1999 Land Rover Freelander TD i 2lt turbo from Australia and New Zealand


An expensive leaky liability. Leave it alone


The first 50,000km went fairly smoothly, although tyre wear was very uneven and caused unbearable noise in the cabin.

Oil leaks from all over were the first sign that something was wrong at about 60,000km. The dealer said we will keep an eye on it is repairs would be thousands of dollars. This was the prophecy of things to come.

THe air conditioner has always blown hot air.

THe heater leaked out its fluid and lasted only one mild winter. THey want $1,800 to fix it as it takes a day to remove the dash and a few minutes to fix, then another day to put it back in.

THen they willl only guarantee it for 12 months!!i.e. Perhaps it would all happen again next year and so on.

CD player has jammed so many times that it is now disconnected.

The stater motor stopped after about 70,000km. Landrover were going to charge $800 for a new one, but it was repaired for a little over $100 by an auto electrician.

Then the real trouble began!!

Blowing a head gasket at 140,000 km is not what I would expect of a Landrover. After spending $2,800 on a motor rebuild, which they said was necessary due to the car overheating. I picked the vehicle up in the morning and drove it less thawn one hundred Km before losing all of the oil and over heating a second time. Another $1,800 later and Landrover again blame me, the cautious driver, whilst ducking for cover over any liability, even for the second incident. Even now the car is running hot whilst my bank balance runs cold and hence totally diminishes any fuel efficiency that may be about the only selling feature.

But more. I wanted to rid myself of this wasteful burden and sought a trade-in...even on a new one. THis was the real shock. Trade in value. After paying over $40,000 three years ago, they are offering $10,000!! THis to me is bordering on scandalous trading by Landrover, who say that that is just market conditions. Well, my brother bought a $32,000 Subaru Forrester 4 years ago and has just received $24,000 trade -in on a new one!! Therefore by comparison, the Freelander has cost an extra $22,000 plus in that time!! Now, that is not cheap " running cost".

The car is now exhibiting all kinds of other noises. I can't afford to sell it and lose that ludicrous amount of money. And I fear that the ongoing repairs will break the bank.

And Landrover will continue to deny that they are selling sub-standard merchandise.

General Comments:

At first I loved my Land rover due to appearance and handle. But that quickly wained.

After all of the repairs, the car is seriously sluggish, over heating, still without a heater, poor air conditioner and not reliable.

THe situation regarding the poor trade in value means you want to have money to burn before you consider one of these. Because once you've got it, Landrover do not want to know about any liability.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2002

7th Oct 2002, 16:54

Welcome to the club!

19th Dec 2003, 05:12

I also have a Freelander 1999 1.8 petrol.

And have had nothing, but hassles since the fateful day I bought it. with 100 0000 KM on the clock.

At 105 000 KM the traction control and hill decent fault lights started coming on when I made left turns faster than 60 KM/H.

They replaced everything from the fuel pump to the air filters over a 3 month period.. and to this day that fault still happens..

Just recently I took the car in for 120 000 KM Service.. set me back R3500.. 2 days later the car is overheating.. I drive to the nearest gas station and (about 200 meters away) and flush the cooling system..deliver it to Landrover the next day not having driven it further then my house 20 KM from said gas station.. they charge me R730 to replace the cap on the cooling system..

The same day I get the car back it overheats again.. take it back to Landrover to inform me my gasket is blown and it will cost me R8k to get it fixed.. but the car never overheated before the service..

I am refusing to pay for this.

7th Sep 2007, 06:38

*sigh* Are they all really this bad? I was looking at buying one soon as I quite like the look of them... But after reading all the reviews on this site I'm having second thoughts.


22nd Oct 2008, 16:27

I don't know where you guys found all these duds. I think the Freelander is perfect. Mine has 180 000 k's on the clock and running like a dream. I suppose that people that are happy don't speak out. I will always buy Land Rover in future.

Anybody agree with me?

4th Jan 2013, 03:57

I'm a mechanic at a non-Land Rover agent, however I have got to know a local customer very well, due to her owning a 1999 Freelander diesel. I'm not kidding when I say she would be in nearly once a week. She purchased it new, and has looked after it very well and serviced it religiously, however it has given her nothing but trouble. You name it, her example had had it go wrong. Anything electrical to mechanical has broken. It has a keyless entry and radio. Would like to point out it's now front wheel drive because she didn't want to pay the great expense to fix the blown rear diff.

19th Apr 2016, 10:59

My immobilizer has locked on. Is there any way to turn this off or bypass it??? Any help, I would be very grateful. Just had a cylinder head changed; spent a lot of money on it and now this. Can anyone help?

1999 Land Rover Freelander XEi stationwagon 1.8L petrol from UK and Ireland


Poor design and reliability


Throttle cable sticking fixed 3 times.

Front electric windows sticking fixed 2 times.

CD stopped working fixed 3 times.

Exhaust broken due to corrosion at 22,000 miles.

Replaced 4 tires due to uneven tyre wear at 16,000 miles and replaced them again for same reasons at 36,000 miles.

Cylinder head gasket leaking at 35,000 miles causing overheating due to oil/water mixing.

Front anti roll bar bushes failed at 24,000m and 44,000 miles.

Plus many other problems too extensive to quote.

General Comments:

We thought our running costs would be good with a quoted 65% residual after 3 years however the reality is that our car which cost £23,000 new is now worth only £10,500 after 3 years.

To replace 8 tires and an exhaust within the warranty period seems typical of other owners similar experiences.

We will stick to BMW's from now on.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2002

1st Oct 2002, 09:08

A car maker who can't be bothered to make a normal rear light design for the European market can't be trusted to make a reliable car either.

5th Oct 2002, 09:05

Yes, why does Landrover have these awful trailer lights on the Freelander and the Discovery and fake lights where you expect the lights to be?

It looks stupid, especially on a car that costs over 20.000 Pounds, even a 20 year old Lada has real lights.