1999 Land Rover Freelander TD 2.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A genuine dissappointment and lemon


Over heating at 80,000, 100,000, 120,000

Heater broke down after one winter.

Motor lost oil and water. Blew Head.

Repaired and lasted 60km before repeat.

Oil leaks from 60,000km.

CD player always broke down/permanent.

Loss of power, but dealer says not true.

Temp gauge still on high after $5,000 repairs.

Tyres wear unevenly.

General Comments:

Although serviced throughout, the dealer now places all the blame firmly on me. Even after a total motor rebuild which lasted just 60km the dealer said the second break down was due to my driving the car when it over heated. They are quite frankly hiding the truth about the unreliability and problems of this car. After the second rebuild, this car is slow and sluggish, which the dealer denies.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2002

1999 Land Rover Freelander 2.0 turbo diesel from Panama


A disappointment


A short circuit in the starting engine 2 months from the day I bought it. The car would not start. I was lucky they had one in stock. The dealer replaced it and the warranty covered it.

The clutch master cylinder had to be replaced after only one year of use (27,000kms). This I had to pay for!

The transfer (the part that controls the permanent 4 wheel drive) was built with parts that do not stand the heat of the tropics... found out it made an awful noise going above 70km/hrs ...and it still does since the newly replaced transfer only lasted 200kms and left me stranded in the middle of nowhere this past weekend. Apparently a faulty part from the factory. The dealer placed my old transfer and I am currently waiting for a new transfer.

The main axis had to be replaced, another part that was recalled.

It is a very unreliable car. I've had to tow it three times in two and a half years.

General Comments:

On top of all these things, I find the seats to be extremely uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2002

1999 Land Rover Freelander 5 door 2.0 diesel from South Africa


A prime lemon


Total loss of power fault - fixed on the 3rd attempt, after one dealer told me "just take your foot off the accelerator when it does this"!

Air-conditioner did not work from day one. Still was not fixed when I sold the vehicle in February 2000 - after taking it to 4 different Land Rover dealers.

One fuse kept on blowing continuously.

Hill Descent Control stopped working.

Motor on rear and front electric windows jammed open a few times.

Sunroof rattled.

Left front inside wheel arch kept falling off.

Power steering made a high-pitched screeching noise. New hydraulic pipes were on order when I sold the vehicle.

Tyres were wearing down very fast. The manual states that the pressure should be 2.1 bars. A service bulletin was sent to all dealers stating that the tyres should be inflated at 1.8 bars and not 2.1! No one contacts existing customers to tell them.

General Comments:

The quality of the Freelander leaves much to be desired but what is most disgusting is the attitude of Land Rover. My letters and phone calls went unanswered, the staff lied to me, the quality of diesel was blamed, my letter to Land Rover UK was answered after 5 weeks and was simply referred to the customer service department of Land Rover SA, and it would seem the technical staff are incompetent as faults were seldom fixed on the first attempt. The marketing director would simply delegate my problems right down the line & they would end up back where they started - with the uncaring dealer.

I wanted the dealer principal to take the Freelander back and cancel the deal but instead he tells me: "I am a business man and have to look after my interests"! It would seem that Land Rover are focused on short-term sales instead of long-term brand loyalty.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2001

18th Apr 2001, 15:52

"Total loss of power fault - fixed on the 3rd attempt, after one dealer told me "just take your foot off the accelerator when it does this"!"

I think I may have the same problem with my car's engine, at 23000km?! I would be very interested to hear from you how it was fixed.