

Check engine light comes and goes, shows code of cylinder misfire.

Changed plugs and coil pack, no change with light.

General Comments:

Compared to the many other cars I have owned, I would rate this as an average to below average vehicle. It's best attribute is it's unstoppable in the snow. It was relatively reliable until about 70k, now it seems like one thing or another goes wrong with it once a month. I expected some problems after 10 years, but there are only just over 80k miles on this and it has been very well maintained, yet it's just been falling apart at a very fast pace, like 70k was a time bomb and I have to set $200-300 aside every month to keep this running.

The engine has plenty of power, and the tranny shifts smooth. It's uncomfortable on the highway as the engine is noisy and the pulling to the right always seems to be present to some degree. I have only been using this Jeep around town as a winter vehicle since the A/C died, it's all it's really good for any longer, and I will likely dispose of it if any other major problems occur with it. By contrast I have owned Toyota pickups that had double the mileage of this Jeep with less than half the problems.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2009

12th Jan 2013, 15:38

I don't get it. I own the same vehicle — have put 190K on it — and, with the exception of the valve cover and rear main seal, have had none of the problems you describe. Sounds like someone wrecked it on a test drive, and the dealer pieced it back together.

20th May 2015, 02:13

You put 190000 miles on it and had a single problem with it? Did you have it flown on a plane around the globe all this time? Seriously, there is no such existing car on earth that will go 100000 miles without having several issues. No matter the brand.