15th Dec 2010, 17:46

I've had my 01 GC Laredo since March 2010. Bought it with 135,000 miles. Now have 150,000 miles in Dec. 2010. Change the oil every 3000 miles, changed oil sending unit when gauge started acting goofy, it's good now. Only other problem I have had is the tailgate locking shut. I send a kid in to unlock it. This car has been so reliable. I hate to hear of others problems. I apparently have an angel riding with me. Love my Jeep!!

31st Mar 2011, 21:40

I have also had the similar problem with the seat becoming broken from the bracket to hold the seat in place, and the rocking. Now I am desperately searching for a replacement seat.

4th Aug 2011, 17:42

I have had the same problems. I bought the car used, drove it for about 6 months, the whole time it was leaking coolant, then the engine seized, thought we got it fixed, but just got ripped off by a dishonest mechanic. It is now back in the shop with a cracked block. I've only put 5,000 miles on the thing, and have had it for 3 years!! I'm hoping that when I get it back, there will be so many new parts in it that nothing can go wrong, and I can drive it for a few more years!

16th Dec 2011, 23:36

Just bought a 143K mile 2001 JGC with 4.0. When leaving stop lights, it wants to take off in 2nd gear unless manually pulled back into 1st to take off... Not sure what the problem is, but suspect maybe some sort of speed governor issue???

4th Jan 2012, 11:09

If you really are on a budget and can't get it fixed immediately.. take your door panel off and measure from bottom to where that glass window will sit. Then, cut a wooden board to fit in there.. make sure it's snug and that'll keep the window up for a good time.. I went across country and the window never fell down.. :)

18th Feb 2012, 09:26

Wheel bearings.

18th Feb 2012, 11:01

My son's Jeep 2001, the front seat rusted off and broke in the front bolt!!!

23rd Feb 2012, 10:12

Hello Jeep owners.

I have had my 2001 since brand new, and I had problems from 3 weeks old with an oil seal leak, and brakes in the same year.

Then in 2005, water pump, ignition, steering had a problem, then both seat motors went when it was just a year old.

In 2009, passenger front window motor went.

Then in 2010, the driver's side front window motor went, then I had transmission leaks, my driver's seat bumps, and the motor no longer works again.

The air lifts that hold hood open went in 2005. I paid over $100.00 to replace them. Warranty at that time did not cover them. They went again 3 years later, and now the rear tailgate won't stay open or the rear window; the air things are done!!!

I love this Jeep, but cannot believe the troubles.

It is now 11 years old and 88,000 miles, and my brake line is rusted. Just replaced the front rotors and brakes, the rear axle seal leaked and has run me over $200.00 to fix. The others should be done, because the mechanic said sooner or later, the other side follows, and I have been crossing my fingers, because I cannot afford it!!!

1st Apr 2012, 20:12

Did you find out what it was? Having the same issues with stalling, and we are running out of ideas!

23rd Apr 2012, 09:37

I have the 2001 GCL, and feel same transmission slippage when turning corners. When I complete the turn, the vehicle kicks in gear, so I guess it's not much of a problem.

When I bought the Jeep, it had only 39k miles and appeared to be in great condition. I took it to another dealer two weeks ago to find the steering shaft had to be replaced as well as the rotors, etc.

Overall, I think this Jeep is a good ride minus the lack of space for this over 6ft driver. God willing for the 2012!

16th May 2012, 13:10

We have had the same problem, and we were going to just get it welded, but now my boyfriend is literally sitting in the back seat, it's so bad. Haven't talked to a dealer, but got a seat from a junkyard for about 50$. His leather is also tearing, so we had to get 2 seats.

We have had many of the same problems with his car, including a ticking noise that will never go away!

Transmission replaced, you name it.

24th May 2012, 10:28

I have a JCL 01. Can you please tell me why my brakes are knocking?