6th Jul 2010, 03:12

After reading all of these comments I must say that I feel a little better because I know I'm not only one with these issues. My 01 JEEP GCL is the first car I ever bought from a dealer. I got the the car in 04 and I've had almost every thing go bad as everyone else: fan motors 2 or 3, relays 3, oil pressure sensor 1, rotors 2 times, water pump 1, thermostat sensor 1, hood props I use vice grips, brakes I've lost count, seat I got my uncle to weld it for me, taillights, foggy headlights, window regulators 3. It's a shame, I might as well get something else. I mean if I gotta make car payments, I might as well be driving a newer car and I'm gonna trade it. I'd feel bad selling this piece of junk to someone I know. I really like the Jeep Commander, but I ain't gonna buy one, think I'm gonna check out the Chevy Avalanche reviews.

6th Aug 2010, 20:39

Have a 2001 GC Ltd. 8 cylinder. Been a great vehicle. Have 163k, and very few problems. Nothing major, and it's been a great car.

Now I have a problem that the dealer can't find the answer to. The car bucks on the highway, and when standing at a traffic light, it stalls.

Take it home, make appointment for the next day, and the car is running fine. Had a tuneup and 2 days later, the same problem. Anyone out there had the same problem? Sorry to hear about all the regular problems on this site that I have not had.

By the way, the engine light code po456 does not seem to be the issue, as the dealer checked it.

17th Sep 2010, 15:35

Well now, I thought it was just me. I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, and it has been in the shop more times than it has been driven.

I'm sitting in the shop with it now, replacing the shocks for the second time this year.

I've noticed rust on the front left corner beside the headlight. That was new to me.

Replaced the radiator fan, then the relay.

Replaced the thermostat twice since I got it (got it in December of last year).

The gearbox has managed to dislocate itself and wedge itself in the radiator.

It won't stop leaking coolant.

Replaced the water pump, the thermostat housing, all kinds of seals, bushings, bearings, brakes.

I haven't experienced the seat thing yet, but watch, it's gonna happen now.

The driver side window works some days, and other days it doesn't.

I replaced the windshield wipers and the wiper blades.

Another thing I've noticed is that the tag light has managed to burn a hole where the light goes, and the wires have been seared through.

I will never buy another Jeep, of any kind, again. This is ridiculous. I've put more money into this Jeep than it's worth. And all the money I have put into this Jeep, I could have bought another car. A brand new car.

20th Sep 2010, 09:42

I own a 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited Edition V8. I received this for my college graduation gift from my family. I loved it, and my family got it from a respectable dealer who had papers and receipts for every service..

It started with the brakes and rotors, and moved to the driver's side window motor, and then when trying to cut the Jeep on, the sensor went out and had to get a new sensor put in the key to start the jeep!!! A couple of batteries, water pump, a small fuel issue, shaking, breaking, rear brake light out, and now NEW TRANSMISSION!!!

I am a single female just out of college, and this is what America repays me with, this is what America has to show for workmanship and reliability, no wonder we are where we are, look at our PRIZE!!! All together around $7000 has been spent and only had 4 years!!!

I will NEVER buy an American made vehicle; obviously time and safety are not a top priority for Chrysler Dodge Jeep!!!

27th Sep 2010, 13:56

I too have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee that has had many of the similar problems all of you have had.

Now the trans is slipping, and I came on here to see if it was something I could fix myself, but it doesn't appear that it ever really gets fixed. Just buys you time.

In the last 6 months, I've changed brakes, rotors (all 4), fan relay, passenger window, driver window, thermostat, and other stuff too long to list.

Do you think Chrysler looks at these threads?

I agree with the girl before me, what has this country come to where the vehicles cost double and are made cheaper. WTF.

I also have a 95' JGC and it has the death wobble.. try experiencing that at 70mph.

I'm a handy guy, but damn this is out of control..

6th Oct 2010, 19:09

I have a 2001 Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo as well. I have encountered all of the above mentioned problems with my Jeep as well (except for the seat issue). My problem now is that I have this horrible whining shrill noise that is coming from underneath the hood on the left side. I have had a very good mechanic look at it, and after 8 different days of him trying to find out what the problem is, he gave up. The car starts up fine - then when you get it to around 50-55 mph, this high pitched whine starts and it will go away when you accelerate, and when you quit accelerating and/or stop, it is there again. Someone had said it might be due to a vacuum leak somewhere. My mechanic changed out every hose he knew of, and it still makes the noise. Then as you are driving along, the noise will just quit and it may start up again and it may not. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? It is soooo loud and annoying.

15th Oct 2010, 22:05

Our 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee is now dying on the freeway! It just stops and then it will start up again. Too dangerous now to drive. It has 110,000 miles. The mechanics did not know what it could be, because at the time it was running when we brought it in. We have had all the other issues too, but fortunately we had an extended warranty for many years. We also just replaced the thermostat three times, and now the fan clutch, water pump and hoses. It's time for a new car... obviously not a Jeep!

22nd Nov 2010, 11:07

Hello all.

I dread remembering all that I have paid. I have had a JGC for 3 years and 1 month. Since June of 2010 the following problems have occurred:

Passenger rear seal leak (Jeep shop~ 1325.00).

Passenger rear seal leak (family friend~ 275.00).

Brakes went out right before I went there to fix it, so add another 125.

Right real seal leak.

Coolant leak.

Heater core.

Transmission (all 6 miss fired in two days).

Oil pressure to low to high.

Idle to low to high.

And now... on Thursday, on my way home from work, the right tire locked up. My mechanic can't fix the axle, so I am searching for someone who can.

Don't buy this vehicle.