2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade 3.7L V6 Gasoline from North America


Excellent buy for the money, but expect problems over the long term


When I bought the truck the front rotors were warped, had them turned by the dealer and 6 months later, they are warped again.

When starting from a stop or going up hill, I get a noise that sounds like something grinding or rubbing.

General Comments:

Generally, I like the vehicle, but I don't like Jeep's service, sales, or support.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2004

20th Sep 2004, 00:34

Warped rotors. Sorry friend, but that condition is a result of ones driving. Rotors warp when they've gotten too hot, too many times. What's worse it's not especially easy to do. My guess is you ride your brakes or something. Perhaps when driving down the road, you may inadvertently and lightly rest your left foot on brake. This would cause the brakes to get extremely hot. The vehicle however, would still roll.

Did you buy your liberty new or used. Trust me. A brand new vehicle isn't going to have warped brakes. I don't even think an overzealous, pimple-faced lot attendant at the dealership could warp a set of brakes if he tried.

Look, I'm not trying to insult your driving skills or lack there of. I just have a lot of seat time in these Liberty's and truly know their strengths and weaknesses. Jeep Liberty's have strong brakes. I've spent many a hour modifying these Liberty's. I 've become a virtual expert on them and I can easily identify a person who should probably leave the driving to someone else. A friend or peer perhaps.

In other words, sit back, relax and enjoy your Jeep Liberty... from the passenger seat.

Good luck, Peter S.

2003 Jeep Liberty Rocky Mountain Edition (Sport) 3.8L from North America


Nice, but I wouldn't buy another one


The rear window / tailgate switch became erratic and stopped working at approximately 10,000 km. Dealer had a hard time diagnosing the problem and took over two months to finally fix this. This was compounded by Jeep having changed part numbers and they failed to update the local dealer's database.

Recently the headlights, interior lights and dash lights have begun to flick on and off sporadically while driving. After the vehicle was last shut-off the rear door power lock continued to lock and unlock all night until the battery completely died. (I found this in the morning, and there was not enough power left to start the vehicle.)

General Comments:

Electrical problems aside, the Liberty is a good in-town vehicle. Well priced for the features. It maneuvers well and actually gets decent fuel economy for an SUV.

Cargo capacity is seriously limited if you plan on hauling passengers in the rear seat. There's enough space for a couple of suitcases or your groceries, but if you've got kids, consider getting something larger.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2004

30th Jun 2005, 09:43

Were you ever able to diagnose the electrical problem? I am currently having similar issues with my interior lights. They flick on and off while I am driving. Additionally, my headlights no longer remain on after the car is turned off. Thank you.

2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade 3.7 Liter from North America


If you want a bumpy ride, take it off road


The emission dection pump tripped my "Check Engine" light. $90 for the part and labor. Recall on the lower ball joints. Replaced at 40,000 miles. Front window loves rocks!

General Comments:

When I was car shopping I wanted passenger room and off road capabilities. I was thinking a 4door truck, but the old wallet couldn't handle it. So I decided to buy the Jeep Liberty Renegade. All I have to say is WOW.

This thing is fun to drive and handles really well on and off road. I drive a lot with my job and hobbies that I have. I have 42,000+ miles on it already with out any major problems.

It rides high and has a lot of head room. Leg room could be better for the back seating area, but it is comfortable. There is a fair amount of cargo room with the rear seats up and a whole lot more when the seats are folded down. You must take out the head rests though.

I opted for the towing package and has no problems with my father in laws pop up camper.

The only thing I would change is the fuel economy, but you do get the performance. I added a K&N air filter which has helped a lot.

It handles great in the snow and mud without fishtailing or wheel hop.

The extras for the renegade are the running boards and light bar which is intensly bright. Just don't get caught using them on a paved road.

If you are in the mid-sized SUV market you can't get any better in my opinion.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2004

18th Oct 2007, 17:43

As an old timer enthusiast, I first was reluctant with the independent front suspension, a drawback in off-road use. But after a close look, I had to admit that the cast iron control arm are built solid and up to Jeep standards.