6th Jul 2011, 11:22

It is your stabilizer shock for your steering. This also happened to me when I got my tires rotated. I have a 2000 Cherokee Sport. The shock cost me 40 bucks and took an hour to put on. Good luck.

15th Mar 2012, 07:10

Turn the key to the on position until the odometer shows, then shut it off and repeat three times. The codes should show on the third turn on the odometer.

24th Apr 2012, 21:19

My 2001 Cherokee Sport had the misfire cylinder 3 (sometimes others)... Chrysler has a fix for this... a part to insulate the fuel injector. Ask your mechanic to look up the fix.

28th Jun 2014, 14:42

2001 4.0L. Thank you very much for the comment. My problem is very similar to yours, I have changed the plugs and ignition coil up to this point. Your suggestion will be the next step.

27th Dec 2014, 19:13

Did you ever figure the misfire problem? Mine is a 2001 and does the same exact thing. Frustrated!

31st Jul 2015, 19:48

I have 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport... straight six. My truck is failing inspection in CT for Cylinder 2 Misfire detected. My questions are... Can this engine run on a frozen cylinder or could it be something less fatal?? Could it be a bad spark plug or coil? The car had an over heating situation on the highway a few months back; could that freeze a cylinder? Please help! Can't buy a new engine!!

28th Nov 2015, 06:56

Points! What points??? LOL.

28th Nov 2015, 13:12

That person is most likely based in the UK (since they quoted the price in pounds) so by points they must have meant the relay pins, and not points found in the antiquated points ignition system (which this truck obviously does not have).

25th Jan 2017, 05:51

Your Jeep dealer will have them. You can put them on yourself with zip ties.

22nd Feb 2017, 01:02

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I've been dealing with multiple misfires for quite some time now. Mechanic kept telling me it's the coil pack. So I have replaced the coil pack and I'm still having multiple misfires as well as the engine light still on. Now the mechanic is trying to tell me I have a crack in the head gasket and the engine needs to be fixed. I'm wondering if it could be something simple or is it really a pricey fix? I'm aware the mechanic has interest in buying my Jeep; I'm wondering if he's stating there's a major issue to make me sell. Can I please get advice? It's so frustrating.