22nd Feb 2013, 12:19

My circle is more into the technological advances that are made every year. Applying it to classic cars as well as new ones with engine, drive train, performance and handling upgrades. And electronics and great styling. Less so about gas prices and green.

I had one car, a first gen Camaro, that I redid 3 different times with more modern upgrades. A lot of fun.

When new car shopping, I look most of all at the test results on performance, shorter braking distances and design improvements.

Also, after the horse and buggy era, there were few amenities if at all, deplorable HP and braking, and little to no weather protection that called for a prayer. Great MPG, but the technological advances have been great. I see modern day cars as being light and with few amenities for the MPG. Pretty soon, even spare tires will be gone. 50 lbs of weight to please the MPG seekers. There is so much more to enjoy about driving. The only throwback I really enjoy is having a convertible. Life can be boring or fun. Take your pick.

22nd Feb 2013, 14:32

So you own a '55 Mercury? So tell me, did the person that ordered yours back in the day check off the option box for the 22' long package?

22nd Feb 2013, 15:07

No, the new Lincoln MKZ is a little front-wheel drive unibody car with (at best) a V-6. It is just a Ford Taurus, and almost the same as everything else sold today - Toyota Camry or Honda Accord clones. No thanks, it is ridiculously expensive, and like most of the above mentioned cars, unlikely to be reliable or durable.

22nd Feb 2013, 16:55

I totally agree about conservatives. If they had had their way, we'd all be driving horses and buggies, thinking the world was flat. Change (and progress) only come from younger people, who are always more liberal. I am no longer young, but thankfully living my life in a rut was not my style, so I have always been a liberal.

And I, too, have no idea what owning a '55 Mercury has to do with anything. Liberals can own antiques too. I have a friend who owns a classic MGB and a Triumph GT-6. That does not make him Winston Churchill.

Yes, our country absolutely has to have oil. We have hundreds of millions of cars that require it. Many people simply cannot afford to buy newer, more fuel efficient cars immediately. It will take years to phase out the older and more inefficient vehicles that people drive daily out of necessity. But the sooner we start phasing out building gas guzzlers, the sooner our planet can start to heal.

Those who oppose progress forget the tremendous benefits progress brings. The advent of the automobile opened opportunities that were undreamed of before. Advances in alternative energy will not only save our planet for future generations, but will create millions of new jobs and whole new industries. I'm too old to see all the wonders the current younger generation will accomplish, but I give them my blessings and wish them well. Never fear progress. It will come in spite of the naysayers who try futilely to block it.

22nd Feb 2013, 18:25

They were probably trying to make the point that all of your comments sound the same, and even though there aren't any identification of our posts, we can pretty much tell when you are posting on here!

23rd Feb 2013, 09:44

I am not conservative. By taking calculated risks, it has enabled me to pay cash and slowly build a car collection. I would rather see more research done with alternative fuels than batteries. Such as ethanol or the like. The percentage is low, but it's a start. I do not like bean shapes and boring blase designs. In turn there are people that appreciate great styling, but it comes often at a high price. Many I know will pay more, and that includes many imports over 50k. There are some great cars available, not just the econo boxes.

23rd Feb 2013, 17:09

I know different people have varying ideas about what constitutes a "big" car, but since my family owns an MKZ and switched to it from Town Cars, I feel somewhat qualified to discuss both. The Town Car was beyond "big". It was massive. Our reason for trading for the MKZ was that the Town Car was very hard to park, and mom's garage at her new home was just way too tight.

Gas mileage was not an issue. The Town Car averaged 15 while the MKZ only averages 19. That is not a lot of difference. The MKZ has ample room for four, which frankly is all anyone should carry in any regular car. It has all the amenities of the Town Car, and has both a fairly smooth and quiet ride as well as much better handling and maneuverability.

And the MKZ is based on the Fusion, not the Taurus. The Lincoln that is based on the Taurus is humongous. The Taurus is a very big car. All Lincolns are simply Fords with a little extra sound insulation and several grand tacked on for ego appeal. The Town Car was just a Crown Victoria with a mild facelift.

My family also owns a Ford Fusion, and it is virtually a twin to the MKZ except in price. The leather interior, ride, and handling are all very similar. It has the four, which provided plenty of power, and it averages exactly ten miles per gallon better mileage than the MKZ. My personal recommendation would be a loaded Fusion SEL. It can be had with all the amenities of the Lincoln at ten grand less, and is basically identical.

23rd Feb 2013, 17:41

I believe the same individual who owns this so called 22 foot Mercury is the same person who claims that there is a 1959 Malibu somewhere out there.

23rd Feb 2013, 18:30

Yes, but if you have a large family, a small econobox will not help you very much. Plus, it's not the market that's phasing out the larger vehicles, it's the government applying economic coercion to the market to effectively force them to buy what they want. That's not how a democracy should work.

Ron Paul had the right idea. He believed that environmentalism was good, but the government shouldn't be going around forcing people to do what they want. The free market would do the job instead by itself.

Oh and yeah, our generation isn't going to accomplish much. In case you haven't been noticing, but the US is kind of declining and China will surpass us completely by 2025. The US doesn't do much except invade other countries nowadays anyway. Us younger people aren't going to bring much to the table either, they're anti-social, consumed with texting and long secluded periods behind computers on social networking sites, and have problems with authority.

So you keep on being liberal, because it is what's killing this country. But to only blame the liberals is unfair; the conservatives have done their part too. Both parties only look out for the top I guess, they just use different catch phrases.

24th Feb 2013, 00:52

"Life can be boring or fun. Take your pick."

Fun is the best pick. I think making payments on a new car would become boring. IMO, the '97 and older Lincolns look much better than anything in the current line-up. I own two Continentals: '83 Mark VI & '79 Town Car. I should have them out of winter storage by April :)