1996 Land Rover Discovery ES 2.5 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Every thing has gone wrong with this hunk of junk.

Blown head twice and engine once. All electrics stopped working cost about $4500 to fix. After that rear door would not close.

General Comments:

I suggest you to not by one, I would have my Pajero back any day.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2003

1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7 4.0 V8 gas from North America


Trade it for a Japanese car quick!!!


Auto Dim mirror leak/broke (oil from it dripped onto wood trim and burned a hole in it).

Engine blew at 55,000 Miles.

Rear door lock is inoperable.

Right front passenger window won't go down.

Rear sunroof won't open

Intake gasket had to be replaced.

Right rear passenger door lock actuator inoperable.

Head gasket now leaking.

Some rust is beginning to appear in places.

General Comments:

I would like to think I have bad luck purchasing autos, however this thing has been horrible in terms of reliability, sevice, comfort, fuel economy, and performance. Who, in their right mind, after reviewing the specs of these vehicles, would purchase one of these cars. They drink gas--not a really bad thing to live with, but they handle like a cruise ship and are so underpowered it isn't funny. This product is a very poor value for the dollars.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

9th Jan 2003, 01:10

Sounds almost as bad as my Nissan was!! The Mazda was much better, but still had that Japanese cheapness... you know what I mean, yes...

Now my two '96 SE7 Discoveries that I have now have served me well, the low(er) mileage one that the wife uses having only a speed sensor fault at 65,000 miles and my "hack" having no faults yet at 140,000...all have regular oil changes by ME and nothing much else except the occasional brake pad or tire change. My truck gets treated really hard towing and offroading when the aftermarket winch on the front has to be used occasionally... but sure, go ahead, buy a Jap "can"...good luck! (How much do you want for your SE7 by the way???)

1996 Land Rover Discovery SE 4.0 from North America


Avoid owning these vehicles


Brakes, front and rear have already been replaced. Tires replaced before 45,000 miles. I realize this is a heavy AWD car, but come on!

Countless trips to the dealership to get the "check engine" light turned out. Seems to "misfire" quite a bit. Was told that ALL Land Rovers with this engine type need valve jobs, perhaps that's why it misfires...UH...perhaps then Land Rover needs to recall these ridiculous things!

Not enough room to type all the "trivial" squeaks, rattles, burned out bulbs, oil leaks incredibly poor fuel economy etc.

Here's the kicker... last week a cylinder sleeve dropped, cracking the block resulting in complete engine failure. Repairs will cost in excess of $8,500 for a new engine!

General Comments:

These vehicles, in summary are indeed JUNK!

Horrible resale, horrible reliability, I'm not trying to flame the product, but if it waddles like a duck, and it quacks like a duck... well you know the old saying.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

26th May 2004, 11:16

I agree, this thing is horrible! We purchased this car used with a warranty from the dealer. In the first 12 months the thing was in the shop 3!!

The catalytic converter was replaced, multiple gaskets, intake and exhaust manifolds, gas tank, charcoal canister, automatic lock mechanism, and ignition cylinder. That's just the big stuff!

Even with all of that, there is a persistent smell of gas that no one has been able to fix. In addition many of the repairs need to be done again as the gaskets leak.

The most frustrating part is that Land Rover USA won't step up and help fix this thing.

I suppose we could sell it. No, we can't, no one is interested. We've run an ad three times and have received no calls, even at WAY under blue book!!