3rd Jul 2008, 12:30

My Jeep is a beast, but there are things I don't like; bad mpg, but removing front drive shaft is a bad idea (think I might do it anyway), rear lamp failure spitting in info center, and it says my hood is open when I know its closed.

Also the trunk window doesn't open at all, and the whole hatch is very hard to get open; apparently a common problem as my dad's didn't work right either.

Honestly not impressed with this American made vehicle.

29th Jul 2008, 19:31

I have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. and I have replaced a rear end for 1400.00, also the dual climate control unit, both front CV shaft boots, all brakes and rotors, shocks, on the rear twice, need new driver side tweeter, and also having issues with the transfer case. I have found a easy fix to switch between hot and cold for the dual climate control...1. Take out the glove box 2. cut a about a 3 in diameter hole through the plastic.. there you will see the blower motor that controls the opening and closing of the door... I just took the motor out and close it in the summer for cold air and open it in the winter for hot air... I also placed a screw in there that keeps the door opened or closed... also remember to tape the hole off in the glove box that you cut out so there is sufficient air flow... it may sound like a half a** job... but it takes 5 minutes to switch back and forth and saves labor and 1100-1300 dollars for the parts that will only cost you 100-200 and the rest is labor!!

17th Aug 2008, 01:04

I'm planning on buying a Jeep Cherokee Limited for $2500. I think it's a good price for it... but reading all these comments on it, I don't think it's a good idea anymore... The car I'm buying has 191 thousand miles... so imagine if the same car with less than 120 thousand miles has all those problems, I'm scared the car will fall apart!!! Thank you for all your comments... it helps us new buyers open our eyes!!

5th Dec 2008, 20:42

I bought a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee back in Aug 07. It has the 4.7 power tech 45rfe trans and a track lock rear end. I love it.

In the past year I have put in a water pump, fuel pump, alternator, and all the brakes have been done. Now I have to pull out the dash, then replace the blend doors.

It's got 112,000 on it. I'll drive it until it has 500,000 and I'll buy another one.

I am a full time mechanic, and what people don't understand is that cars are a man made object, and it will fail. Some cars fail all at once, and some fail few and far between. The one thing to keep in mind is how costly it is to fix, so next time you're looking at a Volvo or Kia or CHEVY, remember call a shop and talk to a service manager and ask them about the car you're interested in, because there's JUNK and there's cars. So to those who think Jeeps are junk, remember maybe some one trashed it before you got it...

25th Dec 2008, 08:17

I bought my 1999 Jeep GC Limited in 2003 with 57,000 miles on it. I knew going in that a 2-ton vehicle with a V8 and 4WD would be a gas hog, but I love driving it. Within the first year I had to have the transfer box repaired. Ouch! The CD player stopped working that year. Since then the driver side power window motor has been replaced and the hood props too. I replaced a rear taillight bulb and that was a little tricky with the socket. Now the front axle assemblies need replacing along with the front differential seal.

I haven't had any problems yet with the heater or seats. I am easy on the brakes so no big problems with rotors or pads. I have noticed on occasion that the drivetrain jumps while at a stop light. Weird! Has this happened to anyone? One time I was parallel parking and while in drive it was reversing. Inches away from hitting the car in back of me I put it in Park and shut the engine off. After the restart I was able to finish parking. I can only assume that the computer reset. I have no other explanation for what happened.

Although this is a fun ride and does well in inclement weather I would be reluctant to buy another Jeep unless it was new and had an extended warranty. Thanks to all for your posts. It was eye-opening.

28th Jan 2009, 19:21

I have a 1999 GJC with a million and one problems.

First, it burns gas really fast and has a really foul smoke.

It jerks and runs like a puttputt car.

The gauges don't work and the battery regularly dies.

I have had the ignition switch replaced twice, and the window motor in the drivers side replaced.

The air conditioner had to be bypassed.

My mechanic HATES my truck and doesn't want me to bring it back, because he thinks the entire thing needs rewiring. But, it's paid for and looks good.

I love the way it rides (or at least I used to). I really would love to have any suggestions as to the problems.


10th Feb 2009, 10:19

Bought a 1999 GJC limited about a year ago for $7,800 and 70,000 miles. My 10 year old son liked it. I am a widow who knows nothing about cars. Our previous car was my first when I was 16- a 1993 Diesel Mercedes which was wrecked when it and I went over a cliff Nov.9, 2007 after head on collision with a drunk driver at 7:58am. I had just dropped my son at school.

3 weeks ago, apparently, the drive-shaft came loose from differential and was dripping diff fluid every time I drove.

I didn't check and thought it was just bad rotors and brake fluid for 2 weeks waiting for rotors to come in at local store. Differential now shot. Well, now I know what diff fluid looks like.

I am lucky that I have a friend's nephew and his dad are taking it on as a father and son project (father's a retired jeep mechanic-luck huh?) for $300 to cover parts and labor. Very grateful, since still trying to find work. Oh and my insurance is taking the drunk (no insurance, no license, no registration, wanted for previous DUI-hit-and-run, 54 year old) guy's side since I can't remember. Lovely. Courts take way too much time on the obvious.

Great idea on replacing dashboard speakers with the $50 tweeters. Dealer wanted $200.

If jeep can survive me, it is a well-built car.

And nothing as close to as costly as beloved my diesel tank.

25th Feb 2009, 21:30

I've had two Jeeps, a '94 Limited and a '96 Laredo. Had some problems with both, had to change water pumps on both. Also had other small issues.

Looking to buy a 2002 Limited, but after reading these comments I'm not sure if I want to buy one with all the problems people have with them.

I love Jeeps and can't really see myself driving anything else. Anybody have any advice for me?