2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V8 from North America




There are a lot of these, I can't believe there hasn't been a recall.

Driver's seat mounting bracket broke. Actually, both brackets at the back of the seat broke, allowing the seat to become unstable and rock.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2009

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 from North America


I think it was a waste of my money


Since I purchased the car, I've had two lock actuators fail, the passenger side door and the rear hatch.

I also have the same tail light issue as everyone else.

I am now having an issue with the sending unit in the car. When I step on the brake, the check gauges light comes on, and the the oil pressure drops. The minute I begin driving, everything corrects itself.

My transmission isn't shifting properly in low gears.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2009

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from North America


I like the Mini better


Well, I had a lot of problems with my Jeep, I love the Jeep it's comfy and great, a great car but with a lot of problems. Here is my list of problems...

1.) The car once in a while will not start, but I do know what to do when it happens, put the car in neutral.

2.) The power lumbar support gave way at 150,000 miles.

3.) Driver's seat heat died 120,000, and it died too before that, but I gave up on spending money on it.

4.) Just general problems, like battery dieing, not starting even when car is in neutral, speakers blown, etc.

5.) My favorite problem! It's happened twice so far, but I do think it will happen again! Well here is my story, and the reason I took the time to write this.

It first started at midnight, might I add that I had work early in the morning. A nice peaceful night, not a sound on my street, and all of the sudden, my horn went off. It wasn't due to the alarm, the lights weren't blinking, the horn was going off, like if someone was in the car pressing down the horn and wasn't letting go. I woke up to this constant horn, I immediately rushed for my keys, to disable the what I thought was the alarm. But it did not want to turn off, I went out to my car, and it was pouring with rain, and it was cold outside. I ran to my car to see what was the matter with the horn still on constant; I could see all my neighbors lights turn on.

I tried unlocking my car with the remote, but the car didn't open, so after open the car manually I pressed every button possible. And nothing did anything. I even tried turning on my car and it did not even turn on. Nothing on the dashboard went on, like if the battery was dead, but it couldn't be if the horn was still on, non-stop.

One of my neighbors came to see if I needed help with my car, and I said yeah, luckily he came up with the idea of disconnecting the battery, so I popped the hood and disconnected the battery, in the pouring rain. Then in the morning I called my father, cause he know cars, somewhat. So he said tried connecting the battery, so we connected the battery, and the horn went off again. So we disconnected the horn, and we got it fixed, and sadly I had to pay for a new horn!

So the problem didn't happened in awhile, until this morning, but in the mean while I gave this car to my brother, cause I got a new Mini Cooper, which I love! And he left the car at my house, cause he was going on a trip and didn't want to leave the car unsupervised, so 7 in the morning I was sleeping in, and what do I hear, the horn going off constant, non-stop again! Thank goodness it didn't leave it until 9, so I called my brother and demanded him to come over and disconnect the battery, and did I mention it rained the night before? So I'm thinking it has to deal with the rain, so if you know why this would be happening or happened to you, please write to me thanks...

General Comments:

Great car, but it sucks.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2009