9th May 2007, 23:41

Just installed the HeaterTreater, and much to my amazement... IT WORKS!!! Easily installed and HIGHLY recommended. The best thing is I keep thinking that I saved $1100!!! Still sucks that everyone has this problem, but mine is NO MORE! Give it a shot! Just search eBay for HeaterTreater.

7th Aug 2007, 01:49

My jeep cherokee, 1999 limited 4x4 has had no problems only the basic things like the tun up o an the left front window got mess up the elevator, but other than that is good I love my truck and I will never trade it or sell it.

10th Sep 2007, 19:12

I bought a new Grand Cherokee in 2005. I recently noticed peeling paint only on the roof in small circles all over the roof in different stages: from just the clear coat peeling to the actual paint peeling down to the base coat. After taking it to the service manager, he e-mailed photos to his superior. The result: they claim it's from bird droppings.

After calling the 1-800 Chrysler number I'm at a dead end. They say they won't repair it. The car is well maintained, washed, waxed, garaged. How can this be bird droppings only on the roof and not hood? Any advice?

16th Sep 2007, 09:45

I purchased my 1999 Grande Cherokee LTD 1 month ago. It has been in the shop more than I have had it. Thank god I bought the 1 year extended warranty.

Here are some of my problems:

The truck was slamming into 2nd, and sometimes 3rd gear. The dealer drove it and said that there was not a problem, because it does not do this every time, so I went back and forth until my boyfriend told the dealer he wanted to go for a test drive with the mechanic; boy did that annoy them.. But low and behold it happened, so they fixed it!!

Now my passenger side windows, locks, and even my rear hatch will not unlock or anything. I just hear a clicking sound.

I turned on my heat last night and now my passenger side heat blows COLD air?? Anyone have any ideas? The repair seem to be really costly and any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks a_foster17@yahoo.com

20th Sep 2007, 12:51

My 1999 Grand Jeep Cherokee, on start up when cold, revs up so high you would think the engine is going to blow. This only lasts for seconds and then quiets right down and no more problem for the day. The next day the same problem occurs. I have had it looked at and the dealer says that the on-board computer needs to be re-programed - they did this, but the problem came right back. Any ideas I could use to get the dealer to fix the problem?

5th Oct 2007, 10:34

Had the brakes and rotors replaced on 99 Jeep; now have the idiot dash light on the brake light and the ABS light stays on. I disconnected the battery for a few minutes, didn't work. The brake fluid is fine.

Any suggestions will help.

12th Nov 2007, 12:05

I own a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8 and I have had to replace the front and back brakes and rotors. My tail and brake lights on the passenger side do not work. I have replaced the bulbs and they still do not work. Also, the heat on the passenger side blew out cold air. Now the entire car blows cold air. I have replaced the thermostat and it continues to blow cold air and leak antifreeze. Does anyone have any suggestions.


7th Dec 2007, 00:38

1999 Grand Laredo.

Replaced the rear axle seal, cooling fan temp relay.

Brakes ughh! Replaced the rotors with drilled slotted rotors and still making a noise. Put on (super quiet) pads - worked for 2 weeks. Seems the caliper mounting brackets need to be replaced. Brake pad (caliper) retaining springs (CRAP) weaken, causing pads to slide and wear notch on mounting bracket. Replacing rotors and pads and caliper mounting bracket should do the trick?

One day at the mall, turned off the Jeep and next thing ya know, the side mirrors just start cranking in and down by themselves? Must have been the ghost of the guy that died working on the assembly line?

103,000 miles, but still pretty good rig I'd say. Knock on wood...

16th Dec 2007, 07:56

1999 Grand Cherokee LTD - V8.

I have had my Grand Cherokee since June of 2004. Here is the list of problems I have had so far.

1. Transfer case has been replaced once already when it was under warranty and now needs to be replaced a second time.

2. All four rotors had to be replaced due to warping.

3. Front brake pads have been replaced twice already.

4. Power Steering Gear had to be replaced.

5. Power steering hose needed to be replaced.

6. Dual climate zone heater control needed to be replaced.

7. Hood props needed to be replaced.

8. The same problem with the heat not working on the passenger side of the Jeep. Have not gotten this fixed because it costs too much. About $1200-$1500. I'm going to try and fix that myself next Spring. The entire dash needs to be removed.

9. Both front axles have been replaced.

8. Input Speed Sensor was replaced.

9. 1 year later Output Speed Sensor needed to be replaced.

I believe there are a few other things that have gone wrong, but can't think of any right now. I will never buy another Jeep. The main reason I bought my Jeep is because New England Jeep dealers offered free ski days throughout New England, but of course as soon as I bought my Jeep they announced they were no longer sponsoring Jeep Days. I would have bought a 4-Runner had I known that.

31st Dec 2007, 09:38

1999 Grand Jeep Limited V8 4x4, bought Nov 2001 with 35,000 miles Currently 67,000 miles. Also own a Jeep Cherokee 1987, bought in 1988 at 22,000 miles.

I'll stick with commenting on the 1999, as I got a really good run out of the 1987.

Seems the manufacturer should have the common decency to address problems at a very realistic cost to the consumer on:

Front Brake rotor warping -I had an extended warranty, otherwise that would have been $400 ($50 ded). THIS is should have been a recall (fixed) item on ALL jeeps of this year model.

Heater gate switch issue - Have not fixed as yet and another item that should be recall item (Fixed)

The above two are guaranteed problems that will occur.

Worthless speakers -For a fully loaded vehicle, this is just too strange, having a $10.00 speaker solution.

Replace both front CV boots.

Transmission sensor -$320, seems people have variations of the same theme with respect to the transmission -Another item that should be recalled (Fixed).

Passages side, front window motor died -$260, fortunately covered by the extended warranty ($50 ded). Another common problem.

On a rare occasion the key won't turn on, I can see this becoming a problem.

I tow a 20' boat, the jeep handles that well. I'm somewhat disgusted with very common large ticket items that the manufacturer won't acknowledge as a factory fault.

Perhaps a Class Action suite, I hate the thought because only the Lawyers win, but it might cause others to get the problem fixed from the source, rather than going out of pocket on somethings as common as seen on this forum.