1999 Land Rover Freelander XEDI 2.0TD from UK and Ireland


Solid all rounder


At about 18000 miles needed a new back differential. Fitted under warranty

Leaky back door

Cracked chassis repaired by Landrover even though out of warranty

55000 miles knocking transmission. Told its the viscose cuppling and will cost £1000 to fix.

General Comments:

Enjoyed the landrover despite the problems. Off road it is great and twos a caravan OK. Fuel consumption fine about 35 mpg around town and 45 on a run.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2004

18th Jun 2004, 15:46

Doesn't your Freelander make an awful noise after 50mph?? You'll find that once the viscose cuppling is replaced, this sound will disappear. It happened with my Freelander. When additional problems (and there were many) appeared I decided to sell it (after 54,000 miles). Good luck with yours.

1999 Land Rover Freelander Si 3dr Softback 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Expensive to buy, expensive to run, unreliable. Apart from that, a good car!! Not!!


1. Throttle body had to be replace within a week of purchase.

2. Exhaust had to be replaced prior to taking ownership of the vehicle.

3. Electric window motor replaced after 40,000 miles.

4. Micro switch sensor for tailgate window replaced twice.

5. Soft top replaced 3 times due to 3 separate faults.

6. Rear brake shoes came off whilst performing an emergency stop.

General Comments:

I have always wanted either a 4x4 or a cabriolet so the Freelander softback seemed like the perfect compromise.

I purchased my Freelander in January of 2003. Big mistake. I blame no one, but myself for the mis-fortune I have had with my Freelander.

I went to view the vehicle and was unable to take it for a test drive as the dealership were waiting to fit a new exhaust to the car I had chosen. I suppose I should have walked away from it then, but I didn't. In my defense, it did have a full Landrover service history... allgedely! so I thought it would be in good shape.

I took ownership of my Softback about a week after viewing it and less than a week later it was back at the dealership because the vehicle was occasionally idling at 3500 revs. Problem? Throttle body. An expected fault according to the dealer.

Next. I was driving with my window down and as the weather would have it in Scotland, it began to rain. Not a problem, I'll put my window up! No I won't because it is now not working. Back to the dealer. Problem? The electric window motor required to be replaced. Again, an expected problem with this model according to the dealer!

The next problem in my opinion could have been the most costly. Landrover fitted an excellent system into the softback model whereby if you collapse the softback portion of the roof, the tailgate glass automatically goes down or if you keep your finger on the "open" button on the key fob the glass goes down allowing access to the boot. On several occasions I returned to my vehicle after leaving it for a considerable time to find that the tailgate glass was in the down position. Once more, back to the dealer who could not understand my anger at this problem. They simply said that when I had been returning to my car I had kept my finger on the button to long causing the window to slide down.

A demonstration was required. So in the presence of the head of mechanics I closed my car door and waited. About 30 seconds later the tailgate glass lowered of its own volition. Problem? A faulty microswitch. You guessed it, again another expected problem with this car according to the dealer. So "expected",in fact, the Microswitch had to be replaced again a few days later.

Then there was the Soft top! The zippers burst twice causing the entire soft to to be replaced on both occasions then the metal support arm snapped which resulted in the soft top being replaced for a third time. As I was becoming to "expect", it was also a expected problem.

At this stage I expressed my anger to the head of the dealership that Landrover should build a car with so many "expected problems". I felt as though I was being used by Landrover to iron out problems with this car.

I could continue, but I have already written enough. I am sure you have got the idea by now. DO NOT BUY A FREELANDER!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2004

11th Jul 2004, 09:20

I am very shocked about the comments on the Land Rover Freelander as I have a freelander Softback and it is the most lovely car ever. I haven't had many issues with it only a few miner problems, but nothing like commented on in this website. I would really recommend buying one, as they are:

.Very large and comfortable on the inside, but don't look like it from the outside.

.would recommend buying the softback as excellent for the summer, car looks totaly different when the roof is down.

.Very nice car to drive, engine runs smoothly (Petrol)

4th Aug 2004, 11:36

Well... I also have a freelander... and only had MINOR problems... I have the car for about 5 years... and STILL LOVE IT!!!

23rd Feb 2005, 14:57

I totally agree with you, especially with leaking sunroof and back window problems, since had experienced them myself with my Freelander 2001. I am also having gearbox failure at 40.000 km.(knock knock knock) which dealer is still working on it for the last 10 days, without any conclusion yet. Keeping my fingers cross. I hate FREELANDER, wish I never bought it in the first place and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

28th Apr 2005, 16:45

Oh no, I am getting very depressed now as I have always wanted a freelander... and am about to own one (tomorrow)!All these negative comments... i hope I won't be adding my own soon.