2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo 4.o from North America


I too own a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and have also suffered the same anguish as most of the other owners pertaining to the jeep overheating. They (The Dealer) replaced the water pump and coolant return hose as well as other recalled items and the darn thing kept overheating with the a/c on. Until I read a review on your site, and I thought what the hell. I went outside pulled the jeep out of the garage and loosened up the radiator cap while idling to let the air out of the radiator. Gentlemen, it actually took about 2.5 minutes of it running to build up the pressure and let the air out until I had a steady flow coming out. I tightened the cap securely and then let the jeep idle for 35 minutes a/c on. A/C was on high the entire time the temperature remained steady at 210 degrees, not a flinch, that needle remained glued at 210 even after letting it idle for an additional 15 minutes for a complete 50 minutes straight idling. Your guys were right on the money about the air in the radiator interfering with the proper flow of the coolant. Felt a little daring took the jeep for a 5 hour ride for the weekend and still remained at 210 degrees and my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo has 113,300 miles on it. The only thing wrong with it now, is the foggy headlights. Does anyone know anything about the headlight repair kits that actually work?

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Review Date: 25th August, 2008

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6 cylinder from North America


Overall the Jeep was made with a very poor design


The first fault we had with our 2000 Grand Cherokee Jeep Laredo was the water pump.

Found out not only the water pump was bad, but so was the thermostat housing. We had to change both out.

Next we had to change fuel pump three times.

Next we had to change the crank sensor. We thought it was the fuel pump causing the jeep to shut off, but it was the crank sensor.

Then changed the fuel pump once more because it was the fuel pump that we bought from an auto store that was bad.

Then we had to take the jeep to the dealership to get the driver side locking mechanism and window roll down switch replaced. ($550)

Then we had to change out the fan motor, found out that wasn't the problem, so we changed out the relay. That fixed the problem.

Then the coolant light continuously came on and coolant was disappearing.

Most recently had to buy a new radiator, because the old radiator started leaking, then pouring.

The tail lights have also given us problems on and off throughout the years.

We also are going to soon have to replace the shift sensor.

Now, although our Jeep is paid off, we are looking into purchasing a new vehicle.

We agree with the other comments that a RECALL needs to be made on these vehicles.

General Comments:

Car is roomy and luxurious.

Drives good when everything is working properly.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2008

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 4.0 from North America


So far it's been an excellent vehicle


My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo won't start... It cranks strong but won't turn over.. I can hear my Fuel Pump kick on from the back of the Vehicle but it won't kick on listeing from the engine compartment??I checked all fuses. I had a tune up a couple of months ago.. My check engine light was on before the tune up and my mechanic said that the tune up corrected the problem the car was codeing out...I've been told to check the ALARM by turning the alarm on and off and also unlocking the car Via the driver door.. This didn't help. And I've noticed my REAR hatch won't stay locked when my alarm is set...I've been told to check the Fuel cut off switch (RESET BUTTON) for my make and year but can't seem to locate it. It might be the crank position sensor to help start my vehicle but why won't my Rear hatch lock now... any help would be greatly appreciated... thanksHey I got spark... My friend says it's probably the crank position sensor... But I've also heard that it might be the ALARM cutting off the FUEL...I've noticed now my rear hatch won't lock when I set my alarm..I've tried disconneting the Negative on the Battery, and unlocking and locking the vehicle by the key in the driver side door.. NO LUCK...thanks..

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Review Date: 12th July, 2008