2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo L6 4.0L from North America


I love Jeeps and I'm very fond of them


I've got the car just before Christmas in 2007. After the 1st week the Malfunction light came on. I took it back to my dealership. They reset the computer and said it might be the gas cap not tightened well enough. About 1 week later the light came on again, this time they replaced my fuel cap. Since this occurrence the light came on two more times. Supposedly they replaced the purge valve and the evaporation sensor. When I picked up my car yesterday I noticed that they disabled the malfunction light period... It is supposed to come on for about a second when you start the car, well it does not lit up at all.

General Comments:

I used to own 1 Wagoner and 2 Cherokees before this car. All cars had over 250000 miles on them.

The Grand Cherokee runs great even though the light was on. Handling on the road is excellent. Very comfortable to drive. I have the SLT package.

The car is Select-A-Track.

It is a little bit discouraging reading about the transmission problems. Breaks in my opinion will go bad after a while no matter what you drive.

I trust my instinct that if anything will go bad I'll notice it in performance/mileage etc. My husband knows how to fix these cars so hopefully we won't have to spend too much fixing any issues.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2008

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee from North America


It's a good car!


Seems like the front seats on these Cherokees are a problem. I love my Jeep, but the front seat is broken and stuck in the farthest position. I am only 5'4" so of course I can't drive it. I have been looking for a new seat, but I just haven't found one.

I too think Jeep should recall them and replace them for all owners. It is a safety hazard. But I guess someone would have to die first and the seat be a direct cause for that to happen. That's pretty sad!

If anyone has an extra seat or knows where I can get one, post it please!


Jeeplady in GA.

General Comments:

For the most part my Jeep has been a wonderful car to me. I've only had a few minor fixes. Just normal wear and tear to me. But this seat thing is a pain. HELP!

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Review Date: 5th January, 2008

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2wd 4.0L 6 cylinder from North America


One word... Chrysler..


I received this car because I was offered a deal I couldn't resist. Some friends of the family were the original owners of the Jeep, and didn't want to take the time and money to fix it. They put 150k miles on it in just 7 years, but about 98% freeway. The tranny all the sudden blew and the car wouldn't shift out of first gear. We purchased a used tranny with only 30k on it from a dismantler for only $800, and I installed it myself. It runs perfectly fine now, but there are some things about the vehicle I'm not too happy with.

Here's a list:

- Transmission

- Rotors and brakes

- Electrical problems

- Shocks and struts

- Fold down seat design

- Infinity Gold sound system

- Headlights

-Gas mileage.

General Comments:

- The rotors and brake pads go out way too fast. It's an SUV and I don't ride my brakes at all. The design needs some work.

- The light switch went bad as well. (Dimmer switch, turn signals, headlights, etc.) The interior lights would go on and off out of literally no where. I bought a new switch for $50 at a dismantler.

- I would expect more from the suspension system in a jeep. Every small bump feels like a pothole!

- The handle where you pull down the seat broke off on the driver side rear seat. Not too bright of an idea with cheap plastic pulling against metal.

- I'm sure you've heard all about this one already. The Infinity Gold sound system has a few flaws. The CD player skips every once in a while, and the cassette hook up for the ipod doesn't work every once in a while. The tweeters on the dash also blew out very easily.

- The headlight lenses are extremely hazy and refuse to get clean. I've tried everything and it looks like I'm going to have to replace the entire lens now.

- Lastly, this car is a 6cyl 2wd. I would expect at least 20mpg on the freeway, not 14-15. You would have to drive under 2000rpm the entire time, which is about 50mph, in order to get 18mpg. You might as well go with the V8 4wd; you'll be getting pretty much the same gas mileage.

That seems to be just about all I can think of that has gone wrong. I have to admit though, for an American SUV, it really isn't all that bad. The things that have gone wrong seem to be somewhat typical for 150k. Besides all of that, I enjoy getting into the car and am not afraid to drive it anywhere.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2007