2001 Kia Rio from North America


Cheap car, it has it's problems, but I love it anyway


Car would stall randomly when driving between 80-100 km/h.

Transmission had to be replaced at 180, 000km (Above problem appears to have stopped now that the transmission has been replaced)

The car is super jerky when starting up, takes a couple of minutes to drive properly when starting up. However, this is random. Sometimes it starts fine, other times it doesn't.

Spark plug wires had to be replaced shortly after purchasing the car, can't remember exactly when.

General Comments:

Despite the above problems, I don't have any huge complaints about the car. It gets me from point A to B without too much grief, and aside from the above has been perfectly good to me.

I personally wouldn't recommend buying it to anyone else, but it's not a bad car to have.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2007

2001 Kia Rio from North America


My Kia is at 135,000 and still going!


To the people:

I bought this car brand new in the summer of 2001. It was the cheapest car on the market and I didn't have a lot of funds. The 100,000 mile warranty sold me because I drive about 20,000 miles a year (Bronx NY streets and trips to PA) And I'm thrilled to say that I'm still driving this little guy 7 years on, at 135,000 miles.

I did have a few problems... but nothing that makes feel regretful about the purchase at all. (And I've had nightmare car after nightmare car)

On the 2001 models, there is a problem with the main gas line. I experienced this once or twice. Id fill up with gas, drive 3 blocks and my car would stall out; weird. It rarely did this, almost never, but then 3 years later the problem was chronic! Like an ass, I never opened up my letters that KIA sent to me that told owners that a recall was necessary for this main line.

I brought it in and it was fixed. Free of charge. I NEVER HAD THE PROBLEM AGAIN!

After a couple of years later a new problem emerged. During cold and damp days the car would drive very very sluggishly. If you let it idle for 10 minutes you were good to go. But it was obviously annoying. When the snow melted and the April rains hit, my car wouldn't even start!! When the sun came out, an hour later, and warmed up the day, the car would start then...

3 mechanics couldn't figure it out, until I moved upstate.

IT'S THE COIL PACKS!!! Cold and dampness eats them up.

I got a new set for 140 bucks and never had the problem again!!

That's ALL. No Other issues at all.

All the other visits have been for regular wear and tear. Oil changes, brake pads, tune ups, headlight out, silly things. At 135,000 I have been to the mechanics as much as the next guy --- no more and no less!

General Comments:

Dude, the car is not fancy, but it's not ugly at all. It's like any other low end vehicle. Nice fabric seats, plastic insides, kinda generic, but whatever. It has pep on the road, I could get past, around others, on the hwy. trunk space is cool. It's a nice little car!

BUT THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT: The car is a super-trooper. I beat the living crap out of it! I drive pretty crazy. I drive it like a 4x4 over potholes at high speeds, drive it through buzzards, I brake hard, I accelerate fast. I even jumped the curb once (i didn't see it, it was dark). And I was side-swiped by a SUV in Manhattan (the KiA bounced off it like a rubber ball! No damage, but a scratch!)


On my heart, my friends make fun of my car as it's a "Kia" but it's their cars that are in the mechanics crying to me. And their cars aren't making it to 135,000! They are the ones complaining, and yet they dismiss my car? NO WAY!

I believe my car can make it to 230,000, I have NO DOUBTS! I get my tuneups and change my oil, and I'm still driving my little car!

It's the best investment I ever made!

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Review Date: 31st August, 2007