5th Aug 2007, 12:38

Oh, my, I'll add my horrible stories about my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had a 1996 Jeep, which gave me no problems, but was a 8 cyl. and my brother suggested geting a 6 cyl. to save on gas. This Jeep has nearly driven me crazy! I'm a single female so I don't know that much about cars, but I do trust my mechanic. First I had the loan for the Jeep, which I used to like the Jeep. Then the Jeep needed a new transmission, another loan for the Jeep. Then the Jeep needed new brakes, rotars, bunches of stuff I don't understand, for inspection. Then the Jeep needed new tires, OK, that's to be expected. Then the Jeep's headlights look like they're covered with sand and I can't get them clean. I can live with that. Then Friday the Jeep's passenger window dropped. My mechanic said the regulator is broken, but Jeep company makes you buy the regulator and motor together, at a cost of about 250.00 just for the parts, then another 100. or so for the labor. That's for one window. So the window on THE JEEP is now taped up until I decide what to do.

I found a unit on EBay, the entire unit for 46.95 plus 12.95 shipping, now I have to check if I can find someone to install it if that will work. I'm clueless and frustrated beyond words with this JEEP. Uggghhhhh.

Anyone with thoughts as to whether this non Jeep brand will work and what I would pay someone to install it? Is it a big job? In advance, thanks for any advice. I'm so disgusted with this Jeep I could cry.

8th Aug 2007, 15:03

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I've had the driver side window repaired. I have the horrible brake rotor problem. I have had the radiator fan motor replaced. I have the problem with the driver bracket breaking. Now I'm starting to experience the transmission problems too. I will never, ever, ever purchase another Jeep product. I will also tell everyone I know to never purchase one. EVER!!

10th Aug 2007, 02:00

I bought a new 94 GCL 6 cyl., and aside from a couple fuel pumps and a water pump, it was virtually flawless until 195,000 when it needed CV joints. Couldn't complain, but at 260,000 I had to let it go because the rides in tow trucks were getting more and more frequent. The engine was purring, but other stuff was breaking, and I could no longer rely on it.

So, in Dec. 05, I bought a 2001 GCL 6 cyl, with 54K. One-owner from high-buck Lake Forest, IL. Owner had all records from dealer, and had all scheduled maintenance. Spotless -- car was taken care of. So far, it has been pretty good except for having to replace two fan relays and the ubiquitous rotor problem. Now, however, out of nowhere the tranny is starting to act funny when I come to a stop, and a little when I take off from a stop sign. Can't wait to see what it is, and what it's going to cost. Maybe I'll bail before all this other stuff happens to me, also.

AS A NOTE ON THE ROTOR ISSUE: I too had the warped rotors. I found that the replacements from the dealer were $85 per corner, and would more than likely happen again; from a local (national) parts store they were $25, and they said they couldn't recall ever really hearing of any issues with them. (I know the guy well, and I trust him) What I did, however, was purchase BREMBO rotors from them (my research) for $50 each. They supply Ferrari, so I figured they probably had a good handle on quality. Added ceramic pads, and I haven't had any issues so far with 30K on them. Hope that helps someone.

11th Aug 2007, 18:08

2001 Grand CHerokee Ltd 6 cyl. Nobody deserves this!!! I should have learned after my 93 GC, just as bad. I loved the Jeep handling and AWD so I did some research and "thought" they had improved it with the redesign in 2001. Was I Wrong!!! Bought mine at an end of lease 37K miles. Fortunately bought a 3yr 75K Ext warranty. Currently at 64K..Worst car I've ever owned. Rotors done twice within 25K miles, 3 fuel injectors went bad - after 3 trips to the dealer who said they couldn't find anything wrong. Also: fuel pump, both rear axle seals -Twice..left side going again, Rear bushings, Rear differential, all within 25K miles. Air conditioner evaporator went out, Alternator, Transmission started slipping - fixed.. Driver seat thing starting to rock..Grrr... There is more, but I am so angry about it I block it out. If it wasn't for the warranty I would have paid at least another$7-10K in repairs!!! And I'd still be stuck with junk. The time I've wasted with dealers and rental cars, etc.. Unbelieveable this is a fraud. How can any manufacturer do this and expect to stay in business? I am dreaming of when I get up to 72K mi just before my warranty expires to get a new Toyota Highlander or 4Runner. STAY AWAY!!!

15th Aug 2007, 08:21

WOW! Where to begin??? I bought my 2001 JGC Laredo 4.0L 6 cyl in Jan '05 and want to get rid of it already. It's my second Jeep (first was a Wrangler) and I'll only buy a Wrangler again. Here's a breakdown of my foul-up's with my car:

1) CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: Comes on randomly, I don't bother with it any more.

2) SEAT BRACKET: Much like most others out there, the front left bracket on the driver sea finally broke 2 months ago. I took it to a buddy of mine who ARC welded the bracket together - he says the rear bracket on the same rail is starting to buckle and will need to be done eventually.

3) ENGINE FAN: ***WARNING FOR YOU OUT THERE*** my fan had failed and wasn't cooling the radiator, but it turns out that the problem was the RELAY between the computer and the fan. The relay is a $53 part compared to a $300 fan unit + the frustration of not having fixed the problem prior to swapping out the fan. If you're engine is overheating, check the fan - if not spinning then either check the fan unit yourself or have a mechanic buddy (like me) run 12 volts to the unit to test the fan. This saved me a $300 part + $250 in labor.

4) WINDOW MALFUNCTIONING: The reason I found this thread was because my front passenger window rolled down, but not back up. This happened very recently, like 3 days ago. Right now, it's parked in the garage with duct tape holding it in place. I guess I'll try a few technical taps prior to taking the assembly apart.

5) THERMOSTAT: has been replaced twice. (a stupid $6 part)

6) WATER PUMP: Replaced once. (~$280 - and that was with the family-friend discount)

7) 4X4 LIGHT: Doesn't display on dashboard when 4X4 is engaged.

This is all a shame because I really do like this car. It isn't a fancy car and doesn't turn heads, but I like it and am disappointed thus far.

Also... 16.5 MPG @ $3.25 per gallon doesn't keep me very happy either.