3rd Dec 2006, 15:35

I have a 2000 LS and have some of the troubles listed above. Currently I have a heating problem and a skip when the engine is around 1500rpm. The temp gauge is my guess on the heating problem. It will be in a normal position and suddenly it will rise to the hot position. I will cut the engine off and imediately turn it back on and the gauge is in the correct position again. The engine does not seem to be hot, but I'm taking it in tomorrow anyway. Any help on these two problems would be helpful. gsoharris@yahoo.com.

8th Dec 2006, 03:48

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS v8. It has 94,000 miles on it and I have owned it for 3 years. I have had nothing, but problems with it since I bought the thing. Both back windows do not work, assuming it is the regulators, I have replaced all 8 coil packs about 4 months ago, now the car is misfiring again. I have had to replace the driver side valve cover gasket, and now need to replace the passenger side. I replaced the thermostat maybe a year ago and now it is overheating again. I replaced the thermostat again and started adding coolant only to find out that coolant is leaking somewhere from the back of the motor, its probably going to be a cracked intake. The list goes on. I wish I would have never bought the car, and I also hope a class action law suit gets started because I will definitely be one of the first to sign it. Its kind of funny how so many people have the same exact cars with the same exact problems. Ford should owe everybody with these cars a brand new one, but I'm sure most of us would probably sell the new one and buy a different brand that's more reliable.

21st Dec 2006, 19:29

I have a 2000 LS V8 with 72K miles -- had it for two years without any real problems. Engine light has come on and off on occasion -- went to the local parts store to have them read the computer -- got a P0136 O2 sensor circuit malfunction (bank 1 sensor 2). My question is of the four sensors on this car, which one is the bank 1 sensor 2?? I can buy the part and probably install myself, but need to know which one is the culprit. Thanks for any help.

29th Dec 2006, 12:12

Yeah if anyone owns this vehicle they should sell it. I bought my 2000 Lincoln LS V8 7 months ago.. What a mistake!! Well I bought an extended warranty for $1970.00 and I currently have my car in for service to try to get my prob's worked out under warranty! The first problem is when I turn my car off it dumps all of the coolant! (coolant tank cracked) Warranty won't cover that ($325.00) My driver heated seat doesn't work.. Not covered under warranty ($550.00) My computer needs to be reprogrammed not covered under warranty ($210.00) My window assembly needs to be replace not covered under warranty ($850.00) also my airbag light won't go off!! not covered under warranty (needs a new harness) ($225.00) They however did fix 3 things under warranty My car was shaking out of control of 60MPH So under warranty they will replace lower ball joint also the lower sway bar! my power steering pump also leaks, but they will cover that also!! If anyone cares to know my warranty is through WESTERN GENERAL don't buy it. So after all the repairs my total is gonna be roughly $2700.00 and I paid $1970 for a warranty for what!!! my advise is not to buy this car. My mom has one also and non stop problems!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

8th Jan 2007, 17:48

AS far as the windows been half way down and the sunroof fully open would be your, remote control been pressed accidentlly or probably sticking. Joe Owner of a 2000 Lincoln ls. So far have had the transmission replaced, 1 ignition coil, reservoir twice now and going on a third time. I have also changed water pump, thermostat, and belt. Going to get new windshield soon, and rear view mirror which one day just got all dark on the bottom and clear at the top. Windows gave out on all fours. Had to have them screwed on since replacing them wasn't an affordable option. Will replace them eventually. I also had an idea when replacing the window clips which are the ones causing the trouble. They are made of poor cheap plastic, I will have them reinforced with either bando or fiberglass before installation, should help a lot. I have also had the driver door handle replaced once. I love my car so much that I am going to invest money in pretty soon to get some issues worked out. Thinking about getting the reservoir made from aluminum. By the way I am not a huge fan of those wheels even though they look nice the lug nuts keep messing up when getting repairs on flats, at 6 dollars a pop I feel there should be a lawsuit to rectify this issue or issues. Joe C. Tx Matchcrx22@aol.com.

15th Jan 2007, 11:21

I have a 2001 LS. This is a very nicely styled ride. I love the look of the car that's why I bought it, but like everyone else, there have been some problems. I have had to replace coils, the right rear window regulator, and now I have to replace it again. Although no serious engine problems, thank God, I had an oil change and they said there were some things I needed to have serviced. Ford really needs to step up to the plate, and assume responsibility for the problems that occur with this car. It's not a coincidence, and a class action lawsuit would prove it. Count me in. Michael from Miami,Fl

21st Jan 2007, 11:25

I purchased a 2002 Lincoln L. S, V8 with only 52k miles about 7 months ago and have had nothing, but problems since. I have took it to three local mechanics shops because of different problems. One is engine misfires, to the point where I can't drive over 40mph. Another thing I've noticed is a slight humming noise from the rear wheels, also a/c doesn't cool off mechanic 1 topped off the a/c for $250 and it seems to be cooling the same and he tells me the a/c compressor must be shot! Come on ford step up and assume some responsibility.

21st Jan 2007, 13:17

It sounds like your mechanics are letting you down, rather than Ford. Remember, you bought a used car that already had 50k on it, so you don't know what the previous owner did to it. Humming noise from rear wheels is worn tires or under inflated tires, which is your fault for not maintaining proper tire wear and pressure. They're stringing you along on these other issues because they figure they've "hooked" somebody who doesn't even check his own tires, so they can tell you and charge you anything, and you'll keep coming back.

24th Jan 2007, 14:55

On the owner with the car running hot and lower hose not being hot until the engine is shut off, check the thermostat and make sure all air is out of the cooling system and it is fully tapped off. On the a/c not working, check all values going thru the firewall, one or more is not opening and closing correctly. The owner with the air bag light on, maybe the front steering unit was worked on and the steering wheel was turned, you cannot turn the steering wheel while tire rods are not connected, it will break a spring in the steering column causing the air bag light to come on. I had these some of these same issues and got them repaired under warranty, thru the dealership. Mine has never ran hot, nor have I had any of the other problems. Owned it for about three and a half years now. Love it. I regularly change the oil and just self maintain it. With second hand cars, you never know what the other person did or did not do so, buy it through a dealership and get an ext. warranty.