2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 V6 from North America


For the money, head and shoulders above other SUV's


Parking Brake - I Went for the first state inspection and parking brake failed. I took it to the Jeep dealership and they fixed it under warranty.

Recently, I have a major squeak on front suspension while going over bumps (ie. speed bumps).

Grinding on the front axle during turns in 4WD - I first noticed while trying to park while I was in 4WD.

Carpet mats are wearing thin.

General Comments:

I really love my 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport. I bought it last February (2003) and have put approximately 30,000 miles on it. Compared to the VW Jetta that I had (which was in the shop for about 4 months out of the first year) this automobile has been a dream.

I bought my Liberty about 3 weeks before we had 4 feet of snow last year. This was the first car that I've had with 4WD and I was amazed with the handling and capability of this Jeep. BUT, it was during this time that I noticed the first problem. There was a nasty grinding sound from the front axle during turns while in 4WD. It would get so bad that if I would coast through a turn, it would slow and even stop the Jeep, until I give it more gas. I remember reading somewhere about this, but I'm not sure how much damage this may be causing. We had a significant snow and ice storm this week and I noticed the grinding again. I am going to take it in to get looked at, but any feedback from others would be appreciated.

The only other significant problem was with the parking brake. I took the Jeep in for it’s first state inspection and it failed because the parking brake wouldn't hold. Luckily, I took it into the Jeep dealership and they fixed the problem at no charge, under warranty.

Otherwise I absolutely love my Liberty. I have the 3.7 V6 manual (I will forever buy a manual) and the power is great. It has plenty of room to haul whatever I need. Since, it is relatively small, it makes my commute in and around the DC Metro easy and enjoyable. My fiancé got me the aftermarket sub woofer that mounts under the seat and the sound system is fantastic. The gas mileage is definitely more than I was used to, but honestly, it's an SUV. I check the mileage periodically and I usually average around between 19 & 20 mpg, and that's with some of the worst traffic in the country.

I must say that I am anxious about my Liberty’s future. My Dad had a Cherokee for 10 years and put 150,000 miles on it. He didn't have any major problems and I know he's not alone. It is the reviews from this site and others like it that have me concerned. I am counting my blessings.

Overall - Great styling, great capabilities, and so far... a great vehicle.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2004

25th Feb 2004, 09:33

I agree with the above, never use 4WD in the dry, please read your manual.

The squeak on front suspension while going over bumps are the front sway-bar bushings, it was gone after a few weeks in mine, but you can always have the dealer replace them under warranty.

Welcome to the Jeep club.

2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade 3.7L from North America


Reliable, spirited and easy to drive



General Comments:

The Liberty is fun and easy to drive. It is comfortable and all controls are within easy reach. There are lots of "creature comforts."

I'd like the gas mileage to be better, but it is of no consequence compared to other features.

The 4-wheel-drive is simple and capable.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2004

2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade 3.7L from North America


Good price, good performance, but looks Girly



It's actually my mom's Jeep, but I have been impressed the number of times she "forced" me to drive it. I never liked it to begin with because of it's "girlish" styling, but after driving it more and more it grew on me. Then I took it off road and was thouroughly impressed. Aside form a low ground clearance and not the best of tires it does well for itself. With a few mods this could be a real off road machine.

General Comments:

Off road is solid and has loads of power.

On road (when necessary) is fast and handles very well.

Doing 60 in the snow and ice is no prob.

Has very good acceleration for such low gearing and shifts nicely.

Its pretty, but to girly looking.

The light bar on top is awesome and it works!

Plus fog lamps.

I ran it into a rock and there wasn't even a mark!

Low ground clearance is hell for "serious" wheelin.

The generic all season Wrangler tires on it aren't to good off road, but handle nicely in snow and ice.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2004

23rd Jan 2004, 14:14

Girly? I think it looks freekin awesome! Its for people (like me) who wanted both a Wrangler and a Cherokee rolled into one SUV. Now, it can look a bit girly in that Khaki color, but in black it looks freekin cool.

26th Feb 2004, 08:54

Add a 2.5 inch Rocky Road OTT lift and 31 inch tires. Then you'll have plenty of ground clearance.

21st Mar 2004, 21:26

In my opinion girly would be too much!

The Liberty may be a bit stylish, but with the head lamps and a dark color it looks pretty capable. You are right a lift and some bigger tires would improve its off road capability greatly. It is still my number one vehicle being as you said a smart cross between the rugged wrangler and the luxurious Cherokee.

25th Jun 2004, 19:33

60 MPH in the snow? Hope you were in two wheel drive. Not supposed to go over 55 MPH in 4-HI, and not over 25 MPH in 4-LO.

20th Dec 2004, 09:04

Try not SHIFTING into 4WD High at over 55mph.

18th Mar 2014, 09:57

With the Liberty Renegade, they state not to shift into 4HI anything over 88kph, but if it is already engaged, you can do any speed in 4HI with no issues. They warn against using 4HI on dry pavement with the part time 4WD system. Up here in Canada, I have used 4HI at 130kph for hours on end on the snowy/icy highways. Not sure what kind of 4WD you drive, but it must not be a Jeep LOL.