1996 Land Rover Discovery SE 4.0 liter from North America


The Discovery is the best vehicle for the money


Nothing has went wrong with the my Discovery. I don't care what JD Power Associates said about the Discovery, it's apparent that they don't know a great vehicle when they see one.

General Comments:

I love my Discovery, it's is a great and solid 4x4. Way more solid than Jeep and other 4x4's.

It is a tall vehicle, which is great because I love the headspace.

People complain because it doesn't carry cargo. HELLO, IT'S AN OFF ROAD VEHICLE, THINK PEOPLE, THINK!

The Land Rover is the best 4x4 for the money and always will be regardless of what J. D Power says.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2006

1996 Land Rover Discovery 300tdi from Australia and New Zealand


Extremely versatile, value for money


ABS Warning light remained on. By checking Land Rover forum I found it to be a faulty contactor and replaced it $25.

Rear door lock works intermittently.

Passenger door lock works intermittently.

Headlining sags.

Air cond. Cluth solenoid faulty.

General Comments:

My disco has some faults I grant you. But so does every other 11 year old vehicle I have owned.

It also has some very redeeming points as well.

It can carry almost anything I have loaded in including ovens and camping gear and up to seven people.

It is built like a tank and goes anywhere in comfort and style. Anywhere it can't go is not worth going. It has coil springs an beats many Japanese 4wds hands down in comfort. It comes standard with a centre lock diff. See if Toyota will give you that for free.

It has an aluminium body and is very resistant to corrosion. So many Toyotas are going around with rust repairs from days at the beach.

It is sensationally economical to run on deisel. 11 litres per 100km. The same as my 2 litre Hyundai Elantra!!!

It has a list of standard extras as long as your arm. ABS, air bags, alloy wheels, central locking, alarm,electric windows, etc etc.

I have heard so many people say they are expensive to repair and unreliable. Don't kid yourself into believing that a Land Cruiser or Patrol is any cheaper they all bite. They all need repairs. My Disco has never been stuck and never had a day off yet. We take it everywhere from snow to beach to sand to hauling timber and I never even have to change tyre pressure. It is singularly the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned.

I can't wait to go away in it again.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2005

5th Feb 2007, 04:14



Comfortable..YES again!!

Great fun and very capable off-road, and now it's got some Goodrich A/T's on instead of highway tyres I may go even that little bit further!!! Minor prob's with mine also include the ABS light staying on, so interested to see last comment regarding the forum... must go and check that out!!

After nearly 3yrs and roughly 70k's, I don't regret buying it for a minute. Looking forward to many more camping trips as well as playing in the mud!! I pity those who say they've bought a "lemon", you've missed out on a very enjoyable experience.

1996 Land Rover Discovery ES 2.5 turbo diesel from Brazil


Dealers should be more committed in keeping users satisfied


Air Conditioner belt broken during vacations trip 1 month after purchased (73000 km)

Driver door glass machine broke down and had to be replaced (cost 200 US$)

Immobilizer set the vehicle off after driving 3 hours and remained so for 30 min before allow starting again. No reason found and never repeated.

On the last serviced made at dealer shop, was replaced the 02 pairs of brake pads for an outrageous cost (250 US$). Also has been unnecessarily replaced the outlet hose of turbo. The new hose presented defect few kilometers late causing the engine to choke during a trip.

General Comments:

The car handles quite good and it is very nice riding it because of the height. Engine is reliable in power delivery in a crowd road.

Seats and internal comfort is superb.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2004