7th Jun 2004, 16:31

I bought a 94 Grand Cherokee Laredo, used in 2002. 42,000 miles. I have replaced the fuel pump, ignition tumbler, power steering pump, radiator, water pump, front wheel bearing, all front axle bearings, including spider gear housing, re-sealed the transfer case, replaced the ignition coil, the infamous viscous coupler, re-welded the exhaust system off the exhaust header and valve cover gasket. You think I'm tired? The only things that I have not fixed has been the mysterious middle of the night security system that endlessly unpredictably goes off at any given time. Does anyone have a good solution for this? Please help me. Local Chrysler shop says come on in we'll fix it. I would like to disarm it. please reply to this site.

22nd Aug 2004, 21:21

I bought a 93 Grand Cherokee in Oct of 93. Luckily it made it this far (195,000 miles) without too many problems that I read on this site. I lifted it 4" and put 31X10.5" tires on it and take it on Jeep Jams twice a year. Battered and dented, I recently had to replace the original factory muffler. They are one tough machine....I guess that's why we bought another one. A 98 Limited...The fuel gauge works when it wants to, and the auto headlight setting flashes the headlights on and off from time to time. We just use the manual feature now. All around excellent vehicles when you take care of them.

18th Sep 2004, 02:00

Well I'm surprised to see there are others who share my pain, dealing with the jeep grand cherokee 93. While driving mine just shuts down, have to wait for awhile to start, lately 2 hours. Is there any shore fix for this problem, I've had 3 diagnosis test done and nothing is detected, already changed the fuel pump, need another one, cam-shaft sensor, fuel filter, about to have the a/c compressor changed, because that is what the lastest mechanic said is wrong with it, I also heard the exhaust manifold, could be the problem. I have never heard of a vehicle just shutting off while driving, and there is no solution, not even from the dealer. I feel if there is no remedy to this, then the dealer, or who ever designs, this vehicle, should have the vehicles recalled from the road.

24th Nov 2004, 23:51

I have a 93 Jeep Cherokee that just completely shuts down no matter what speed I am driving at. Never know when it is going to happen. It is really strange and I have been reading about other people with the same problem. Have had many parts replaced, but nothing works. These jeeps should be recalled.

15th Mar 2005, 06:56

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

Just a side note, some of the Jeeps have a straight 6, with blow-back. This might explain smoking from under the hood. When the engine gets up there in miles, the seals start going bad, and it will kinda blow oil into the air filter. The Engine will go on for another 100,000 miles, you just have to change the air filter more often. I thought I would add this, to ease questions.

21st Apr 2006, 11:23

I bought my Grand Cherokee Limited about 6 months ago. And like I have heard happens, the transmission went out and I had to buy a rebuilt one. I suspect that the previous owners did not take care of it. So hopefully this new one Chrysler put in will perform better! Take good care of your Jeeps, they are the best performers ever made.

21st Apr 2006, 14:29

You had to replace the transmission after owning it for six months and Jeeps are the "best performers ever made"?

7th May 2006, 20:59

I own a '93 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 HO. Currently has 360,000 km on it, over the last 5 years I have replaced the following:

Front axle parts (can't remember what they were).

Fuel pump (ex$pen$ive)


Water pump, (twice)

Head gasket (3 times)

Exhaust manifold (twice with used ones)


Tail pipe

Connecting rod bearings (discovered journals are shot)

Things that don't currently work:

Passenger side rear window


Trailer plug.

Things that are currently needing repair:

Rear differential pinion bearings are shot (thanks to that plastic plug Dana uses that leaks non-stop.)

Rear axle seals need replacing.

Crankshaft is shot, sounds like a diesel at start-up - won't be fixing it.

Cylinder head is cracked, eats coolant slowly, two chambers right between the valves.

I did all the labour myself less the front axle work and fuel pump. I find the GCL to be fragile, and the parts to be overpriced. If I had to pay a Chrysler dealership for parts and labour for all the work I did myself to this truck, I could have bought a new house - and have change left over.

I think I'll go back to an old carb'd 5.0 mustang. Last one I had went 395,000 km and worked fine - the body was just too rotted to continue.

I don't mind a little repair work, but I DO mind getting robbed at the parts counter. No more Chrysler extortion for me...

18th Sep 2006, 07:44

1995 jeep grand cherokee laredo. My jeep is stalling. and when it's not stalling it's acting like it wants to stall. It stalls when I am driving no matter how fast I am going, it stalls while idling, it stalls when I am coasting, it stalls when I am braking... I never know when it will stall. I drive around with my stomach in knots. I have done a lot of work to it already. but I don't know what to do now. I was thinking it was maybe the relay pump. I am HOPING it is something not expensive. Also my AC and my Heat won't work and winter is coming! the fan works good, just won't blow hot or cold. PLEASE, any comments?

12th Dec 2006, 22:06

OP: Trans problems. Let me guess, it's a 42RE transmission.

To everyone who is having transmission problems with the Grand Cherokee, before you go and spend money for a new transmission, replace the governor pressure sensor and solenoid. These parts will cause the trans to not downshift into first at a stoplight and they will also cause problems shifting, especially when cold.

This goes for all Chrysler RWD transmissions with an "RE" designation. 1993.5-2004 Grand Cherokees with the 4.0 used the 42RE, 1996-1998 5.2 Grand Cherokees used the 44RE, and the 1998 5.9 used the 46RE. Common failures of these two parts and I hate to see fellow Jeepers waste money on new transmissions costing upwards of $1000.

22nd Dec 2006, 14:38

I have a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 6 cylinder. In order to replace the governor pressure sensor I am being told that it necessary to remove the automatic transmission. Is that correct?

5th Mar 2007, 16:36

Reading through these repairs, there are many things you could have fixed yourself if you have some mechanical ability. Fixing things isn't for everyone, but if you're on a budget, learning how to fix your own car is a better option than taking on a new car payment. For instance the radiator -- you could have gone to a junk yard and replaced this yourself for about $40. You might not have had to replace it at all, just use some "liquid steel" to patch a leak. Same with brakes, they are not that hard to fix. Patching rust holes in the floor, replacing wheel bearings, replacing u-joints, changing the water pump, changing the starter -- this is all stuff that you can do yourself.

My suggestion is to buy a Haynes or Chilton's Manual for your Jeep, and start working your way into doing the repairs yourself. Knowledge (or lack thereof) has a price tag -- with the knowledge, you can still drive this vehicle cheaply and stay on your budget. Otherwise, you may end up jumping from used car to used car, and will keep having the same problems with higher mileage vehicles.