1st Aug 2005, 19:48

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, and I love it I have 76,000 miles on it and have had no major repairs. Maybe you should file a complaint with Jeep or try to envoke the lemon law. My Jeep is a V8 with the 4x4. I don't know if that matters or not.

16th Dec 2005, 10:33

Our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee had the same problem with brake rotors warping. It was taken to the dealer after 10,000 miles and they turned the rotors. It happened again after 30,000 miles. Again they turned the rotors. Now at 50,000 it happened again. I found out that there was a Technical Service Bulletin that came out telling them to replace the calipers, rotors and pads because of a design flaw in the calipers causing rotor warpage. I contacted the customer service at Chrysler and they were very rude, stating that there were too many miles on the vehicle now and they wouldn't even consider performing the service that was supposed to have been done before. Stay away from Chrysler.

29th Jan 2006, 12:58

We had 4 Grand Cherokees, and they all had brake rotor problems. All of them (94, 96, 97, and 99) were replaced once under warranty. Several of them had multiple replacements out of warranty. Just last year, an independent shop showed me new replacement rotors by MoPar that were about twice as thick as the pathetic original parts. Having a complete replacement with all the goodies was $1,400. Then, in the fall, the transmission case (cast aluminum) developed a leak that was caused by defective casting. Replacing the case was $1,900, and the Jeep dealer wouldn't do a repair. They would only replace the entire transmission for $3,600. Unbelievable, especially since the car only has 32k miles. It is finally being traded in this week. Never again will a Jeep be in my garage.

29th Jan 2006, 21:11

Never have understood how the more luxurious Grand Cherokee has all of these problems, yet the base model Cherokee was considered virtually indestructible. And then they quit making the regular Cherokee. Go figure.

19th Nov 2006, 13:38

I have a tail / brake light problem on my 99 Gr Cherokee as well. The only thing I know so far is that it's not the bulb - I replaced it and it's still not working. The contacts look OK, too, no corrosion or anything. I've had to have faulty wiring fixed before for $500 after a simple short circuit. So I have a suspicion the cables might be shot here, too. Any ideas? Thanks!

20th Nov 2006, 14:01

UPDATE on the 99 WJ brake light problem - I took it to a mechanic and he said it's a short in the cable connecting to the brake pedal. 50 bucks to fix it in the shop. Sigh.

29th Nov 2006, 17:57

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 50K miles.

Heater is malfunctioning... dealer estimate between $800-1100. There is a technical service bulletin for replacement on this part.. but financial responsibility lies with owner. Cannot confirm that part is "better" than currently used or if this is a problem that will need to be addressed again in 30,000 miles. They acknowledge the problem exists. Also... ball joint on passenger side is shot. All dealers I contacted claim they have had no issues with the Cherokee, but I find it hard to believe since they've had a recall for ball joints on the Liberty. If heat or A/C is important on a consistent basis perhaps Jeep isn't the best choice or spend the considerable amount of money for an extended warranty. Either way they make you pay for their faulty performance/parts, often more than once.

4th Dec 2006, 09:26

My '99 Jeep GC has over 160K miles with few problems. I've turned front rotors twice and just replaced them; not unreasonable for this many miles. Had a leaky AC evaporator, but a $25 can of sealant cured that. (At 160K, why replace the evaporator?) It runs and looks as good as it did with 50K miles on it. Routine maintenance and early diagnosis of potential problems will save you a bundle, but find a reputable, local service tech instead of paying the long buck to a Jeep dealer.

5th Dec 2006, 15:32

I have a 99 model and right now with about 120k miles. I have a problem at my transfer case because I have no 4x4 transmission and no strange noise come from transmission. Front wheels are not pushing and working at all. Is that possible? Someone can help me?

14th Dec 2006, 17:19

The front diff is not pulling cause of TC lack of fluid of maintenance. Mine is working perfecly, even with front drive shaft removal for summertime. Watch for rear output shaft leakage.

16th Dec 2006, 22:53

Daimler revised the front driveshaft in 1999 in favor of CV joint for easier maintenance. Tough older double cardan design require more attention, they do not transfer noise as much (from the front TC output bearing). A retrofit from 1993 or an upgrade to 2002 design will solve the problem. And avoid dealer tendency to change trans, TC and axles...

17th Dec 2006, 09:07

I was looking for similar "Jeep" problems and lucked into this site. I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and I have replaced my drivers side brake light twice in the last six months and it is out again. The odd part is that it works when the taillights aren't on... but not when they at night when they are. My 10 disk CD player quit working about a year ago. I have also had rotor issues, but all fell under my extended warranty. I've seen a couple of fixes on the tail light question and wanted to say thanks!

21st Dec 2006, 01:00

The heater on my 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd is blowing cold air on the passenger side. Went to a well known Jeep dealer, they said the blend doors need replacement, but its going to cost me $1300!!! since the whole dash assembly needs to come out.

Seems like this is a common problem with these models. It really sucks that some one would have to dish out so much money to fix a relatively minor problem.

I am planning to take the car to another shop to get a second opinion.

Last year the window on the driver side door stopped rolling, I had to replace the entire assembly; cost me ~$400.

I love the way the car drives... but my recent expensive trips to the servicing shops are making me think twice on how long I want to hold on to it.

20th Mar 2007, 11:45

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Limited V8 - - Wow! I am so surprised to read these comments! Yes, the Infinity Speakers do go.. especially the front ones.. I had mine disconnected and changed the balance to only the rear speakers... easy fix. And, Yes, the Rotors warp... check out your ABS pump/motor if it happens a lot... but I must say I purchased my 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited V8 for $11,300 in 2002 with a full Wynn's warranty with only 72,000 miles on it. Nothing wrong at all, well.. I didn't get the CD changer, no biggie... It now (2007) has only 104,000 miles and I haven't put any dough into it...brakes, oil changes, battery, only major repair was the ABS pump/motor...part was pricey, mechanic is friend! It came with brand new tires, I just changed those recently... the major problem is finding parts! I needed a donut (spare), a back window, a rear window, miscellaneous things.. I found ONE 1999 Limited at the only 'junkyard' and it was stripped pretty much, but I STILL need rear tail lights both sides... and the donut... vandalism is my only problem. Yes Ex-Husbands can be so nice to deal with.. not all..just mine... at any rate, PLEASE if you know where I can get the tail lights (Brand new they cost $175 a Piece!!!) well to say the least.. If you do not want hassles with vehicles DO NOT BUY LIMITED EDITIONS OF ANY KIND.. I always do, and this is what happens - LOL... kindly reply, much appreciated! dgaffney1060@charter.net (Worcester, MA)