2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition 4.6 V8 from North America




Since the Jeep was purchased, it's only been a headache.

First, the tweeters in the front went, not a big deal because I just unplugged them and the sound system still sounded great.

2nd, brakes (and soon to be more later on), pedal always squeaked, possible vacuum leaks, warped rotors.

3rd, boots on axles split, all four of them.

4th, oil pressure gauge craps out randomly, but there is still oil pressure, no change in temp.

5th, all vents besides defroster and floor didn't blow hot air.

6th, coolant problems, leaking, overheating.

7th, driver's side rear signal always goes in and out.

And most recent, my brake lines rotted through in the rear driver's and passenger's side.

This vehicle has been nothing but problems. This is the 3rd and worst Jeep I have ever bought. Especially with this most recent problem, luckily it happened as soon as I got to a gas station. The pedal had went straight to the floor with very minimal stopping power at this point. If I was on the express way (which is exactly where I was going after I got gas), my LIFE could have been greatly in danger as well as others.

I've never been a real fan of any American car company, and this is the straw that broke the camel's back. I've always been a Nissan guy, and it seems like I'll always stick that way.


If anyone else has had these problems or similar ones, PLEASE e-mail me at S13Joe@gmail.com. I'm not letting this last problem go easily. People, including myself, could have been greatly harmed or may have even died.

General Comments:

This is a horrible car.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2009

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Straight 6 cylinder from North America


The Jeep Grand Cherokee SUCKS!


My driver side taillight no longer works and just recently the brake part quit as well.

The transmission is slipping and now has to be rebuilt.

All 3 passenger doors do not unlock from the key-less remote, and make a terrible grinding sound when I press the unlock button.

My driver seat just recently snapped while driving, and almost caused a dangerous collision on a busy interstate.

Starter, battery, and radiator all recently replaced, and now the alternator is starting to give.

General Comments:

I will NEVER EVER EVER buy another Chrysler made vehicle. It has given me nothing but problems and isn't worth the money I bust my behind for. I'm a hard working southern man, and from now on I will stick with a Chevrolet like all the other smart people around here. I would not encourage anyone else to buy this piece of junk.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2009

30th May 2009, 11:33

Out of the frying pan and into the fire...

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with 2wd 4.0 - straight 6 from North America


I love my Jeep. It's been reliable, it's great on ice and in the rain. I get 21-24mpg on the hwy


Basically nothing serious. I've replaced the battery & soldered new cords on for a better connection.

I've never had brand new tires or wheels on the Jeep, so I'm about to buy a 3rd set of tires & a whole new thing of wheels to go with them.

A worn out chip back in 2007 caused my whole Jeep to not run. It took me 4 days to figure out that it wasn't the transmission, starter or alternator that caused electrical failure, it was a $4 fuse. LOL. Once I put that in everything started right back up!

Replaced old brakes & rotors last year. Also I replaced some stuff in my rear axle that caused my Jeep to not pass safety last spring. That was fixed at the tune of $850!

I guess the 2wd option works half a@@. It has an issue with turning & making a noise. It's almost like going over a bump, but I'm not. I drive in 4wd all the time so I don't care as much.

General Comments:

My Jeep has a reliable inline 6 engine with a very reliable 4.0 liter transmission. One of the best ever made from what I understand. I've had no real problems since buying the car back in 2006.

I have low miles on it, only 89,xxx & that's below average for a 10 year old car almost. I put less than 10k miles on it per year.

I keep regular oil changes done & regular maintenance done so everything has been great.

My Jeep is also fast. It's no where near as fast as my Camaro, but for a 4,000 lb. SUV it hauls butt. I'm very glad I have it. It's cheap on payments, roomy, comfortable & big.

I don't like how the Jeep models on that year have the gray lining plastic wrapping around underneath the color of the Jeep. That was poor planning there.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2009