1999 Lexus RX 300 from North America


Disapointing craftsmanship


The check engine light started coming on within a month after I bought it. They just reset it and said they could not find any problems. Then it stopped going when I was driving, like it was in neutral when it was in drive. I took it in and they said they could not duplicate the problem. When I pulled out the lot, it stopped going within a block and had to be towed back. The transmission had gone, the planetary gears were broke and it is going to cost over $4000 to fix. This problem existed long before and I am sure the check engine light was telling them that but the warranty was still in effect... now it isn't and the cost is mine to bear.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2008

1999 Lexus RX 300 3.0 liter from North America


Sporty luxury with just enough spirit to keep from being bored


Starter solenoid went out around 100,000 miles... that's been it.

The vehicle has had the regular interval maintenance done by a Lexus service department.

General Comments:

Let me preface that this vehicle was purchased as an everyday commuter car, so I wanted something that was easy to drive, had some cargo room (I have another large SUV for big stuff), and had good looks. I love the traditional "Lexus look" of the headlights and front grille.

This vehicle was purchased as a 4 yr old lease return with almost 65,000 miles. It has been a great commuting vehicle with plenty of pick-up and stability for a major metropolitan area.

Gas mileage has been better than anticipated (20 city/22 mixed/24 hwy, with a high of 32).

Other than the starter problem noted around 100,000 miles, there have been no issues with the vehicle. The previous owner had it regularly serviced (oil changes and scheduled maintenance) at the same Lexus dealership where I bought it, and there was no previous repair history. The service department of my local Lexus dealership treat me great, and act as if my car is brand new. I appreciate the extra mile the Lexus people go to ensure customers are happy.

I recently went on a trip that is 1,000 miles one way. The RX drove and performed like it did years ago.

I like the "Power" shift mode -- which is what I generally use for everyday driving. The 300 is quick enough... I could only imagine how the 330's and 340's are now.

While I've had a few American vehicles (Cadillac Deville, Cadillac STS, and two different Grand Cherokees), I've been loyal to Japanese vehicles for 30 years. Having had several Hondas and one Toyota, this was my first Lexus (second Toyota product). I will keep Lexus high on my preferred list.

If someone is unhappy with their tires, I strongly recommend Michelin CrossTerrains. I'm on my second set of CrossTerrains. I went up a width for a little more aggressive look and perhaps a touch more stability.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2008

1999 Lexus RX 300 3.0 liter V 6 from North America


Excellent reliability and AWD drive


Some sort of fuse box went out in the back... $250 to replace. My rear running lights went out.

Driver side door actuator (controls remote control locking/unlocking) went out.

Key fell apart.

General Comments:

Regular maintenance has been my only real expense. The fit and finish is amazing. When I shut the door on this car, it sounds better than on a brand new American made model. Very tight.

It's a regular snow (or sand) bunny. The AWD feature works great. Goes anywhere.

Wind noise is minimal for an SUV, but not like the sedans.

The ride has more of a truck feel... but that's what it is, really.

Some idiot in design forgot to include a COMPASS. Now maybe that doesn't mean much to you east/west coasters, but to us Midwesterners, it's indispensable.

All and all however, a great car. I'll buy another one when the wheels fall of this one. But that may be in another 20 years.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2008