4th Apr 2008, 13:57

I have a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought 5 years ago with 102K miles. Today I have 140K.

I have replaced in 5 years; the axle boots, fuel pump, battery, oil leak, and all four brakes.

It has been a great car, and all mechanics that work on it say it will run over 200 miles.

Purchased from one owner, that I know, with all service records provided. I am not sure if the transmission needs some work. Runs perfectly, but I did have to put some transmission fluid in, less than half can, about a month ago. Very reliable.

I am going to have the transmission looked at for problems, not sure if it has any.

I just can't move myself to sell such a good vehicle. Oil has been changed 3000-4000 since purchased. Taking good care of a car shows up after the first 100K miles.

30th Jun 2008, 11:04

I am about ready to put a bullet in my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado, 4.0L! I have replaced everything but the kitchen sink on it and everyday it seems something else goes wrong. Right now I think I have major electrical problems and I am not sure what is causing the various shorts. I have had it to an electrical repair person and he claims that he does not know either. One day starting out, my transmission would not shift. I think it is in "Limp" mode. The transmission place claims that the computer will not let them code the transmisson for the problem. I have replaced my main control box several months prior to this. The trans place tells me I need a new transmission but I think it must be a relay problem or a cylinoid. Does anyone know if there is a relay or fuse outside the transmission housing that may be shorting this out? Help... I am an old women who does not want to get ripped off.

Please email me back at PaulaTaylor01@yahoo.com

Thanks... (Junk, Each and Every Part)

23rd Aug 2008, 11:39

I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car was bought 10 years ago with 65000 miles on it. The car has over 200,000 on it and runs very strong.

The valve guides are going, but a can of stop smoke with every oil change works great. Other than that, no problems.

Around 28 miles a gallon when you hit power band, and around 16 around town.

6th Nov 2008, 19:54

I've had my `94 GC Laredo V8 5.2L for 3 years. Bought it from a dealer who had it for a day. Ran awesome the first year, then I had to replace the O2 sensor.

Ran another 2 years despite the great abuse, but with great maintenance.

Changed front brakes and had to adjust the calipers 3 months after the brake change cause of awful squeaking.

Last month, one week before it was paid off, I blew the rear seal (main bearing shot too, not sure yet?).

Engine has 199,998, minor slipping in tranny when I turn a corner, but hey it was great when it was running, and I`m working to have it running again. My fault for not fixing the oil leak in the first place. :P

I would buy another Jeep at a low price.

8th Jan 2009, 12:03

Bought my '94 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 67,000 miles in Nov '96. It's had its ups and downs, but has generally been a good vehicle, considering I've gone 7 years without car payments and it now has over 186,000 miles.

Early on, it had axle and brake issues. In '99 (approx. 100k miles), I was told I'd need to replace the transmission soon. Instead, I had a neutral safety switch installed and some transmission work done. Jeep ran fine until I eventually replaced the transmission ($1,600) at 166k miles in June '05. Prior to that, I replaced the Catalytic Converter ($200) in '00 and the Fuel Pump (plus pump relay and pump seal - $500) in '03. Passenger side window stopped working in June '07, so I replaced the window's motor for $200 (178k miles). Replaced the starter in Sept '08 (185k miles) for $240.

Recently, I've had issues with the car's steering wanting to veer at higher speeds (50mph +). Has anyone else had this issue? Took it to a shop, and they replaced the Steering damper, drag link end, and front track bar. They also installed a new Left outer tie rod and performed a 4-wheel alignment. All this for $582. Problem is, it didn't fix the problem! Took it back, and they told me it could be the GEARBOX. They saw "some play" in it. After labor, I'm looking at another $360. They said I could drive without replacing it, which is what I told them I'm doing. But has anyone else had GEARBOX issues? Thanks, DJ.

11th Feb 2009, 08:57

I own a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, and yes I have had my own problems with it since the previous owners didn't take care of it. I hear a lot of people complain about the trans messing up on them, but did these people read the service guide that says the transmission fluid and bands need to be adjusted every 30,000 miles. That goes the same for the transfer case and diffs. I hope more people doing these checks saves more Jeeps from going to the junkyard.

18th Jul 2009, 09:49

I got a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo as my first car last year. It had just under 200,000 miles on it when I bought it, and I've put over 15,000 since. No big problems, just new brakes and rotors, and I had to replace the headliner in it, but other than that the thing ran like a champ and I don't want any other car out there. The tranny was replaced the year before I got it, and I've heard that the tranny was the only major problem that I had to worry about.

The interior is in superb shape, and almost looks like a new car.

The paint is bubbled, but I blame the previous owner for that, and it is due to where he had it parked for 15 years.

Overall, I couldn't ask for a better first car.

27th Jul 2009, 12:29

I own a 94 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Wow what junk!! I've had it for 2 yrs and have replaced everything. ECM, fuel filters, coil, ignition switch, exhaust, battery, plugs, relays, and now my steering locked up can't drive it and smoking big time!! Someone needs to tell my what this is.

30th Jul 2009, 13:20

RE:my steering locked up can't drive it.

Try turning on the wheel when you turn the key?

1st Aug 2009, 19:26

My 1994 Laredo 5.2 has bad trans problems. Had the trans rebuilt and it still shakes when coming to a stop. Also now I lost reverse and it's making bad noises in the tranny. Taking it back to the trans shop. My first and last Jeep.

8th Aug 2009, 19:48

So if your steering wheel is locked just step on the gas and keep going and let it go where ever it wants to go. I have the same problem as you and that's what I did.

29th Aug 2009, 17:55

My Sister-in-law had one of these '94 Jeep Grand Cherokees for years. It spent more time in the shop, than it did on the road. Never less than $1800-2500.00 every time! She finally traded it in on... yes, you guessed it, another Jeep. Same song and dance.

I will NEVER buy one of these. I was constantly working on it and tried to talk her out of it, but she has all the knowledge of the universe. I say if she wants to spend double the car payment on repairs, then drive a Jeep!

I am here researching for a friend who has, yes, a '94 Grand Cherokee, who has transmission problems. It seems stuck in second gear and when you downshift from overdrive to second, it shifts down, but won't seem to hit third or overdrive. A mutual mechanic friend just said replace the tranny with a rebuilt one, but my friend doesn't want to spend the big bucks right now and needs another option. Could it be the tranny computer, a modulator, or what?

I have owned everything from Ford, Chevy, Audi, Honda and Mazda to a Subaru. All bought for less than $1800.00, with over 150,000 miles when purchased, and I NEVER had the problems they had with Jeeps. I just traded my 1988 Audi-80 Quattro (with over 500,000 miles) in on a Subaru Outback. Nothing wrong with it, just needed more space. The Audi went into the detail shop and was sold within 5 minutes after coming out! Just say no to poorly designed and constructed Jeeps. They're not your daddy's Jeep anymore.