21st Feb 2008, 20:47

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee LTD, and from the above comments of other drivers, my vehicle has developed the same symptoms.

I do so hope the Jeep executives are reading these loyal purchasers comments, and will do the public a favor and become proactive in building quality American cars.

My blend air-vents only work on the drivers side and of course, the passenger side gives out only cold air. Now this is not so much a problem for the summer months, but, for the winter? I don't think so. About $1100.00... Priceless.

Drivers side window not working... about $$400.00.. incredible.

I guess after 100,000 miles you get what you pay for so, I guess I'll give my hard earned money to the foreign car manufacturers because they do have vehicles which perform with detail and precision.

26th Feb 2008, 13:32

I am having trouble with my speedometer and tachometer gauges. They do not move at all when I am driving. This started today and wonder if anyone else has this problem.

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 110,000 miles.

Everything else on the dash works good. Would appreciate help. Thanks, Glenn. nycopret@bellsouth.net

28th Mar 2008, 14:15

Have a 1998 V8 GC that has excessive engine vibration around 1100rpm, it dissipates and reoccurs around 3000rpm...so bad it vibrates the dashboard. This not only happens when moving but also when PARKED with car in neutral. The dealership ran a full diagnosis but cannot determine the cause. Again, this happens when the car is sitting still so it isn't tire balance or a tranny problem. Does anyone know what would cause this?

30th Apr 2008, 03:53

I have a 99 JGC and have almost the same problems.

Front brake / heater gate switch / front speaker / front CV boots.

I would love and be very happy if the Jeep dealer would fix some of the problems. I love my Jeep but it is hard for me to get it fixed.

I would not trade it in or get rid of it. My truck is like family.

19th May 2008, 10:32

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 136,000 miles and I have replaced the transmission, the front end, the radiator, and need to replace the two front dash speakers, the drivers seat, the front hood shocks.

And something just went wrong yesterday, which made my A/C, heater, and horn turn off.

I also need to replace an oil leak.

I love my Jeep, but I wish it would be more reliable.

19th May 2008, 12:27

Have a 99 GC Limited and see many of the same problems in here that I have had with my Jeep. Front rotors, brakes, calipers, heater, evaporator, drive shaft, transmission, water pump, fan, door locks, window... I think that's it.

Oh ya... the whole rear end has been replaced as well, and is starting to make noises again.

Taillights are the newest problem; thought I had it fixed, but every time I try to fix them it seems to react differently each time.

Now the brake lights don't work when I have the head lights on manual. When they are on auto, the brake lights go dark. The car is paid for so I tolerate it, but this has to be one on the worst built car coming off of any line.

Never again will I buy a Jeep.


24th Jun 2008, 21:34

It kills me to read all these comments... and I read ALL of them. Had most of the same problems with my 99 GC Limited 4.7L.

Rotors warped

New Front Dif.

Rotors again

Heated seats don't work

10 CD Changer stops working

More Rotors

Remote Key Lock Stops working

Radiator AC leak

Dash Speakers blow out

Heater Goes out blows only cold air

Front Door speakers blow out (only have rear door speakers now)

Steering wheel leather wrap is warped

A/C/Heater Fan stops working.

If the 4WD system didn't absolutely "ROCK" in the snow and over sand, I'd have gotten rid of this electrically-challenged beast a long time ago. With gas at $4/gal., this is not a great commuter car either.

-Pembroke, MA.

29th Jun 2008, 05:52


Recently I got into accident with my Jeep G Cherokee Limited.

Crushed on the kerb which caused car to roll and roll.

The car is smashed. But airbags did not open.

I'm fine though with minor scratches and bruises.

Still - is that normal that airbags did not open?

Does anybody know who is responsible and what would be the right thing to do in this situation?

I have red other comments on malfunctions but not about airbags.

Will appreciate advice.Thanks.


2nd Jul 2008, 03:11

We bought a '99 JGC Ltd. V8 back in 2003, with about 65000 miles on it. This was because the Army was moving us to Fairbanks, AK, and we felt we needed a 4WD vehicle to deal with the weather. This is '08, and the odometer reads about 120000 miles. This is after three years in Fairbanks, driving from Fairbanks to Anchorage about twice a year, along with driving from Fairbanks to Haines, AK, and then from Bellingham, WA, to Sierra Vista, AZ. Anyway, we've always been good about getting tune-ups when needed, oil changes, brakes/rotors checked, etc.

It seems funny reading some of the older posts, because much of it looks like our JGC Ltd. Our front speakers are blown, the back lock is broken, the electric seats won't raise and lower, leather cracking; it's paid for, so everything was ignorable. Recently, it was doing this thing where once a month or so it wouldn't start, and the gauges would flail about like they were being reset. The short-term fix was simply turn the key, put the Jeep in drive then back in park, turn the key back, then turn to ignition again. That would work to start her up. Now its down to clicking with a vengeance. It won't start for anything. Luckily, I live in Arizona now, so I can ride my motorcycle; unfortunately, I live in Arizona now, so at this time of year I have to deal with almost daily torrential rains. I'm to the point that I've pretty much decided it's been a good run and sell the old girl, but then I don't want to give up considering she's been better to me and my family than most JGC Ltd. out there. Would it be better to just start from scratch, or try to salvage her?

3rd Jul 2008, 10:36

I bought my 1999 Jeep GC in March and so far it's been fine. I'm having my front brakes done right now. I'm a little bitter at the fact that there are two different kinds of brake pads that could possibly fit the car. I bought the wrong ones, and now I'm hoping Pep Boys will allow me to return them for a refund. I am replacing the rotors as well, but I read up on this car and I knew it was going to need that so no worries there. The dash speakers were blown when I bought it. I replaced mine with some 1 inch tweeters for $50. I also need to replace my door speakers as well. This is something I was going to do anyway. The headlights are horrible. I need to replace them. The dealer wants $300 to replace them, but I found them online for $80 each. I still need rear brakes, a transmission service, and my rear differential needs work also. The hood gas struts need to be replaced. All of this is can be fixed for under grand at the dealership, but I've found different places online to help get the parts.

I had a 1994 Ford Explorer before this Jeep and I really enjoy the Jeep. It's a used vehicle so you get what you pay for.