14th Feb 2009, 00:28

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has had numerous brake jobs, transmission work, rotors turned & now the drivers side window motor is broken. I also have the engine light on because my cooling fan for the motor doesn't work, and if I sit at a red light, it will overheat. I really have had nothing but trouble, I have 154,000 miles.

18th Feb 2009, 06:41

My 2002 Grand Cherokee has had several fan relays, water pumps and 2 broken driver seat frames. Both times welding fixed the seat frame.

Now the transmission slips from 2nd to 3rd gear.

I replaced the rotors and pads with lifetime guaranteed parts from Autozone.

If the Cherokee is an indication of German engineering, then German engineering sucks.

9th Mar 2009, 12:00

I recently purchased an 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L HO. I thought, WOW, this is a really nice vehicle. It needed an Oil Pan (rusted), and had a power steering leak. Well, 2nd week after owning, vehicle stalls and won't restart. Found a blown PCM fuse, replaced, no big deal. Well, four months later, A crankshaft sensor replacement, and several trusted mechanics later, no solution. Vehicle stalls at any given time, and will restart when it feels like it. Tachometer flutters, and then goes crazy when it stalls. Any help would be appreciated mojenda at hotmail dot com. Never again...

13th May 2009, 22:12

I'm also a owner of a 01 Jeep Laredo. There need to be a recall on the brakes. They're horrible; had them replaced so many times I can't count. Also the passenger window regulator went out, very annoying, residue in headlight very unattractive, also brake lights very bad, "off and on" can be a bad attraction for the cops...

8th Jun 2009, 20:10

My 2001 hasn't given me much trouble... Replaced the rotors with premium after market parts that solved the cheap metal that the dealer has, replaced both front window regulators, cost $200, did that myself, and the headlights were horrible until I replaced those with some cool projection lights. Owned my Jeep for 3 years, total spending $1750.38 includes all oil changes, transmission flush and new belts and hoses, and to fix the above problems. Currently has 95,000 on it.

15th Jun 2009, 10:25

I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 144k miles. Windows are the biggest complaint with the Jeep. Both driver and passenger broke, however, my husband fixed them himself instead of the $450 a piece we were quoted. The fender is faded and the headlights are gross, but I will always buy a Jeep. These are things that are wear and tear to me. Just bought a new 2009 Patriot with bumper to bumper warranty. Great deal and good on gas mileage. Go Jeep!

30th Jun 2009, 17:44

2004 Grand Cherokee (UK) Diesel. Whole raft of problems - spent about £1500 in the last 12 months.

Leaking oil seal, oil contamination on brakes, new front brakes needed, engine light comes on occasionally, stuck seat belts in rear, and to top it all off today whilst accelerating I heard a bang, and the drivers seat (front right hand side) started to wobble horribly!

Once stopped saw that the bracket has just sheared through. So the left hand side and both rear brackets are still connected.

Quite shocked by all the comments on here - seems like these are common problems.

The worst thing is that I have the car up for sale at the moment! Not a good time for the seat to break. Need to find a welder or some temp repair.

30th Jul 2009, 22:02

I bought a 2001 anniversary special GC and it sure has been special.

The seat problem for me was worse than others have experienced. I found myself on my back at a traffic light in rush hour traffic waiting for someone to cream me. They didn't and I lived only to have a blowout on the expressway (right front) because my chrome plated rims rotted from the inside out (inside the tire bead), causing the tire to go flat even though it was in good shape and the rims appeared to be good on the outside.

I have had transmission problems (3200), 3 window regulators (900), new rims (1800), steering wheel (150), transmission shifter handle (300), and rear axle seal (280).

The seat has broken two more times, but I took care of it sooner before it completely broke.

Brakes I have figured out: You have to demand that they put all new parts (pads and rotors) when the job is done.

I also had a wiring harness rot through, causing different electrical problems.

My memory seats have multiple personalities.

My carburetor had to have a software upgrade???

Never the same thing twice. My problem is I wasn't smart enough to cut my losses and get out. Could any of us honestly believe that a Jeep could be made so poorly, and by the way that goes for replacement parts also. The wife and I bought a third car just so we could live with the logistics of taking the Jeep in to get it fixed. I truly hope that none of you were hurt because of these problems.

31st Jul 2009, 19:54

Well I was blessed with this wonderful pile of rolling scrap metal that I shamelessly call a Jeep.

I have had problems with the slide track on the drivers seat breaking twice.

The brakes; no telling how much money I've put in to them, until I got wise and pay a little more. I put on Baer brakes on it, now it will stop on a dime and no more jerking or jumping during stops.

But on top of that, I had troubles with the trans. twice.

This is my 2nd Grand P.O.S. and the 99 gave me even worse problems. I'll tell you this; Chrysler will not be seeing me at their front ever again.

23rd Aug 2009, 21:25

I have to laugh, because I can't cry anymore about my Jeep. I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 170,000 miles. None of my windows work anymore, found out the rotors were warped and it's a reoccurring problem with Jeep, numerous brake jobs, driver seat is broken, brake lights work when they want to, headlights are fogged up, sometimes car won't start and you have to hold on the gas for 15 minutes so it won't stall, sitting at a red light and it feels like someone rear-ended me because the car is trying to take off while I am sitting there, transmission has a mind of its own... I would swear my car is possessed, but too many other people have the same ghost in their Jeep.

1st Jan 2010, 13:38

It's amazing to see how many people have had the same problem. I had a 1999 GC Limited, and I swear the only thing I didn't replace was the body and interior itself. The only issue that I didn't have that the majority of people complained about was fan related issues. My guess is the 8 cyl Limited has a different part because my friend has a 01' 6 cyl and has replaced her fan relay 2 times, and has replaced her fan once. I've replaced everything listed below:

All brake rotors replaced;

Brake master cylinder replaced;

Temperature blend air doors replaced;

1st engine replaced after 147000 miles;

2nd engine (used 90000 miles 3 month warranty) after warranty replaced the timing chains, tensioner airs and tensioner (caused by a clogged oil seep hole in the tensioner);

Replaced the crankshaft positioning sensor on replacement engine;

Replacement engine (work done at the local Dodge/Chrysler dealership) had all of the securing clips for the fuel injectors missing;

Drivers side window started to fall just dealt with it;

All the lock and unlock actuators were broken; took them out because of the horrible grinding noise the cheap plastic gears made. (all doors went over a period of 3 months) ;

Replaced radiator;

Replaced alternator;

Replaced rear brake lights on a every other month basis. Unable to find overload issue;

The transmissions was not going back into 1st gear at a stop and would be in 2nd gear causing a very slow start unless forcing it in manual mode. When in overdrive on the freeway and coming to a exit, the car would slam so hard when it changed from overdrive to 3rd gear that my back would hurt.

Finally the great part.

Just before our local dealer got their shut down notice do to the economy, we took the Jeep to the used car part of the dealership and traded it in for a 2002 Nissan Xterra; it might have less balls, no power windows, but I don't have it in my garage once a month for me to trouble shoot and fix. Plus the 4x4 drive works just fine in our heavy snows during the winter.