1st Nov 2002, 14:13

I hope someone out there can help me. I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I love my Jeep, but about a year ago the alarm system started to go crazy. As I am driving down the road the electrical system will cut out for a few seconds then my lights flash off and on. I have to stop the Jeep and get out and lock & re lock the doors. Last week I was driving at night when the lights went off for four or five minutes, the engine did not die, in fact I could not shut it off. We stopped the car and lifted the hood and fiddled with the battery connections. We were told to keep the battery connections clean which we have been very careful about. We have had it into our local Jeep dealer 4 times and they have replaced the door locks and the switch under the hood. They have told us they have no idea what is causing the problem. I am afraid to take it out at night as we were lucky we were in a lighted area the last time the alarm system went off. I really like the Jeep, but I am afraid I will soon have to get rid of it. If anyone has a clue please let me know.

18th Nov 2002, 18:03

Had my Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo since 94 and have about 178K Miles to date. As with everyone I have had the same host of problems over the years.

At 75K I had to get a new tranny installed. I have also encountered stalling problems intermittently; seems to happen without warning (was told by my dealer to replace the control module). In the past two years I have replaced the fuel pump 3 times. Then a few months ago I had the front end shakes which seems to have been solved by installing new shocks and a front end alignment. I also have a leaky transfer case.

I really like my car and I am hoping to keep it for a while, so if anyone has helpful info on these tranny and stalling problems, please let me know.


19th Nov 2002, 20:26

Q: 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited fuel system problems. Any advice on another possible cause to my problem?

My 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited started running in to problems with the fuel pump seizing about a year ago. The authorized repair manager said the problem was due to some type of gasoline additive that was clogging up the fuel pump. Five fuel pumps and one replaced gas tank later, I'm staring to run in to the same symptoms again. The vehicle runs like it is running out of gas when I start it, and when I set the cruise control the RPM's do not stay consistent.

9th Dec 2002, 09:23

My husband and I purchased a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited in April 2002 with 126,000 miles. It is now at 136,000 miles and has been babied since we have had it. I do a frequent fluid check because it has so many miles. After pulling into a driveway and trying to reverse I noticed that it would not back up. So I checked the transmission fluid to find that it was empty-after checking it about 2 weeks ago at which time it was full with a little extra. I am hoping that this has not caused any major problems and am having it checked out. Is there anyone who has experienced this and, if so, how was it remedied?

22nd Dec 2002, 16:33

My husband and I just purchased a 94 Grand Cherokee Laredo. It has 118,000 miles on it. We have found that it was leaking Transmission fluid. We also found out that it is an internal problem and the transmission will need to be rebuilt. Other than that, no other issues with the vehicle.

9th Mar 2003, 14:44

Just purchased a used 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo about 2 months ago... I have noticed that the transmission is getting noisy (whining sound when slowing down) and the brakes need redoing (all) cruise control stopped working, and the heater control only works on defrost!!! Think I made a big mistake buying this... Should have learned my lesson as I traded in a dodge truck for it...Never Again...

20th Mar 2003, 01:34

I bought a 94' Jeep Cherokee Laredo about two weeks ago, everything seems to be fine, except one problem. When you start off from a dead start the tranny feels like it's trying to pull off in second gear, but it's really not because I count the shifts that it goes through and it shifts through all of them. But if I put my shifter in first gear and shift it out myself it takes off like it should, real easy and smooth. The person that I bought it from keep all the mant. records and didn't have any problem out of it. It has 150,000 miles on it, also the fluids stay at normal. The dealer said that a lot of the Chrysler vans and jeeps do this for what reasons they don't know, but said it shouldn't hurt or be hurting anything and it shouldn't be a worry. I also had a problem with the alarm system it just started going off for no reason, I didn't know how to turn the thing off, so I had to call the previous owner at 6:45 this morning to find out how to turn it off. And to me that is a very crazy alarm to even put on a car. So if anyone else needs alarm repair, just take it to your nearest stereo shop and have them disconnect or take the original alarm out and replace it with an aftermarket alarm. Pricing on the alarm and install varies, mine was $180 for keyless entry and alarm together. Very reasonable for an annoying problem.

18th Jun 2003, 09:22

I have had my Jeep Grand Cherokee for about a year now. I love it. The only problems that I have seen is with the power windows. The back windows can only be put down by the master switch, and they worked fine when I first got it. Doesn't bother me though. I never sit in the back. The passenger side window is a how other story. You have to play with the switch in order to get it to go up. Drives me crazy, but once you learn the trick to get it to go up, it doesn't bother you as much. All the other vehicles I have had since I have been driving have been pieces of crap, But my Jeep isn't. Maybe I'm one of the lucky few to get a good one.

18th Jul 2003, 12:35

I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 116k. Bought it new in 1994, only had to have the transmission and transfer case seals replaced. Best vehicle I ever owned. Currently the windows will go down, but not up, then they will go up, but will not go down very intermittent. Replaced fuses, but does not help! Has anyone ever encountered this problem, if so any remedies?


21st Nov 2003, 17:02

Common problems noted on this page (I had them all and they are simple fixes)

Power windows acting funky...

The wires running from the drivers door break after thousands of flexings, check this first.

Stalling, hard hot starts...

Coil pick up goes bad, causes "hot" stalls, cheap fix.

Crazy shifts...

Usually only when cold, let engine warm up longer before taking off. There is a factory bulletin on this.

Bad brakes...

You should have had the factory recall fix this once and for all.

This vehicle has it s little problems but it should be bulletproof otherwise with routine care, and if you have part time 4 wd, dont use it unless the wheels can slip.