1995 Land Rover Discovery 2.5 tdi from Malta


Good performance, Poor quality control


Replaced shocks at 43000 Miles (We Have very bad roads)

Very poor rubbers (Side windows rubber replaced every 2 years (Also due to hot climate)

Dash board replaced by dealer after first year (glue used was not suitable for hot climates)

Doors central locks replaced several times (Cheap replacements proved better then the original)

Rear electric windows do not always operate (Problem was a dry joint in unit under glove compartment)

Small problems which I fix myself.

General Comments:

If you are a D.I.Y men you may cope with this car.

I never replace parts, but repair them.

Have to have some friends who knows how to fix things to save money.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2003

1995 Land Rover Discovery V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Unreliable, unreliable, unreliable


Oil leaks, oil leaks, oil leaks. Oil leaked from the engine, transfer case, rear differential. The camshaft wore out, the suspension failed, it would stop running intermittently, you name it. This vehicle spent more time in the workshop than on the road, I would suggest anyone considering buying one of these things checks out the dealers loan car well, you'll get to drive it regularly!

General Comments:

These things are a joke, I thought these vehicles were quality however quickly learned otherwise. I have now once again bought a new Nissan Patrol, and once again am having a good run.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2003

26th Dec 2004, 03:24

I find it extremely hard to believe that you had all of these problems before covering 40,000km. "...the suspension failed" What does that mean? Which part failed? My '95 Discovery has covered more than 4 times the distance you claim to have had on your vehicle back in 1997 and shows no sign whatsoever of "failing". Neither has it displayed any tendency to "stop running intermittently". Perhaps you could be a bit more specific as to the nature of the intermittent stoppage.

As to the previous comment here, as someone with ownership of 3 Toyota Landcruisers (an fj40, 55, and 80 series), a Toyota Hilux, a Holden (Isuzu) Jackaroo (Trooper) and a 3L GU Nissan Patrol, I think I'm reasonably qualified to say that there is no such thing as a 99% reliable vehicle. Japanese or not!

In my experience, owners of Japanese 4X4s who actually go off road are more often than not deluded about their vehicles' infallibilities.

7th Apr 2009, 00:32

I'm with the last writer. I live in a remote part of British Columbia where there are are no certified Land Rover mechanics (technicians if you're a yuppie) present. Yet I've had no major difficulties with my 95 Disco SE (bought it in 2001). The problems which I have had have not been complex to deal with. An oil leak... easy... do a web search... bring in the part... take it to the local garage and have them fix it... cheaply. Brake pads or speedometer an issue... ditto the web search... ditto the parts... ditto the local garage etc.). And I've owned Toyota, GMC, Dodge, and Ford and had problems with them all. None of them come close to matching the Land Rover for reliability or comfort.

31st Aug 2018, 09:46

Funny that despite 90% of Land Rover reviews being negative, there are still people in the comments claiming it's all the owner's fault.

More reliable than Toyota? You've got to be joking.

1995 Land Rover Discovery turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A load of problems


It has been overheating.

Replaced thermostat x 4.

Repaired radiator x 2.

Repaired head.

Replaced head gasket x 2.

Overheating problem still has not been fixed.

General Comments:

It is still in the workshop.

A typical day out in the Discovery is that you travel 50 kms OK stop at a shop and then proceed with your journey and within 2 kms it starts to over heat.

After checking the thermostat housing when it has cooled down there is no water in the housing, meaning that the engine has no choice, but to over heat.

The dealership is now suggesting that an engine liner may be lose causing it to get hot.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has ever had such problems.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2002

17th Jul 2015, 11:14

Pretty easy to work this one out mate. No water in the housing means you've got a blocked radiator. You didn't get it cleaned out did you. Overheating the engine will cause liners to slip and give a soft knocking sound on idle. This whole problem is caused because owners do not change the coolant as recommended or add tap water... and then they blame the car.