27th Apr 2012, 10:50

Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue that comes out every year in April has a section for good use cars... It does not recommend the Sportage until the 2005 model... but even that model should be inspected closely by a reliable mechanic that can look for present and possible future problems. With dealership mechanics charging up to $100.00 an hour for labor, picking the wrong vehicle can be a very costly mistake.

26th Mar 2013, 04:24

My 2000 Kia Sportage 2wd soft top has had the engine light on for a long time. And recently while on the highway in traffic, when I came to a slow idle or stop, it died on me. It started back up, but only after I cranked the starter for a long time. Once it is started, I cannot let the RPM go below 2000 even at a stop sign or red light, or it will sputter and die on me, and it will take a long time of grinding the starter to get it going again. Battery, alternator and starter all seem fine, and the mechanic said the head gasket and timing belt are fine. My mechanic said they honestly don't know what's wrong with it. Does anyone have any ideas?

I would like to drive it again, but I'm afraid it will die or kill me when I'm driving.

And I would love to not have to throw it into neutral and rev the engine every time I come to a stop or slow down at a light, like I want to race the car next to me...

I love my little Kia, and I have taken such good care of it until this happened.

Anyone have the same problem and get it fixed?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

26th Mar 2013, 11:34

Sounds like some type of fuel problem; fuel pump, fuel injectors going bad, possibly a bad batch of gas or water got into the gas tank.

Try the cheapest things first; put in some fuel injector cleaner in it, follow the directions, don't put too much in the fuel tank. Then if that doesn't work, get some carb cleaner, start at the airbox, working your way back to the injector manifolds, clean what you can, put everything in order and reverse it when you put it back together. Take pictures if necessary.

It could also be that your catalytic converter that might be clogged up. Also during this period, keep the battery charger on. Keeping up a battery on a car with problems is very important.

29th Jun 2013, 19:51

You should try checking the Crankshaft Position Sensor.

11th Aug 2013, 21:42

Go to your local car part shop and purchase a bottle of HEET. This happened to my 2006 Kia Sportage and was caused by a bad batch of gas. HEET absorbs all the moisture in your gas tank. Mine immediately drove fine, and the product only cost me about $3.

3rd Jul 2014, 06:27

Hi, I recently just bought a 2000 Kia Sportage. So far it has been a pretty nice car until today. While driving the hold light popped on. Also my car wouldn't shift. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Let me know! Thanks!

25th Sep 2014, 22:04

Try checking for a bad ground.

6th Oct 2014, 22:33

It could be a main relay for fuel.

20th Oct 2014, 14:57

Your Kia intermittently starting may be your knock sensor.

19th Apr 2015, 23:17

Paid 500 for my 2000 Sportage with 240+ on it. Everyday driver.

4th Oct 2015, 17:10

Did you get it fixed? My son is having the same problem with his 1999 Kia Sportage.

20th Feb 2016, 03:24

Check first the relays under the hood; if you turn on the key and wait for 20-30 seconds, if it starts immediately it's going to be the relays.

20th Feb 2016, 03:31

Check the relays under the hood; they are for the fuel pump. No mechanic checks them; they always tell you it's the pump.

27th Feb 2017, 03:35

I had the same problem; it was the airflow sensor. You could tap it with your finger and it would shut the engine off. Put a new one in and it never did it again till the motor seized up due to a cracked head.