2003 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7 V6 from North America


Best Value for Money in a true SUV


Rear Brake Disc made slight rubbing sound occasionally. Dealer replaced both immediately.

General Comments:

We are extremely happy with the Liberty. Power is excellent. I get about 1-2 miles per gallon better than EPA estimates. Turns on a dime.

Ride is a little bit choppy ; but I like an extra couple of PSI in the tires ; so that's my own fault.

The Liberty feels as secure as Tank. Living around Detroit ; the roads are as bad as I have seen anywhere in the country. The Jeep suspension handles the ruts, bumps and holes with authority. You do not get the feeling that the Detroit roads are going to shake the Liberty apart as you do in a even a new car.

The 2-tone leather interior is very cool. Its like driving a retro Mustang as an SUV. Leather Buckets are very comfortable and seating position is great for long trips.

Value for dollar vs other SUVs is like night and day.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2003

25th Oct 2003, 19:22

I too love my liberty. Sounds like you had a pleasent experience at your dealer, as did I. Most of the people on this website complain about how bad Chrysler dealers are, I found mine very friendly. Enjoy your new Liberty!

-A fellow Liberty Owner.

14th Nov 2003, 19:22

I too own a liberty, I am the one that had the paint problem. I have not had good experiences with my dealer. I asked about the brake noise and was told its not problem and not to worry about it. I can't see how you can get good gas mileage out of this heavy toy, you must be doing all highway driving down hill with a tail wind to be happy about it. I love the Jeep, but in town I can see the needle go down as I drive.

23rd Jul 2004, 07:44

I have a 2004 Renegade, and am also loving the power, suspension, and appearance.

The only trouble that I have is fuel "consumption" (which by the way, is or was a disease). This in no way, at least to this owner, negates my desire to drive my Jeep. I'm getting only 15.9 MPG, and live in the country where 90% of my driving is highway. I'm going on 2 long distance trips. I will post back if it improves.

The looks, stares, and appreciated comments, along with the style and performance, make it worth owning. It's like they say "It's a Jeep Thing, you wouldn't understand".

18th Aug 2004, 21:18

I had a 2003 Jeep Liberty until last February when I lost control on a icy road and totaled it. It protected my son and I well, but the jeep did not survive. Instead of just getting another Liberty.. I got a Grand Cherokee. It's OK, but I really miss my Liberty. It was so much more fun to drive. I'm sure I will be back into a Liberty soon!

2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 from North America


Good insurance rates, Bad gas consumption


Paint started to de-laminate on front passenger door six months after purchase.

General Comments:

I improved the gas mileage, and performance slightly with a K&N Air filter at 15 000 km. But no drastic change.

There isn't even enough room to store your gloves unless you want to sit on them. One little box on the dash and a smaller net in the rear cargo area.

Great off road although I had to purchase the skid plates after market, for a jeep that's a rip off.

Great in deep snow as long as you don't try to stop. The brakes do not work when caked with powder snow.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2003

2nd Feb 2004, 16:58

I have had my Jeep Liberty for about 2 weeks and I'm going broke from filling it up with fuel! I don't know how I'm going to afford driving this vehicle... I never expected this from a small SUV.

18th Mar 2004, 19:50

Well you shouldn't be going that fast to need to stop in a hurry on snow or ice. I think this is neither a problem or a safety issue. I think it is just something to get used to. Which is why in the snow and ice you lightly put on the brakes, and get them warm. Get them warm and keep them warm and you will not have this problem.