13th Mar 2007, 02:36

I feel your pain, I've owned a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for almost 2 years now, after owning it for a day, the transmission had to be replaced. It was taken back to where it was purchased and they paid for all the repairs. However it was "their" mechanic that "replaced" the transmission. Who thought it would be a good idea to avoid the expense of gaskets and used permatex to seal it all up. Which we did not find out until our 1000 mile trip to Florida, when the transmission went for a second time only 2 months after the first replacement. On top of that, I have the "light flicker" because the interior light switch is bad. I just replaced the radiator. And it is currently stalling every time I leave off the gas. I am at the point now where I can't even bare to look at it. It sickens me. As soon as it is paid off I will be purchasing something that is much more reliable. We also have a 1997 wrangler that we just purchased, and it is starting to cause us some pain as well. It has a bad miss, and we began the usual replacements and it's not helping. It's not throwing any codes and we have no idea what is wrong with it. All part of the scheme I guess. Good luck with your jeeps, I'm through with Chrysler.

13th Mar 2007, 18:45

I just bought a used 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 with 151,000 miles for dirt cheap from the sweetest couple in North America that proudly owned the Jeep for 11 years. They said it runs great and they gave me all the service records on it. It is very well kept and quite frankly I bought it because I really liked the people that were selling it. I got it home and parked it in my drive way and the next morning I found a huge oil leak on my drive way. I'm freaking out. Where is the leak coming from, how much will it cost, any advice?

23rd May 2007, 16:38

I bought my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo in March '07.

I first noticed that it had an oil leak the first day I bought it, when sitting in the drive way. Then while driving it, as it got warmer, I could smell the oil burning. I have to put a quart of oil in it every 2 weeks...

I noticed that it has a shaking to it when in park, and it levels out a little when put in gear, but still vibrates. I was told that the motor mounts are bad. Also, when I would shift from park into gear, it would slam in.

Now it is May, and my Jeep is parked in the drive way needing a new transmission.. it just hit 200,000k last week! I traded my 86 Camaro, which had 260,000k that I have had for 7 years and ran fine, for something that lasted two months. Now I have to spend more money on this than I had in the whole 7 years I've owned my Camaro - Go GM!

18th Aug 2007, 01:56

I have just bought a 94 Laredo with 169000 for $700. THe problem is every time I get to 30, it starts vibrating in the rear, but only when accelerating. No clue as it's my first Jeep.

26th Aug 2007, 16:02

I purchased my 1998 GCL 5.9 in Jan 2001 with 39k on it for 24k. I now have 135k on it and am going to sell it. All I have had to do was routine maintenance. this is a must people, check the owner manual. Transmission is still original and shifts fine. Front diff and transfer case OK, however the rear diff has succumbed to the Chrysler/Dana poor bearing issue and I am in the process of replacing the bearings.

Here is what has been done to my Jeep since I owned it and cost:

1. Replaced even fuel injectors, covered under warranty and a weird fluke as far as I know.

2. Replaced water pump, fan clutch and radiator at 105k about $850.

3. As mentioned replace rear bearings, seals, pinion, etc 135k about $350.

4. Replace fluids at 24 month intervals with Red Line synthetics.

5. Changed oil every 3000-5000 miles.

6. 2 sets of Bridgestone tires ($1500)

This was the best bang for the buck I have had, well maybe my z06 will give it a run for its money, but I've only had that for 3yrs.

31st Aug 2007, 16:38

My father-in-law just replaced the engine in his 95 Grand Cherokee Laredo, but it won't start for some reason. Thinking it might be an electrical problem, but not really sure - ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS, OPINIONS OR ADVICE?


28th Jan 2008, 02:02

Just about to buy a 1994 ltd, after reading all these comments not so sure now. saying that i`ll go have a look, check heating and lights take it for a drive, if alls well I think i`ll be parting with my cash. think the leather interior does it for me. will post on here if I buy it.

