1996 Land Rover Discovery FXi 3.9 from United Arab Emirates


I am crazy, but I love my Disco


- Starter motor replaced.

- All wheel bearings replaced.

- Front right axle replaced.

- Steering gear need repair or replacement.

- Engines goes off when idle. I suspect injector problems as I have already changed all spark plugs.

- Remote control works intermittently.

- Water hose, thermostat and elbow replaced. Radiators cleaned, but still coolant leak; I have to add it every morning.

- Changed brake pad, but brake not fully reliable.

- Still there is engine oil leak, power steering fluid leak, coolant leak.

- Also changed stabilizer and suspension bush, but still noise is there.

General Comments:

I took the car to the desert one time and its performance was amazing. So I like the shape of this car, its powerfulness, but it may bankrupt me in a short time.

This car needs constant maintenance as every morning there is something going wrong. Compatible parts are available and inexpensive. But it is consuming too much time.

Anyway, I love it and I will do whatever I can to keep it running all time.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2007

12th Dec 2007, 00:22

I have a 96 disco. It had a stall at idle or erratic idle on starting. It needed a throttle cleaning. This fixed the problem and was very cheap.

22nd Mar 2009, 03:27

How much did all that repair cost exactly??

14th Apr 2009, 06:08

I have a 96 Disco, changed the engine and gear box and it's giving 3.5mg.. but I absolutely love driving the DISCO BUS!!

1996 Land Rover Discovery SD 4.0 from North America


Great little truck


Catalytic converter replaced due to rattle.

Wheel bearing went bad.

Wheel/brake sensor issues

SRS light on

ABS light on

Rear window switches work intermittently.

General Comments:

Nice reliable truck. Runs strong and is very reliable, last 4 summers have drove it from Florida to Colorado, a 2000 mile trek each way. Never an issue, just put air in the tires, or air out of the tires (depending which way I was going), gas in the tank... which can be an issue.

For a "weak" 8 cylinder 4 liter engine it gets only 17 miles to gallon. I wish it had more power when driving up long hills. For the mileage I sometimes think I could get a true 5 liter engine with some bigger balls.

Interior is nice (leather) and sitting up high on the road is a plus. Seats could be better designed to be a little more comfortable... but I guess it is a truck. 3rd row seating has never been used, no kids, would rather have the storage. But a cool feature Looking to buy a new truck... maybe a 2001-2 Discovery?

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Review Date: 8th September, 2007

1996 Land Rover Discovery TDI 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


It does what it says in the brochure - very well


Dashboard warped - Dealer recall. The replacement is fine.

Engine cuts out approx every 500 miles due to sticking fuel cut off solenoid - sorted by applying 12 volts on solenoid terminal - I just live with it.

Bumper rust, Blistering paintwork below rear door catch strikers.

Leaky 'alpine' Windows (wet rear loudspeakers)

General Comments:

Towing ability is excellent. It pulled a 2-ton boat on 2000-mile trip UK to Spain and back twice without problems. Performance launching & retrieving boats on sand, pebbles and slippery concrete is unbeaten by anything other than a tractor.

I have 100% confidence in its off road performance. It feels secure and in control.

The boats and caravans have long since gone, but I cannot face selling the disco. Normal road driving is very comfortable for driver and passengers. Front and side visibility is excellent, but the rear view is slightly obscured by the spare wheel.

Perfect for touring holidays and days out with family and friends, No problems with day-to-day use. On average, I get around 28-30 miles per gallon and servicing costs are reasonable from our local garage. No major shocks to the wallet at MOT time.

I have done 70,000 + miles and I am due for my second set of tyres, have replaced the brake pads three times and the front discs once, and have replaced the battery twice. Other than normal servicing replacements that is all. I have not experienced the reliability problems other seem to have. Despite problems with fuel solenoid valve I have never needed roadside assistance.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2006

13th Dec 2006, 17:12

Thanks for the help!! Very useful information. Tim.