17th May 2009, 16:06

I bought a 99 kia Sportage used, 86k miles. dirvers window goes down but not up... hear a popping noise from front passenger wheel that can't be diagnosed... any ideas?

25th Jul 2009, 18:59

I purchased a used 99 Kia Sportage 7 years ago.

About 4 years ago my check engine light started coming on and off. As if that wasn't enough, it started idling high then low. I'd take it in over and over again. I've had new mass air flow sensor, air filters, battery cables, timing belt, knock sensor; you name it, I have most likely had it replaced.

Still rides rough and it has lost its power while I was driving (scary). I even had all recalls done, but still rides bad and it sputters like crazy intermediately.

I have spent countless dollars and time trying to get this car fixed. The last shop I took it to the mechanic didn't even charge me for a diagnostic after he saw all my receipts of previous repairs. What he suggested was getting my TPS and Harness looked at. It was a repair that was overlooked. I will let you all know next week if this repair solved the problem. If not, I refuse to sink any more money and I will drive till it permanently clunks out.

18th Nov 2009, 15:06

I have a 2000 Kia Sportage. My check engine light keep coming on. That was the gas cap. Dumb I know. Anyway, I now have new problem; it won't start. I was wondering if any one had any idea where to start?

28th Feb 2010, 17:11

I recently experienced starting problems, alternator, battery checked out to be fine. Suggested by Advance Auto rep to try fuel injector cleaner, tried Lucas and this is the second day, all seems to be fine.

Also a year in a half ago, had problems with the "coil pak", the car sounded as if the motor or transmission was knocking, but the problem turned out to be the coil pak after spending having diagnose at dealership (I hope this help someone, it was a costly find for me).

10th Jul 2010, 20:02

Someone please help me, 99 Sportage 4d 4x4, my car won't start every time and I don't have money to take it to a mechanic and have him try a bunch of stuff and charge me. It sounds like a lot of you have had the same problem; what fixes it??? I can't believe my first car is this crap.

11th Jul 2010, 16:23

"I can't believe my first car is this crap."

If that's the only problem you have with your first car, then you're lucky. My first car was a '95 Dodge Neon. I replaced almost everything but the engine on that car. After all that, the engine died.

17th Jul 2010, 10:30

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage, that when you are driving down the road, the Kia just shuts off. We need some help on what it might be. We got a new battery. Please help?

28th Jul 2010, 07:42

The battery will not make it stop going down the road. The alternator can make your lights and radio go out then shut the car down. But most likely it's a fuel problem.

15th Sep 2010, 02:29

I am looking over some reviews for a 1999 Sportage. Just saw one today on a dealer's lot, and I immediately started jumping up and down saying that's my car. I thought it was decent mileage until I started reading all the problems that seem to go on after 80,000 miles, (it is at 94,000 miles). It will be my first car, and I am going to buy it tomorrow, well worth the price I hope (3700).

I just hope that mine does not do what yours does. :(

Wish me luck!

26th Sep 2010, 18:05

Please do not buy this as your first car!

I bought my Kia used and have only been able to drive it maybe 600 miles in six months because it has been broken down so often. Mine shuts off on its own and I have had to tow it home three times already.

I have replaced the fuel pump twice and the filter once, one coil, one accelerator sensor, all the brakes and rotors, and all new plugs. This car died on a busy 45 MPH road with my wife and daughter in it and fortunately no one was hurt.

Now I am afraid to drive it whenever I eventually do get it running. Stay away from Kia.

20th Oct 2010, 20:20

I bought my 1999 Kia Sportage just three weeks ago, and the only problem I have was the radiator starting leaking, and my dad fixed it. It did go out on me, but it was because the battery had moved, so just move it and it will start again. Just keep an eye on it.

It runs good on gas. I filled it up, and it lasted a whole week just by driving it around the block to take my son to school and pick him up.

When you start it, let it heat up, because if you start it like that, it will have trouble running, but then goes good.

I don't why you guys complain; as long as you keep it maintained, and do the oil change and inspection like it should, it should last you a long time. Mine has 136,000 miles on it, and I spent 1,500 on it, and it was worth my money.

8th Dec 2010, 20:32

I have a 2000 Kia Sportage 4x4. Trouble from the get go... Not even after 2 weeks of having it I had to replace the converters. Then the radiator. Now the dang thing only starts if and when it wants to. Crazy...

Anybody have any suggestions on what it may be.

4th Jan 2011, 18:01

I bought a 1997 Kia Sportage with 106,000 miles, and drove it 110,000 miles with only having to replace tires and brakes. Great car!

I then bought a 2000 two years ago with 57,000, and it was fine for two years. Now the thing will only start when it wants to. It turns over nicely, but you never know if it's going to start. Love the suspense...

Kia 'suggested' that I replace the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump relay, but the problem came back within 24 hours.

Help! After reading the other comments about this, I am not hopeful and will no doubt NEVER EVER buy a Kia again. Too bad.

24th Mar 2012, 20:10

You need to replace the crank positioning sensor.

5th Apr 2012, 22:31

We just purchased a 1999 Kia Sportage with 143K on the clock. Our only complaints (so far) are:

1. The door locks disengage randomly. We can't keep the doors locked! Not a good then when we are both Ham Radio operators and have a lot of expensive radio gear installed!

2. The headlights (both of them) seem very, VERY dim. Almost like they are suffering from a severe voltage drop somewhere in the wiring harness. Although there are two recalls regarding headlamps, these are for after market, NOT OEM headlamps.

Anyone have any suggestions??

26th Apr 2012, 20:32

Bought a used 99 Sportage EX in Feb 2012. Running fine until I had it smog checked. The operator pushed the accelerator pedal to the max to generate exhaust. It passed.

After a couple of days, the check engine light came on. Diagnosed as MAF and CAT convertor failed. Replaced it. Done.. then a couple of days again, engine light on... Knock sensor problem this time. Mechanic said, just drive it along. Only hope is to replace the engine, which was expensive.

After 3 days, coolant leaking under dashboard. They bypassed the heater core. Then after a day, hold light flashes. Transmission problems according to the mechanic. Spent $1500 for a tranny change.

Hope all goes fine from here when I get it tomorrow. Geeez.. it's my 1st car, what a trauma.