4th Feb 2008, 19:40

I have a 1994 jeep grand Cherokee and after reading though the comments I've had quite a few of the same problems (and I have always taken good care of it). At about 90,000 replaced fuel pump witch cost me $750.00 at 120,000 transmission was slipping they replaced the governor pressure sensor $900.00, also catalytic converter and exhaust manifold $850.00. My transfer case also leaks and my wipers also don't work right. But the big problem now is that at 160,000 and once again transmission problems. Beyond slipping it will hardly go into gear. My question is what's the going rate for new transmission? I really do like my jeep, but as you all know to well once one thing goes it seems like your putting about a $1,000 dollars a yr. into it.

26th Feb 2008, 05:52

I have a 1998 model Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 and have had it since new. Overall it's actually been a pretty good car, and the car I have owned longer than any other.

Presently 215,000km on the clock. Since new I have done (or have had done) the following repairs:

Replaced leaky water pump.

Front and rear wheel bearings.

Front wheel bearings cost $1000 each here from the dealer (Australia), so I had them posed in from the US.

Lately other parts supplier now stock them for $330, so it is worth shopping around.

Front ball joints replace with the offset variety to neutralize steering. Australian models usually pull to the left rather strongly.

Also replaced CV joints and my mechanic used XJ parts and re-machined front housing, so I now have larger CVs axles and wheel bearings in the front (cool). Also replaced the front disks and two sets of brake shoes (they last really great). Also replaced exhaust manifold several times, but now have extractors with the crinkly ends which seems to have solved the problem.

I also did some upgrades. 2 inch longer springs and Koni adjustable shocks, resulting in huge handling improvement through corners.

At 200,000Ks the car was going well, but petrol rose to over $1.60 Liter (over $6 per US Gallon) and the Jeep only did about 16mpg, so I decided to convert it to LP Gas for which the government here pays the first $2000 as a rebate. Nice idea, but unfortunately or should I say tragically something went wrong with the vapor injection conversion (we believe) resulting in a cracked piston. It would not be fair to blame Chrysler for this failure.

When we dismantled the engine we found quite a bit of piston and bore wear. Also crankshaft needed grinding. We bored it out to 4.2 and fitter Chevy pistons as a more robust alternative and also increased the compression ratio (I am not the expert so can't give figures). The mechanic also replaced the muffler with a louder efficient unit and a new catalytic converter. Power went up heaps and fuel consumption improved; getting better than 19mpg, plus it sounds like a real American muscle car :) I decided not repeat the LP Gas conversion exercise.

Recently developed a transmission oil leak (42 RE). Before I realized the problem, the torque converter started to come in and out when driving at about 80ks with a slight load. I expect topping up the transmission will sort this. It is about due for another filter change anyway, so I will have that done and try and see if the leak can be located.

BTW Generally the transmission has been great; very smooth and quiet, although when driving in low range the changes seem to be later than when I would like them to be. It has great engine breaking particularly when crawling down hills and generally handles real tough off-roading with aplomb.

Another problem is the steering box is a bit tight in the center and worse when cold. It needs to be replaced, but I will probably just adapt.

** Pros **:

Good reliable car.

Sensational 4x4.

Great looker.

Not a spec of rust anywhere after 9 years.

Real well made body, e.g. doors, bonnet tailgate all open and close like new.

Great air conditioning system for cooling.

** Cons **:

A bit thirsty, although mine is better than others since engine rebuild.

Clicks, squeaks, and rattles from underneath especially when cold.

Heating system stupidly designed. Difficult to get warm feet in winter. Fortunately I don't live in too cold a place. Heater vent controls don't have a separate recirculate/fresh control, so when in traffic you can only heat your face on recirculate and feet freeze to death, or you turn the paltry heat onto feet and breath the car fumes from the car in front. My solution was to stop driving in traffic. Don't they have traffic in the United States? I wish I could set the vents permanently to recirculate.

Overdrive button hard to find on the dash. Overdrive light obscured.

High beam warning light hard to see.

New parts prices are a rip-off in Australia, and second hand prices are not far behind.

Depreciation in Australia is terrible.

Would I buy another Jeep? No, but mainly because of the depreciation being so bad. Japanese 4x4s keep their value, especially Toyota and Nissan, which are the darlings of the 4x4 community. Jeeps are gaining acceptance, but the absurd parts price will probably keep them as a minor player in Australia, which is a great pity.