2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee from North America




Good to know I am not alone! Let's see... what was replaced?...

Brake/tail light assembly, tweeters, door lock mechanism (twice), rubber seal around windows (twice), oil leaks (twice), CD player (never replaced, but still doesn't work right), faded headlamps, I am sure there is more.

I crack up whenever I am in a parking lot and I hear another Jeep do that famous Grand Cherokee door lock grind.

By the way, my last car, a Ford Taurus went 6 years with nothing more than a broken bracket that the dealer welded for free.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from North America


It's a lemon, period


Well, as I type this my car is in getting the infamous driver's side door lock fixed. And they are saying it's NOT the actuator, but some clip? And a whopping $320.00 fix, which is why I'm on here to read up on other people's experiences. We have already replaced the actuator in the passenger side, and were able to do that MUCH cheaper because we could get the door open. This time the driver's side door locked, and we could not get it open manually, with the remote door lock opener, OR with the keys from outside. So we were FORCED to take it to the dealership, which I try to avoid at ALL costs due to the jacked up prices.

I loved my Jeep up until about 2 years ago, when all reliability went out the window. I think it's a bit ridiculous to have that at like 75,000 miles. It's been properly maintained, with EVERY recommended oil change and service being done to it. So all these issues are just beyond ridiculous.

We too have had the numerous issues with the tail lights. Replace bulbs, check for shorts etc... thought we had it working again, only to be pulled over AGAIN! Thank GOD my husband is a police officer, and so I've managed to not be ticketed as a courtesy. Every time I've thought it was fixed again, only to find out at very INCONVENIENT times (like when being pulled over) that they've been out again.

We also had an issue with our driver's seat breaking. My husband got it fixed the first time, but it recently popped again, so now for safety reasons we have to look for a whole replacement seat. And no, we are not obese people, there is NO reason for this.

We ALSO have had issues with the spring or whatever mechanism is in the tail gate that lifts it. It simply does NOT lift anymore. I cannot tell you how many times I've hit my head on that dang thing moving quickly to put groceries in or something, and not realizing that the hatch did not lift all the way up.

I had always heard Jeeps were great up until 100,000 miles, then they fell apart, but I didn't believe. I do now. And as much as I love the look and size of my Jeep, all the issues we have had, are just beyond ridiculous and we will NEVER own one again. Unfortunately with the economy right now we cannot take on a car payment, and this is paid for so we are stuck for now with this lemon. And I'm VERY unhappy about it.

Anyone reading this, and considering getting a Jeep. Seriously, unless you have a LOT of extra disposable money that you don't mind paying out on stupid fixes, DON'T DO IT!

Wish I had researched more before picking this out.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2008

7th Feb 2008, 16:01

My Jeep has 138,000 miles on it, and has been extremely reliable.

In fact over the last 14 months I've spent zero on repairs.

Not bad for a 13 year old vehicle.